Hatsune Miku Cosplay Tutorial Part 2

Arm Warmers

Hatsune Miku's design is memorable in a number of ways, but one aspect of her outfit that most definitely makes a statement is her famous arm warmer!

To get started on these cosplay must haves, this video suggests you'll need the following:

  • black and clear vinyl
  • arm warmer printout 
  • blue fabric
  • elastic

Let's first take our black vinyl and cut it out according to the measurements below (C=circumference and L=length):

You will then be taking your green vinyl and cutting it approximately the length of the end of the black vinyl long by 3 inches wide.

2 arm warmer.png

Take both your black and green vinyl pieces and pin them together at the bottom of the sleeve, making sure that the outsides face each other, and then sew the pieces together!

On the opposite side of the sleeve, sew together your other green vinyl pieces for the trim!

4 arm warmer.png

At this point, your arm warmers should resemble something similar to this:

5 arm warmer.png

From the top of the sleeve, fold over the fabric, making sure to leave room for elastic, and sew it down!

Before continuing, check to make sure it all fits around your arm! If the measurements are all good, you'll now be snaking your elastic through the gap you just sewed down.

7 arm warmer.png

Pin the pieces together, and as always, sew them both together for a secure placement.

9 arm warmer.png

Switch over to your clear vinyl and your printout, which can be found here, and cut out two identical pieces of your vinyl that both include the measurements of the length and width of the printout (plus seam allowance).

10 arm warmer.png

Place both your clear vinyl and your printout in the center of your sleeve, checking to that your clear vinyl is on top!

11 arm warmer.png

Just sew down the clear vinyl (take our the paper) to make a type of slot on your sleeve, like so:

12 arm warmer.png
13 arm warmer.png

Once its puffed out and ready to go, insert the printout pattern inside the clear vinyl slot!

Fold over your entire sleeve, so that the outside is facing you, and sew down the open gap!

15 arm warmer.png

Turn it inside out, and you've got your arm warmer!

16 arm warmer.png


We're almost complete with the entire Hatsune Miku look, but we absolutely cannot forget the makeup! No cosplay is ever complete without makeup and this video will show you what steps to take to have the full Miku look!

You'll begin with an electric blue cream-based eye shadow, to really bring out her blue accents!

Apply the blue to your entire lid, for the dramatic anime look!

Once both lids are covered in your electric blue eye shadow, begin applying white eyeliner right below your water line (and on your water line), extending it out to give your eyes the illusion of being overly big.

3 makeup.png

With a tapered brush, take your electric blue eye shadow and line the bottom of the white eyeliner.

4 makeup.png

Take a light turquoise color and apply a generous amount around the center part of your lid.

5 makeup.png

Taking a dark grey eye shadow color, draw a crease line slightly above your natural line, once again giving the illusion of an anime eye.

Go ahead and grab your liquid black eyeliner and draw a line starting from the inner part of your eye to the outer part, starting thin and gradually getting thicker as you go.

8 makeup.png

Stack three false eyelashes on top of each other for that full anime look and with your eyelash glue apply them to your top lid!

9 makeup.png
10 makeup.png

From here you'll be moving on to the bottom lashes where you'll be taking a pair of Japanese bottom lashes and applying them individually, right below where your actual lashes reside.

11 makeup.png

Go back and grab that same turquoise color we used for the lid earlier and begin applying it to your eyebrows, to match Miku's bright hair color.

12 makeup.png

You'll want to grab some blush to add to the apple of your cheeks for that youthful and full of life look. 

14 makeup.png

To finish your Hatsune Miku makeup look, take a pretty pink lipgloss and apply it to your lips!

15 makeup.png

With your cute top, adorable pleated skirt, unique butterfly headphones, the famous arm warmers, and your kawaii makeup, you're ready to hit the stage as Hatsune Miku!

main graphic.jpg
Ashlyn Dickson