The Ultimate DIY Guide to Ash Ketchum Cosplay!

Remember when Ash was first starting out in his hometown of Pallet Town? We've already covered how to cosplay a Pokemon Trainer, now you too can embark on your journey to catch ‘em all just like Ash Ketchum! We’re going to go with the OG Ash in this DIY cosplay tutorial.


Ash’s hat may be one of the most iconic portions of his outfit. He won the official Pokemon League Expo hat in a special sweepstakes contest and he was very proud of it. While we can’t enter the contest, your best bet would be to find a premade hat! Don’t let a mankey steal yours!


Ash’s vest is actually not just a typical blue vest. It also has white sleeves and a white collar! If you’re a bit crafty, go ahead and sew on some sleeves from an old white t-shirt and some material for the collar onto a blue vest. If not, that’s ok too. His vest is pretty distinct with the bright, royal blue color. You can also sew on some gold stripes to line the pockets at the opening.


Underneath that vest is a plain old black tee! Pick up a basic one if you don’t already own this closet staple.


Ash’s mother always reminded Ash not to forget to change his underwear every day, but that’s not what you’re going to show! You’ve got to still wear Ash’s basic blue jeans. I’m sure you’ve got a pair in the closet, but if you don’t, go buy some! Don’t forget to roll up the bottoms to match Ash. Ash also wore jeans that were a pretty light shade of blue, if you want to be even more accurate.


Ash kept his pants up with a brown belt. Look for your own with a silver buckle!



The life of the greatest Pokemon trainer requires thousands of hours and miles walking unknown lands to catch them all! The closest thing in real life to Ash’s black and white sneakers are Converses or something similar in appearance.


During the early iterations of Ash’s outfit, he wore green, fingerless gloves. If you don’t want to wear warm knit gloves, you might want to make your own green gloves. Stop by your local fabric store to get a dark and a light green material to make them! If not, you can always buy green fingerless gloves, or regular gloves and cut off the fingertips.


Want to look like a true master? Find yourself some Pokemon gym badges or carry around a couple pokeballs. You also can’t go wrong with your very own, trusty Pikachu!

Now that you’re dressed like Ash, go out and be the very best, the best there ever was!

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