New Pokemon Series that Brings ALL 8 Regions Together

Oh Pokemon! The one series that will keep on going till the end of time. The only series that has a main protagonist who stays the same age for the past 12 years and somehow his Pokemon restart to level 1 every single dang season. With the end of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming, people expect Ash to go to Galar, where Pokemon Sword and Shield happen. However, a teaser from Pokemon has announced that the new season will have a story that encompasses the entire Pokemon world. The trailer, though very short and with barely enough information, shows all 8 starters from Kanto to Galar being shown. The trailer as well announces the title of the next season entitled ‘Pocket Monsters’ a reference to what the game was originally called. Hopefully the Nintendo Direct will shed more light about what’s about to happen.

Source: SoraNews24

New Pokemon Series that Brings ALL 8 Regions Together.png
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