Behind every great ninja is a great Team. Behind every great pirate is a great Crew. Behind every great con is a great staff and YOU have the opportunity to cement your place in ANIME Impulse’s history as one of our volunteers!

Each year, the ANIME Impulse staff aims to create an unforgettable experience for casual and hardcore anime fans alike to gather together in celebration for their love of this renowned 2D medium. However, to properly carry out our 2-day convention, we need the assistance of passionate, dedicated individuals like yourself!

Most tasks assigned to volunteers do not require prior work/volunteer experience. From helping out with check-in, assisting the ANIME Impulse staff with special tasks by the likes of stage, going on special errands, we’re looking for volunteers that are as enthusiastic about seeing to tasks to fruition as they are about anime!

Required for registration related inquiries such as refund requests after completion of volunteer hours.
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Feeling interested? Wonderful! Here are some important guidelines to consider as part of our volunteer team!:

  1. Be sure to submit a volunteer form to be considered for volunteering!

  2. You MUST be 18+ years old to apply.

  3. During your scheduled shift, you MUST wear your volunteer shirt. Otherwise, you are welcome to dress as you wish (casually, in cosplay, etc.)

    • Regarding volunteers and cosplay: Full cosplay/costumes aren’t permitted to be worn during your shift. However, cosplay wigs and/or accessories are fine so as long as they do not affect your comfort and hinder your ability to work during your shift.

    • Example: Wearing a long Hatsune Miku wig is not advised in the case you may need to carry something large. However, something short yet manageable like the Naruto headpiece or a wig for Ayanami Rei is fine.

    • Do keep in mind that while your cosplay wigs/accessories may be initially manageable, there is a possibility they may become a hassle during your shift (overheating, getting in the way, etc.).

  4. Volunteers assist in all areas of the convention. Do keep in mind there may be a possibility that your role may change, depending on the situation during your shift!

  5. Due to limited availability, we will not be able to provide parking passes at the Pomona Fairplex. Please consider carpooling or being dropped off at the convention.

    • ANIME Impulse is not responsible for travel, parking, or accommodations and will not be compensating for any of the aforementioned items.

  6. Please help promote a safe and healthy environment while volunteering. Refrain from any deliberate act that may create danger, or an unhealthy situation towards any individual. This includes use of illegal drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages, assaulting another individual or disregarding their safety. If you know of anyone, who might be under the influence or conducting bad behavior, please report to ANIME Impulse staff or security.

  7. At a con, we are all nakama! Be sure to treat your fellow staff/volunteer members and the convention attendees with respect!

For all your hard work, the ANIME Impulse team seeks to it that no effort goes unrewarded. Thus, in return for your volunteer work, you will receive the following!:

  • For completing one single (7 hour) shift during the convention weekend, you will receive a free weekend pass to ANIME Impulse 2020.

  • Volunteers will receive a free volunteer shirt.

  • Volunteers will receive ANIME Impulse’s exclusive convention badge set.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering that is not noted in the above list, please contact us at info@animeimpulse.com. We hope to work with you this coming January!