Catch Them All With Pokemon Masters!

We all love Pokemon at this point, it’s a staple in the anime and video game world. Heck it’s so popular even my grandmother plays Pokemon Go from time to time. However, just like everything else Pokemon grows and changes through time. Pokemon Masters, which was announced on May 28th, will be the newest game for the series via mobile.

Pokemon Masters takes less inspiration on catching 6 Pokemon that will be your team and more about you teaming up with many famous trainers throughout the Pokemon timeline. Misty, Brock, Red, Blue, Kris, Barry, and more all make cameos as playable team mates for your character! As well, battles are real time with special sync moves included for an amazing 3-on-3 experience. Pokemon Masters allows for co-op play, allowing you to battle with friends!

This is all we know about the game so far, but don’t forget to keep on checking for updates. Pokemon Masters is expected to be released Summer 2019.

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