Photography:  @phunamation

Photography: @phunamation

The next installment of our series brings two familiar faces who have worked with ANIME Impulse throughout the years. Meeting them in 2016, Rose and Kevin (collectively known as Uchiha Hotline) are cosplayers that push the envelope with their Instagram feed and Youtube videos. We love how dedicated they are to their craft and can’t wait to see more from them in the future.

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Photography:  @photosbyjsca

Photography: @photosbyjsca

Rose and Kevin are the two halves that make up the YouTube channel Uchiha Hotline. They are couple cosplayers from SoCal who have been together for 5 years and love cosplaying from Naruto and other shounen anime. Their channel consists of vlogs of all of their adventures as well as tutorials. Catch them on their livestreams with their cute pup Reaper!

Photography:  @richard_arcel

Photography: @richard_arcel

Photography:  @mikerollerson

Photography: @mikerollerson


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