Photography:  @gilphotography

Photography: @gilphotography

Today for the Cosplayer of the Week, we are highlighting Utahime Cosplay, a wonderful cosplayer who brings all of her characters to life with her dynamic shots.

Photography:  @mykeshooter

Photography: @mykeshooter

Utahime is an actress, model, and dancer originally from Chicago, Illinois. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she found her passion for cosplay after attending her first convention Anime Expo in 2014. Utahime enjoys attending various comic book and anime conventions across California, where she has been a guest, panelist, and more recently a masquerade judge. In 2018, Utahime was part of the Judges Choice-winning group at WonderCon’s Masquerade where they portrayed characters from the movie "The Fifth Element". Her cosplays have been featured on various media outlets such as Cosplay Alliance magazine, Super News Live, the LA Times, Popsugar, Voyage LA magazine and Cosplay Culture. Utahime hopes to inspire others that anyone can cosplay no matter your gender, ethnicity, and background. Most importantly, she wants all fans to have fun expressing their love for their fandoms through the art of cosplay.  

Photography:  @thesleepymuse

Photography: @thesleepymuse

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