Nintendo Switch Update with Pokemon: Camping, a Tea Pot and Your Own Trading Card!

With the recent Nintendo Switch Update, everyone got a huge update on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Releasing November 15th, 2019 Pokemon Sword and Shield takes the young trainer across the land of Galar, an unique terrain very similar to the U.K. Along with the update came idea of camping, new Pokemon and a unique trading card experience.

Pokemon camping allows you to do just that, camp! Camping in Pokemon is utilized on the world map and it gives you a chance to play and interact with both your Pokemon and even wild Pokemon. Call a Pokemon of you choosing to you and play with them! You can pet and even use toys to interact with your Pokemon.

You can also go to other player’s tents as well and cook curry! Curry is a new game mechanic in Pokemon where you select a bunch of ingredients to make the curry dish of your choice. After choosing the ingredients, you fan, stir and put ‘heart’ into your food and in the end you get a cutscene seeing whether or not you made the curry successful. Curry can be used as an item in game to heal your Pokemon or even more.

The trailer also shows two new Pokemon that are unique to the Galar region. The first is Cramorant, the Doodoo looking Pokemon with a unique ability. The flying/water Pokemon has the ability Gulp Missile, whenever you use surf or dive it comes back with a fish in its mouth. If the opponent attacks Cramorant with a fish in it’s mouth, it will automatically spit the fish at the opponent damaging them. The second Pokemon is Polteageist, a ghost Pokemon that resides in a teapot. This ghost Pokemon is known be made of black tea and resides in may hotels and restaurants.

Finally the other unique feature that is specific to Galar is the Trading Card System. Just like sports team cards, Pokemon trainers have their own unique card in Galar and can hand them out to others. As you can customize your card with different backgrounds and poses, making it a truly unique experience. Collect as many cards as you can and who knows, maybe one day your card may be worth millions!

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