Which House Will You Choose?


Fire Emblem has now became a staple for many RPG fans! With it’s turn based battle sequences, to budding romances and possible off-springs, Fire Emblem is known for its beautiful character development that immerses the player into the world. And with Fire Emblem: Three Houses releasing on July 26th, 2019, we have the rundown on the story so far and the houses.


The story takes place in a magical fictional world Fódlan, where 3 different countries are at war. The Adrestian Empire is to the southwest, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is to the north, and the Leicester Alliance is to the east. However in the center of all three is a neutral territory the Garreg Mach Monastery. This is home to the church as well as the Academy, a location where all the soldiers from the three regions come to train and live. The main character is a teacher at the Academy, who took over their father’s job after an incident and has to choose which of the 3 dorms or territories to teach.

The story has two time periods. The first is during the Academy where the main character is training the students, while the second is five years after the Academy, where a full blown out war is happening between the three major nations.

The three countries are divided into three dorms in the Academy, Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer. The Black Eagles favor axes and black magic while the Blue Lions favor spears. The Golden Deer is the final house, whose members are not only proficient in bows but unlike the other two countries come from a more commoner background.

Hope this helps in choosing which house you want to teach! There are more updates as the date comes sooner, so keep in watch!

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