10 Best Japanese Notebooks Perfect for Writing to Your Heart's Desire

No matter if you're a student ready to start whole new semester, or you're just someone who loves to journal the every day adventures of your life, we all need a handy notebook we can always rely on. We're all pretty accustomed to the journals of American quality, but the Japanese have no doubt perfected the best  in journals, all in paper quality and format. Check out our favorite Japanese notebooks that will change your mind about writing forever!


1 X Kokuyo Campus Todai Series Pre-Dotted Notebook

No matter how inky your pen is or how messy your handwriting may be, the number one on our list is up to the challenge! From Kokuyo Co. we have a notebook perfected in the art of organization and quality. Instead of the traditional college ruled lines we have here in America, this notebook cleverly uses low opacity dots as indications on where to write.This method is surprisingly much more effective in keeping you on track with your writing than you would expect. In this pack of five, you have a wide selection of fun colors all with thirty sheets each! If this notebook couldn't get any better, it even leaves a small section at the top of each page for name, date, and other such aspects you need when you write. We absolutely love the thickness of the paper that withstands any kind of material, and we can't get enough of the dotted format that's practical for any type of use! Compact, sturdy, and useful in any situation, we feel like this Japanese notebook is a must from taking notes to keeping memos!


MUJI Notebook A5 6mm Rule 30sheets - Pack of 5books [5colors Binding]

Regular sized notebooks are great and all, but sometimes we need something able to go with us anywhere, no matter the circumstances! The Muji Notebook A5 features all you  love about writing in your everyday Japanese notebooks in a size that's easy to carry around and pack away. The remarkable smoothness of the paper is only one feature to absolutely love about these notebooks! Even with the perfectly textured paper, it's still able to withhold ink of all types without bleeding through onto the next page. What's even better is you can get a pack of five for multiple uses, from taking notes in class to writing your adventures abroad, they can fit anywhere. These Muji notebooks are number two on our list because we just can't get enough of their compact size and sturdiness you can't find anywhere else!


MUJI Notebook A5 5mm-grid 30sheets

Muji never fails to deliver with number the third notebook on our list! With unique and equally as durable thread binding, these notebooks are a lovely addition to any office or school supply list you might have. What's even better about these notebooks is they are made from more than 55% recycled paper, great for reducing waste and for the environment in general. These notebooks also are made with that Japanese exclusive low-opacity grid layout, as compared to the standard American notebooks, which in general is better for writing and note-taking of any kind. Dark grey hard covers and a size that's still remarkably portable, there's no reason not to love these Muji favorites!


Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder

What could be better than your every day notebook?! How about a notebook and a ringed binder! Kokuyo presents an all new notebook with all the same lovable Japanese qualities in the form of a multi-functional binder. Often, we have too much to lug around with all of our notebooks and binders, but now you can have both in these hard to resist pastel colors! These notebooks have wonderfully acclaimed paper quality and have the capability to easily take out sheets of paper and add more. The notebooks themselves are light and convenient for travel without worry of damage or tears. With such high functionality and an adorable exterior, these notebook-binder hybrids are an absolute must, especially for students of all kind!


Nakabayashi swing logical study notebook grid

Regular college-ruled notebooks work for some people, but the grid-like layout of Japanese notebooks can often lead to more effective work and note-taking! For just these exact purposes, we have notebooks from Nakabayashi, praised for both their organized and easy to use layout.

From math, science, to even history, grids are the perfect tool for effective note taking. Professors and teachers of all kinds often recommend grids for their students, as it really helps them manage their notes in a way that both makes sense and is easy to follow. What's even better about these Nakabayashi products, is they come in bright colors and in a set for multiple purposes. These notebooks are fantastic for students of all age and we highly recommend them for the more logical type of individuals! Check out these Japanese grid notebooks today for that next step in active learning and note taking!


Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service Schedule/ Appointment notebook

As much as we love notebooks that are practical in every sense of the word, sometimes we just need one with a little more flair and all the same practicality. With all the Japanese quality that you're searching for, we give you number six on our list, brought to you by Ensky, a complete organizational notebook featured with art from famous Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service. This notebook consists of not only pages for your every day writing and sketching, but it also includes a full calendar for both the years of 2017 and 2018 as well as a weekly schedule.

Perfect for organization of every kind, you can use this notebook  for every aspect of your daily life, from note-taking in class to planning your next appointments, it's the ultimate tool for keeping your life together! We really think Ensky came through with this multi-faceted notebook that is useful for organization all complimented with cute aspects from Kiki's Delivery Service.


San-X Sumikko Gurashi

Another notebook to pull on your heartstrings includes a product from the San-X Sumikko Gurashi company. This company is famous for their lovable and very appealing characters, and now they've put together an adorable notebook perfect for your every day lifestyle! With sturdy and long-lasting ring binding, this notebook has sixty sheets of that appraised Japanese quality paper that is guaranteed to last and withstand tough mark-making. We think that note-taking and writing shouldn't have to be tedious and mundane, with this charming notebook you'll never want to put it down.

These classically designed Japanese icons are not only on the cover, but sprinkled throughout the pages for the perfect addition to any notebook. Next time you're searching for your next notebook to fit your busy schedule, consider picking up the San-X Sumikko Gurashi notebook for all of your writing needs embellished with a plethora of cute characters!


Moma Muji Notebook Passport Size

If you're traveling with little luggage or wish to carry just a small bag for school, then we've found the perfect notebook for you! From Moma Muji we have a notebook approximately the size of a passport, the best size for all of your travel and day to day needs. Made from more than 10% recycled paper, this notebook is complete with the common Japanese dot grid format that we can't commend enough. Often with a smaller notebook like this, it's easier to write clearly and to keep a consistent organization all throughout. The cover is made out of a sturdy material for the ultimate safe keeping that adds even more to the great travel qualities this notebook has to offer. Whether you travel to school or across seas, the Moma Muji has invented the best notebook in size and in structure!


Midori MD notebook

Simplicity is sometimes the best thing when it comes to writing! For just this, Midori brings you a minimally composed notebook, but with an abundance of long-lasting quality. Bound with stitches for the utmost sturdiness, this notebook once again follows the Japanese grid format in a modern and simplistic manner. The grid is also at the perfect opacity to keep notes organized but without being too distracting. The plain off-white cover lets you feel at ease while allowing for the notebook to fit in in any aspect of your life. If you're on the hunt for a product with the highest quality with little flashy appearances, then we believe the Midori notebook is all that and more!


Maruman 1 Hardcover Executive Notebook

For those of us with messy, maybe even hectic lives, we need a notebook that can last through even the toughest of circumstances. The hardcover notebook by Maruman is by far the most fitting Japanese notebook willing to withstand whatever is thrown at it! This college-ruled notebook is divided into three sections to help with arrangement and multi-purpose use. Like most Japanese notebooks, the quality is noticeable in both the texture of the paper and the durability of the notebook itself. The paper has little to no bleed through and the binding is made to last in this one of a kind notebook! The simple design is great for the more practical side of life along with the substantial cover is enough to really draw attention to this kind of product. Even if the Maruman notebook is last on our list, it is still one of the best Japanese notebooks out there, especially if your lifestyle calls for  one sturdy and purposeful notebook!