10 Best Katana to Get You Ready for Battle!

Japan has a lot of cultural aspects that we've all come to know and love! Such aspects include things like anime, great food, and lovely scenery, but we can't deny our consistent fascination with the katana. These swords of Japanese origin are one of a kind and stand out amongst all Western weaponry has to offer. Whether you're a katana enthusiast or just an admirer of Japanese culture, you'll love these beautifully crafted swords straight from Japan!


Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp Sword-Musha

At the top of our list, lands the artfully hand-made katana produced by the Ace Martial Arts Supply. This sword, praised by so many, really stands out with its eye-catching design and razor sharp high carbon blade. It's 40 inches of finely tuned craftsmanship that is as sturdy as it is beautiful.The gold embellishments and leafing add a distinct regal aspect to the katana, making it stand out against the simplistic nature of so many other swords. To even prove its authenticity, you can even catch a glimpse of the Musha engraving found on the seppa (spacer). Whether you want the kantana for practical uses and fighting purposes, or if you purely just want to display it for its attractive design, this samurai sword is the top in its class. The quality is hard to deny and the design is pure perfection, begin your kantana collection or add to your pre-existing one with this Musha sword today! 


Auwiy 40" Fully Handmade High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade Japanese Katana

Forged using an ancient method of sword making and polished from stone, we present the next best katana on our list brought to you by the company Auwiy. Promised to be able to cut through even the toughest of materials like thick bamboo or even through a slice of paper, this katana features a unique golden colored blade and matching gold detailing. With black cotton cord, the sword also ordains an exquisite dragon carving that pays homage to ancient Japanese culture and origins. The obvious attention to detail and focus to make a functional yet beautiful katana is what makes this sword perfect for our number two choice on our list. With a highly praised sharp edge and a perfectly balanced weight, you just can't go wrong in getting this Auwiy katana! 


Handmade Zetsurin Samurai Katana Sword Choose youR Color

With an accessible sword bag in tow and a glossy white finish, get your hands on the Zetsurin Samurai sword for a great addition to your collection! This sword is the definition of classic in terms of a Japanese katana, all with its carbon steel blade and elegant style. In addition to getting this refined katana, you will also get a matching Kozuka knife that pairs nicely with the sword and for your practicing needs. The handle is also one of a kind, as the braids are perfect for grip and friction so you can practice more effectively. Perhaps not the sharpest katana on our list, what it lacks in razor edges it makes up in practicality and design. The traditional aspects that make up the Zetsurin katana make it a wonderful choice, especially if you're new to the world of the Japanese sword. We can't express how perfect this katana is for beginners and collectors alike! 


Handmade Sword- Battle Ready Samurai Katana Sword

Another katana revered for being classic in its design, we bring you the battle ready samurai sword from Handmade Sword. Composed of  piano lacquered wood, black Japanese cotton, and a wooden handle wrapped in white cotton cord and ray skin, this katana is guaranteed sturdy from the handle to the tip of the blade. A lot of its recognition also comes from being made from a very well-known handmade and forged company that consistently puts out quality products. The ornate detail upon the handle is also quite stunning, as its intricate and unique in design. On the practical side, this sword can also be assembled and dissembled with ease for high functionality. A great katana to show off on display or practice with, there is little to say against buying a Handmade Sword product. Balanced blade, secure foundation, and elaborate details all come together to make up this adored katana!


Katana Sword, Fully Handmade Real Japanese Sword

Classic katana designs are beautiful, no doubt, but to really stand out amongst the crowd you need a katana that is both eye-catching and hard to resist. Here we have a katana, produced by JZ Sword, that will stop you in your tracks with its stunning red appearance and insanely sharp blade. Hand-forged and hand-sharpened by the century-old company of JZ sword, this sword is a dazzling addition to anyone even slightly interested in purchasing a katana. There's no denying that a katana such as this is in its own way a work of art, with its carbon steel blade and its bright red cotton cord-wrapped handle. If you have an appreciation of the katana traditions, ancient and modern alike, this is one where you can't go wrong in adding it to your collection. Purchase your JZ Sword katana now for a brand new type of sword that irrefutably irreplaceable and one of a kind. 


Platinum Full Quality Handmade Japanese Katana Samurai Sword

Auwiy comes through yet again with another great and high quality handmade katana! What we have here is a katana ordaining the perfect mix of black and red in this classic Japanese look. With workmanship to be praised for days, this katana, similar to our number five on our list, displays a dramatic red color, only to be further complimented by the perfect touch of gold. The dragon design work of the tsuba is also quite remarkable as it brings about an element of ancient Japan in a modernly made sword. Auwiy, known for their sharper blades, proves their reputation well in this specific katana! We really recommend this katana for fighting, but even more so for those who have a profound love for all things Japanese, as it really reflects the culture nicely. Check out another favorite from Auwiy for a stunning sword in a number of ways!


Handmade Sword- Samurai Katana Sword Hand Forged

Incorporating classic Japanese art into the overall design of the katana is just one of the many wonderful aspects of number seven on our list. Brought to you by Handmade Sword we have a katana that was initially created for practical uses, but then decorated with inspiring Japanese artistic elements.  Similar to our other featured sword by the renowned company of Handmade Sword, the process involves a traditional forging method that either consists of the katana being heat tempered or clay tempered. For the intricate tsubas, the process goes even more in depth as they use a variety of materials like copper, brass, iron, or other such substances depending on which will fit the essence of the katana the best. The care that really goes into making each individual katana is surely respectable and shows how much worth each one has. With a classically designed phoenix and matching painted details, this katana is perfect for any kind of household! 


Katana Sword, Fully Handmade Japanese Sword

We've looked at a number of katanas featured in red, gold, and black colors, but we have yet to come across one in such a striking purple hue. Another katana from JZ Sword, this weapon has all the great features that makes up a quality product, while simultaneously being irresistible with its hard to ignore purple braided cotton and paint details. Aside from its majestic coloring, this katana has sharp carbon steel for a blade and a full length tang for the perfect strength and durability. Although this katana does have a fully functional blade, its made for more of the purpose of being displayed and admired. We think this type of sword is definitely more geared for the collector type, since it has gorgeously carved floral details on every corner of the katana. For admirers of the ancient Japanese aesthic, we believe we've found the katana for you!


Tachi Sword

Yet another katana forged from traditional methods and a familiar company, we have number nine on our list as the Tachi Sword from Auwiy. This one is all about tradition in everything from in its makeup and foundation to its detail work,  it proudly showcases exquisite carving on the tsuba and lovely rosewood for the handle. As we've mentioned before, Auwiy is a trustworthy company that produces notable and sturdy katana, and this one fits that description perfectly. This katana is all about quality in durabitlity, making it a fine instrument for practicing and fighting in real world settings. The wooden sheath is also a great addition to the sword, as its uncommon for most katana and is just as beautifully made. Again with an expected sharpness provided by Auwiy, we can't stress enough the great products this company puts out. Handmade and ready to be wielded by your own two hands, check out the Tachi Sword for a great investment!


Siwode The Walking Dead Michonne's Sword Katana

Last on our list features a katana resembling the one borne by the famous fictional charcter Michonne from the popular show The Walking Dead. From the company Siwode, we bring you a classic Japanese katana with all of the features that make up a great product, while still also being a copy of the katana Michonne uses to strike down a plethora of zombies. If you're unfamilar with the popular franchise, have no fear this kantana made the list for more than its resemblance to a fictional weapon. Hand-forged and burned with soil, this katana harbors a very real sharp blade and a subtle but very appealing color scheme. Siwode has come to create a very secure reputation for good quality products for themselves, proving that this katana will be of fine construction and durability. Whether you've always wanted to be as badass as Michonne from The Walking Dead, or you simply want a simple but effective katana for your own purposes, we think this is one remarkable product!

Most Beautiful Katana

A katana is a long, single-edged sword which is traditionally used by a Japanese samurai. It is the most important sword worn by a samurai and was in the height of popularity between 1400AD and 1876. Katanas fell out of use when the samurai were abolished altogether as a social class.

However, katana swords are now commonly kept as collector's pieces, due to their incredible beauty and great symbolism.


Auway 40’’ Fully Handmade High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade Katana Sword

This beautiful sword was hand forged using the traditional and ancient method of sword making utilized in Japan. It is polished and sharpened using the Japanese method as well.

The full-length tang works to greatly enhance the strength of the sword, making it strong enough to cut through thick bamboo with a single strike, and sharp enough to slice through a piece of paper.

It is an incredibly attractive sword, authentically made following samurai tradition.


Musashi Hand Forged T10 Carbon Steel Japanese Samurai Sword

This katana is part of the Musashi Platinum collection. It measures 40 inches in length and has an intricately detailed handle.

It is a functioning katana which has a simplistic beauty, enhanced with the hand engraving on the handle. The sword comes with a maintenance box to help you keep the sword in perfect condition, whether it is used in practice or displayed as a collector's piece.

The Musashi katana is a truly authentic piece that is genuine in both appearance and effect.


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