Smash Ultimate: WE FINALLY GOT HIM!

With the E3 Nintendo Direct, we got glimpses of new games and DLC. However, what many were waiting for was the updates on Smash Ultimate! We had not one…but TWO trailers for new characters at the beginning and at the end of the direct. 

The first trailer revealed Link fighting against evil Marth and Meta knight. About to be defeated, the Hero from Dragon Quest comes to save the day! Also it’s not just one Hero, but its 4 different heroes. That’s right! Just like Bowser Jr., you can have different skins based off of different Heroes from the Dragon Quest games. His moves are somewhat typical to your normal swordsmen, but with some magic. His gameplay reminds me of Robin so it will be interesting to see how he turns out. 

The next, however is something we ALL wanted. Recreating a scene similar to that when King K Rool was announced, we see our hero and savior Banjo-Kazooie announced for Smash. A fan favorite, there is a lot to be explored for this character. However what can be certain is that everyone will love him. 

Anime Impulse