Our Favorite BL Gets a New Anime


You know we love gay anime. We won’t and can’t stop! So our basements got flooded once again when we found out that Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is getting a new anime adaptation to celebrate its 5th year anniversary on The Emerald. The manga follows the new editor Ritsu Onodera and his editor in chief Masamune Takano who is his lover.

The manga debuted in Kadokawa’s The Ruby in 2006 then moved to Askuka Ciel in 2009 and then again Emerald in 2014 as its debut manga. The manga has made many anime adaptations through Cruncyroll as well as two OVAS.

We don’t know what new stories will be told or created, but we do love our BL pairs we are sure that there will be lots of laughter, drama and romance.


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