Best 30 KPOP Dancers

“What the hell is Kpop?”, you may be asking yourself – but not if you are from anywhere in Asia! Kpop is popular Korean music. Don’t let the Korean part throw you off though, Kpop artists come from all over Asia and for the last decade they’re reach has grown far beyond their native borders. You’ll find Kpop fans all over the world now.

It’s a relatively new art form. Beginning as recently as the 90s, Kpop is basically American popular music repackaged Korean style. You go to a Kpop concert and you may be surprised to know that the music is only one piece of the puzzle – and frankly, not necessarily the best piece!

In fact, Kpop is more than a style of music; it’s a lifestyle. Fans who come to see their concerts come more to see the light show and the high tech stage productions plus and most importantly amazing syncopated dancing.

Some of the most popular Kpop groups got to the top by being cute and having the best dancers…the music is just the backdrop for their dancing and bright, colorful clothes. American rappers including Snoop Dogg and Kanye West have been featured on some top rated Kpop dance tracks; which gives you an idea about how popular it’s become!

Kpop includes R&B, hip-hop, techno, and rap among other music genres. But since, like we said, the dance is the thing when it comes to Kpop and who is the best, we decided to create a list that highlighted the best Kpop dancers.

One thing you’ll notice very quickly is that almost all of the best Kpop dancers of this year and of all-time belong to some of the most popular groups in the world. In other words, if you want to know which is the best Kpop group, start with the best 30 Kop dancers – and we have!

10 Best Kpop Dancers of 2019

When we looked at the best Kpop dancers of 2019, we found that many of them could also be included in a list of the best Kpop dancers of all-time—now that’s staying power! So we broke our list into two: the best Kpop dancers of 2019 and the best Kpop dancers of all-time. Here are the 10 best Kpop dancers of 2019; top 5 boys and top 5 girls:

Top 5 Male Kpop Dancers

1. Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul a.k.a. Ten from NCT

23 years old and Thai, Ten is originally from Bangkok but his music is most popular in China and South Korea. Best known as a rapper, singer, and dancer with NCT, Ten performs in several groups including SuperM, NCT U, and currently, WayV. Ten is one of the hottest new male Kpop dancers in the world this year. Check out his moves as he becomes “the devil” in this video.


2. Lee Tae-min a.k.a. Taemin from Shinee

This cat right here is not just tops in 2019; he’s arguably one of the best Kpop dancers of all time. Born 26 years ago in South Korea, given the name Lee Tae-min, this bad ass cutie earned his stage name Taemin as part of the Kpop group Shinee. Five years ago he went solo as a pop/R&B singer and is still burning up the charts! Here is one of his best dance videos.


3. Lee Ho-dong a.k.a. Hoya from Infinite

Hoya before he was Hoya was a famous child actor in South Korea way back in 1997. It wasn’t until 2010 that he became the crumping, hip-hop dance wizard that he is today. Originally he was part of the world famous Kpop group Infinite but last year he took off on his own and made his first solo album in 2018. Also considered one of the best Kpop dancers of all time, here’s just one video that shows just how good this guy is!


4. Kim Jong-in a.k.a. Kai from EXO

Born in ’94, this South Korean superstar first splashed onto the scene as part of the Kpop super group EXO. Kai soon began to separate himself as a dancer creating a subgroup of EXO called EXO-K for Kai. He is also a part of SuperM. As lead singer, he is highly recognizable by fans around the world. One of the best Kpop dancers of all-time, see him here showing off his quick, jazzy footwork!


5. Jung Ho-Seok a.k.a. J-Hope from BTS

Even if you’re not into Kpop, you’ve probably heard of BTS whether you realize it or not. They’ve been around for over a decade appearing at the American Music Awards and countless big events around the world. At 24 J-Hope as a member of BTS has traveled far from his hometown of Gwangju, South Korea as he continues to build on the success of BTS as one of the best Kpop dancers of this year and all-time—see for yourself as he performs to “Boy Meets Evil” live on stage!


Top 5 Female Kpop Dancers

We can’t do a top 10 best of all-time list without including the ladies. Although Kpop began as a male dominated phenomenon, for the last decade or more, the ladies have been giving the boys a run for their money, setting the standard for what it means to be the best Kpop dancer – here are our top 5 for 2019:


6. Pranpriya Manoban a.k.a. Lisa from Black Pink

Legally, her name is now Lalisa Manoban but fans around the world know her simply as Lisa. This beautiful Kpop dancer, rapper, and singer has been around for a while. Although she was born in Bangkok only 22 years ago, she is well known as a South Korean superstar. She trained with Ten back when she was a member of Kpop dance group We Zaa Cool and is considered one of the best Kpop dancers of 2019 and all-time. Today she is the leader of Blackpink – see her do her thing in this video!


7. Momo Hirai a.k.a. Momo from Twice

She’s only 22 years old but Momo took South Korea by storm when she came out almost five years ago with Twice. Kpop fans have embraced this Japanese born Kpop singer and dancer, as one of the best female Kpop dancers of the year.


8. Kim Hyoyeon a.k.a Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Star and lead dancer of the super famous Girls’ Generation Kpop group, Hyoyeon has become a presence in popular culture generally. This chick is an OG! She’s been a guest star on popular TV shows making her famous far beyond South Korea where she was born and raised. She’s actually one of the oldest Kpop artists still on the scene but you can’t tell by her dancing – watch her here putting the hip in hip-hop!


9. Gong Minji a.k.a. Minzy from 2NE1

For the better part of a decade Minzy was a dancer in the group 2NE1. In 2016, she went solo, beginning her rise as a solo Kpop dancer. Born in Seoul, South Korea, the 25 year old is considered one of the best Kpop dancers of all-time as well as 2019. Dance is in her blood, having won competition after competition growing up before hitting it big and becoming a legend in Kpop.


10. Im Yoona a.k.a. Yoona from Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Another OG of yesterday and today rounds out our top 10 Kpop dancers of 2019; Yoona formerly of Girls’ Generation with Hyoyeon – no wonder they are both still killing it! Yoona is well known beyond her Kpop career as great as it is. Many know her from her TV career even more, having starred in several shows in her home country of South Korea. At 29 years old, she’s still the bomb on the dance floor!

20 Best Kpop Dancers of All Time

If you saw the 10 best and came up with a dozen other names that could be included, you’re not alone – we agree! If you’re talking the best Kpop dancers, no list is complete without these best of all-time – 20 to be exact:


1. Park Ji-min a.k.a. Jimin from BTS

Many members from BTS have launched their own solo songs to huge success. Jimin is one of those South Korean Kpop stars who has achieved stardom in his own right, cranking out his first solo releases in 2016. Before debuting with BTS, Jimin studied contemporary dance in school.


2. Lee Hyuk-jae a.k.a. Eunhyuk from Super Junior

Since 2011 as a member of the Kpop group Super Junior, Eunhyuk has been setting himself apart as a South Korean dance phenom. His popularity has spread throughout Asia as a member of Donghae & Eunhyuk and three Super Junior spinoffs. He is the lead dancer of Super Junior, the Kpop band that arguably defined the modern dance style of kpop bands today.


3. Kim Tae-hyung a.k.a. V from BTS

Another BTS member who also calls South Korea home is V. He released his first solo only last year but his debut has been greeted with smashing reviews. He has made the lists of global song rankings in the New York Times, Billboard Magazine, and the LA Times to name a few.


4. Jeon Jung-kook a.k.a. Jungkook from BTS

A top dancer on the Kpop scene for years is another BTS boy. At the age of 22, Jungkook is among the most popular singer songwriters in Kpop. He has written 6 accredited songs and a Merit award from South Korea’s president! Still, he is no doubt most famous for his slick moves on the dance floor.


5. Zhang Yixing a.k.a. Lay from EXO

Since busting out as a dancer in the super popular EXO boys group, China born Lay has been heating it up in his own right as a solo Kpop dancer. As one of the oldest Kpop dancers, he has earned his ranking as one of the best of all-time for over a decade.


6. Dong Young-bae a.k.a. Sol from Big Bang

As a songwriter, some of Kpop’s number one hits came from the pen of South Korea born Kpop dancer Sol. Since 2006 when he first came to the stage as a member of Big Bang, he has seen several of his albums top music charts around the world.


7. Kim Yu-gyeom a.k.a. Yugyeom from GOT7

Yugyeom was the baby of the group when he was a member of GOT7. Not anymore! This 21 year old South Korean Kpop star has taken the lead as the best dancer in GOT7 and has formed a partnership with another Kpop dancer as Jus2.


8. Oh Se-hun a.k.a. Sehun from EXO

Heartthrob Sehun from EXO is 25 years old from South Korea and is famous for both his dancing and his roles on TV dramas. He stars in several TV shows in South Korea and is a member of EXO-K; an EXO spinoff group. The ladies (and boys) don’t just love him for his dance; he’s quite the looker – a model to be exact!


9. Kim Nam-joon a.k.a. RM from BTS

Most know him as RM from the super Kpop group BTS, but he is also considered one of the best of the best Kpop dancers of all-time. He is the lead rapper of BTS and has released his own albums as a soloist since 2015. Some of his collabs with the top musicians of today are still climbing the charts.


10. Kang Seul-gi a.k.a. Seulgi from Red Velvet

The ladies aren’t taken a back seat this year and they won’t take a back seat among the best in the world. Seulgi is known all over for her irreverent and bold style of dance. Over the years she’s amassed fans from her native South Korea and the world over.


11. Lee Dong-hae from Super Junior

Lee is a member of several star-studded Kpop boy bands including Super Junior and Super Junior-M. He is also the other half of the Super Junior subgroup, Donghae & Eunhyuk. Donghae helped Super Junior rise to prominence in the Asian market when they debuted. He was so popular that he was one of the first Korean artists featured on stamps in China!


12. Jung Ji-Hoon a.k.a. Rain

Many of the best Kpop dancers of all time started out with a group. Not Rain. He is one of those rare Kpop stars that rose to fame on his own. This unique solo Kpop artist came onto the scene more than a decade ago, winning awards for acting in addition to several successful albums.


13. Kwon Boa a.k.a. BoA (Beat of Angel)

Fans span the globe from South Korea to the U.S. for Beat of Angel or BoA. This solo Kpop female artist is one of the best of all time ladies and gents! She has built a stellar career in Kpop where she is respected as the “Queen” of the genre. 


14. Jung Yun-ho a.k.a. Yunho (U-Know) from TVXQ

The dynamic duo of TVXQ is made up of one of the best Kpop dancers of all time. U-Know is most popular for his singing voice but don’t get it twisted, this boy can dance! He’s been dancing his ass off since 2001!


15. Park Jeong-su a.k.a. Leeteuk from Super Junior

Super cute Kpop boy from Super Junior, Leetuk, has been tearing up the stage since he first broke out with Super Junior back in 2005. Since that time he has never stopped still tearing up the dance floor!


16. Kwon Ji Yong a.k.a. G-Dragon from Big Bang

One of the most famous Kpop artists and Big Bang member, G-Dragon is an enormously popular rap and dance star! He is often referred to as the “King of Kpop”and has been a fashion icon for the Kpop industry.


17. Jay Park from Art of Movement

Originally part of 2PM, Seattle-native Jay Park is simultaneously a Kpop dance sensation, an entrepreneur, and an actor! Jay Park has wowed us from his time with his dance crew Art of Movement, 2PM, and his own solos tracks. He even founded two record labels.


18. Jackson Wang from GOT7

Originally from Hong Kong, Jackson Wang has made dance and TV his claim to fame! For half the year he performs with hugely popular KPOP group GOT7 and the rest of the time he manages his own label in China as a solo artist.


19. Choi Min-ho a.k.a. Minho from Shinee

Minho from Shinee is outstanding both when he dances and when he acts. He has starred in both Kdramas and numerous films.


20. Kim Hyun-ah a.k.a. Hyuna from Wonder Girls

Hyuna, after debuting in 2007 with Wonder Girls, has had a long and storied career after leaving shortly after! This amazing dancer joined girl group 4Minute under Cube Entertainment back in 2009, but has since been a successful solo artist.