Complete Head to Toe Hatsune Miku Cosplay Tutorial pt. 1

In terms of cosplay, there's a wide of variety of interesting characters to choose from, but a favorite for beginners and advanced cosplayers alike is the super kawaii Hatsune Miku! From her catchy songs to her adorable outfit, Miku is the perfect cosplay, and we're here to show you how to create her whole ensemble in these easy steps!

Costume Top

To begin our process of creating the perfect Hatsune Miku cosplay, we'll start with the top! From this video you'll be needing these to start:

With all your supplies, go ahead and follow the pattern below for the front pieces of the top.


Pattern in hand, go ahead and place it on your satin fabric and cut out two pieces!

1 top.png

Once both pieces are cut out, you'll want to roll the edges 0.5" and sew down your hem so the edges are smooth and won't fray.

Hem all sides but the neckline, leave it as a raw edge until later!

On the inside of your front pieces, you'll be sewing in darts to help with the fit! Take a portion of the fabric and fold it over itself in the center of the fabric like so:

Sew down the dart and make sure to follow these steps for both pieces of the front top. With the hems and darts sewn in, your front pieces should look something like this:

With your yellow ribbon, cut out a portion 3.5" and glue it on the left front piece. Directly underneath, take your sharpie and write out the word "vocaloid".

7 top.png

From here, you'll begin work on the back side of the top! Like the front, follow the pattern below but only cut out a single piece of your satin fabric.

Like the hems we made on the front two pieces, hem the sides of the back piece excluding the neck line once again.

You'll be sewing in darts, like the front, but this time you'll be making two of them. Make sure to measure and mark to ensure that they'll be symmetrical to each other!

12 top.png

Now it's time to sew it all together! We'll begin by sewing the sides of the front pieces each to the sides of the back piece.

At this point, your top should look something like this:

All three sides sewn together, you'll now be adding the zipper to the very front two pieces! Tuck in each side of the zipper and sew it all down.

16 top.png

To add cute flair to Miku's whole look, sew down your teal ruffle trim along the bottom and sleeve holes of the top.

Time to work on the collar! Cut out two pieces of your satin fabric and two pieces of your interfacing according to the measurements below and iron each pair together.

Similar to the hemming you did on the top, fold down the raw edges of the collar roughly 0.5" inches and iron them down for a smooth overall look.

19 top.png

What would a Miku cosplay be without the ruffles? Take your teal trim and add it to the collar the same way you did for the top. From here, put your other collar piece on top and sew only the top portion like so:

Time for the final step to complete the top! Sew together the collar and your vest to put all of your pieces together!

21 top.png

You've officially finished the first step in making your Hatsune Miku cosplay! The finished top should look like this:

22 top.png

Costume Skirt

The vest top is adorable no doubt, but it wouldn't be a Hatsune Miku cosplay without the classic pleaded skirt! We'll be following this video for all of the materials and steps needed to make your very own skirt.

First, we'll be needing a couple of things before we begin:

  • teal and black cotton                
  • fabric chalk
  • pins                                             
  • thread and needle
  • iron                                                       
  • sewing machine
  • scissors                                             
  • hook and eye
  • measuring tape                             
  • zipper

Patterns are a must anytime you sew! For this skirt, the pattern below will be what you want to follow:

Cut out two rectangles of your black cotton following these measurements. Sew together both of your pieces along one edge.

Along the entire bottom edge, iron down a hem of 0.5 inches.

With your teal cotton fabric, cut out a piece the exact same length of your skirt with a width of 3 inches. You will also be ironing down the raw edges about 0.5 inches like you did with the skirt. 

After your teal has been cut out and all ironed out, go ahead and sew it together with the skirt following the bottom length.Make sure to sew together the outside faces for a clean line!

4 bottom.png
5 bottom.png

Now it's time to add the pleats! Before marking out where they'll go, take your fabric chalk and measure out a 1 inch allowance along either side of the skirt.

6 bottom.png

At the top length of the skirt, you'll then be measuring out and marking where your 3 inch pleats will be.

From here, you'll first be pinning back your 1 inch allowance. After that, you'll start pinning down your pleats, first starting with one folded down towards the right, then the next when folded down towards the left (towards the first pleat), like so:

8 bottom.png

With all of your pleats pinned down, you're ready to sew them down along the edge!

9 bottom.png
10 bottom.png

To really make sure the pleats stay down and look clean, iron them each carefully.

11 bottom.png

With your raw edges, either hem them down like the previous steps, or if you can, surge them.

12 bottom.png

Finally you'll be adding the zipper! If you're able to, go ahead and use your zipper foot for the sewing machine, if not just sew it in using the regular foot!

13 bottom.png

The skirt wouldn't be complete without the waistband! Follow the measurements below plus a width of 5 inches to cut out your fabric.

14 bottom.png

With your waistband cut out, fold it in half, iron it, then iron a hem of 0.5 inches.

15 bottom.png

For the last step, sew on your waistband to your skirt, slightly covering the zipper for a clean look!

16 bottom.png

Sewn together, you'll be adding a hook and eye to the waistband for the final touch!

17 bottom.png

Now you've completed your adorable pleated skirt for that classic Hatsune Miku look!

18 bottom.png

Magnet Headphones

We all know that Hatsune Miku has one memorable outfit, but it wouldn't be much without her unique headphones! For this accessory we'll be taking a look at this video for step by step instructions on a pair of Miku butterfly headphones like the ones below:


What you'll need:

  • craft foam (black and pink)               
  • Model Magic
  • exacto knife
  • floral green wire
  • scissors
  • teal lanyard string
  • rubber cement  
  • teal headband
  • hot glue and super glue
  • glitter nail polish and jewels (optional)

To create these eye-catching headphones, you'll start off by transferring the butterfly pattern (found here) onto two separate pieces of white paper.

headphones pattern.png

With your scissors, but out the overall shape of the butterfly patterns along with two circles that are 3.5 inches wide.

1 headphones.png
2 headphones.png

Grab your exact-o knife and begin cutting out the intricate inner details of the butterfly pattern.

3 headphones.png

Take both the circles and the wings and place them both on a piece of 1 milometer width craft foam. Once you have traced out the shapes, start carving out the pattern with your exacto knife.

5 headphones.png

Now you'll be taking your same initial butterfly pattern you had at the beginning and trace it out on your pink craft foam.

6 headphones.png

Trace and cut out two pieces, each one will be the outside layers of the headphones. Now take your black and pink pieces and sandwich them together.

7 headphones.png

With your pieces all laid out together, begin gluing them together with both rubber cement and hot glue to make sure they are all nice and secure.

8 headphones.png

Moving on the actual headphone portion of the design, you'll start out by cutting out four circles, each 3.5 inches in diameter. Have two inside pieces that are 3 milometers thick and two outside pieces only 1 milometer thick.

9 headphones.png

Begin gluing together your inside pieces and then gluing your outside pieces on top, resembling that of an oreo cookie.

10 headphones.png
11 headphones.png

Also, you'll be cutting out a rectangular piece of black craft foam that is the width of the stacked circles multiplied by the circumference of a circle. Take that rectangle and glue it to the outside of the oreo shape.

From here you'll print out the actual headphone designs from here and cut out a matching set of circles from your pink craft foam.

13 headphones.png

With all of your pieces, glue them together for the headphone look!

14 headphones.png

Feel free to add jewels and iridescent nail polish to your headphones for that true kawaii finish!

15 headphones.png

Now, to really put all the pieces together, you'll need to take some green string floral wire, unwrap it, and bend it into a shape similar to the Eiffel Tower.

16 headphones.png
17 headphones.png

Take your wire and mark a hole on the sides of your base headphone pieces, poke the wire through the foam and secure with a touch of super glue. 

18 headphones.png

To add some flare around the wire, add some teal lanyard string and wrap it loosely around. Make sure to add a very minimal amount of glue, just enough to secure its place on the wire.

19 headphones.png

We'll now turn our attention to Miku's microphone! For this you'll be needing Model Magic to form a small circle shape that will attach to more of the floral wire.

20 headphones.png

First priming everything with Gesso, add a final layer of acrylic black paint on top.

Finally, we'll be attaching all of your headphone pieces together! Use a large amount of hot glue and bend the wires accordingly to get the desired shape.

22 headphones.png
23 headphones.png

To make these adorable headphones not only complete your cosplay but be practical as well, you'll be attaching them to a teal headband found at your local store!

24 headphones.png

And with that, you've officially finished your Hatsune Miku butterfly headphones!

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Ashlyn Dickson