The UWU Sheep, and Why does it have a Sword? : The Pokemon of the Sword and Shield Direct Trailer

June 5th, Nintendo released it’s newest Pokemon Direct with a concrete release date as well as new Pokemon and updates that makes Sword and Shield different from the rest. Watching the trailer, we had mixed feelings from UWU to OWO and everything in between. What we can say is that Pokemon Sword and Shield will be a very unique game worth playing. 


The legendaries for this game were shown during the ending of the trailer. We have the sword wielding Zacian and the shield bearing Zamazeta. People have already chosen their favorites, with tons of memes spewing with dogs and random objects. Apparently there is a third legendary not shown yet…maybe it’s a dog with a helmet! All we know is that these two doggos may not be the scariest or coolest legendaries, but they are man’s best friend.


With the legendary Pokemon, we were also introduced to a few Pokemon you can find in Galar. We have the snapping turtle Drednaw, the flying knight Corviknight and the flower evolution Gossifleur and Eldegoss. However, none can hold a candle against the internet’s favorite new creature, the UWU sheep Wooloo. The fluffiest wide-eyed sheep is a normal type Pokemon that has captured the hearts of many! A friendly Pokemon that craves stability and tends to roll away from conflict, this Pokemon entry has had the younger generation yelling for more. There are more game mechanics worth mentioning but that’s for another article! We can’t wait to see the new Galar region soon!

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