Nintendo Switch Update with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What many of us was waiting for, the Nintendo Switch update for Smash was a feast for our nerdy hearts and eyes. We saw many things that our savior did right! But first he introduced us to a friend from a different platform, Banjo & Kazooie. In this newest video update, Sakurai showed us the basic mechanics for the bear and bird duo, including their specials and ultimate. With the shoot eggs, egg grenade and Up B as well as his basically impervious Side B, Banjo & Kazooie can shake up the current roster. We don’t exactly know where he can stand Tier wise, but personally we think he can be A tier with his reach, Side B and UP B save.

Also featured was a new stage from Banjo & Kazooie and additional skins for the Mii fighters such as Team Rocket grunts for the brawlers, Goemon for the swordfighter, and Sans from Undertale for the Gunner.

Finally the last thing shown was the newest DLC, Terry from King of Fighters (though personally we like Mai). We can’t wait to see how this keeps on developing.

Nintendo Switch Update with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
Anime Impulse