Pokemon Halloween Cafe say WHAT!

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Halloween is one of the most fun/most celebrated holidays in Japan. Everyone is out dressed up in their costumes with all the shops and restaurants doing themed events. So of course Pokemon is going to do their own special Pokemon Cafe! Running from Sept. 7- Oct. 31, 2019, the popular Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo will have a special Halloween themed menu that coincides with a special Halloween event. The new Halloween menu has 3 new items guests can choose from. Around $17 USD, you can either get a Pikachu Halloween Plate that comprises of fried shrimp, a burger patty, spaghetti and salad, a Celebi green pasta plate, or a Zorua Roast Beef Burger. Including the food items, a special clear drink coaster can be obtained when buying a drink. 1 of 6 will be chosen at random with one being a super ultra rare design.

Source: DangoNews

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