Rules and Guidelines:

  1. All participants must wear a full costume depicting a Pokemon character.
  2.  In cases where a participant is dressed as a Pokemon (as opposed to one of the human characters inhabiting the Pokemon world) that costume must encase the full body and include all the key distinguishing features of that Pokemon (colour, pattern, ears, horns, tails, wings, etc.). The head may be covered by a mask that encompasses the whole head, hood, or hat (a headband is insufficient for the purposes of this record).
  3. Characters that have not appeared in official Pokemon canon releases (including officially released games and television series) are not permitted.
  4. All characters must be pre-approved by Guinness World Records.
  5. All costumes must be complete head to toe representations including accessories of agreed Pokemon characters, at the discretion of the independent witnesses and Guinness World Records. Any deemed unsuitable will not be included in the final total.

Gathering Time: 2:15PM Saturday Jan 13, 2018