Zoro and ‘Hungry Days’ with Cup Noodle

May 18th, Cup Noodle launched an ad titled “Hungry Days” featuring the popular One Piece character Zoro as a high schooler training hard with his kendo club. In this ad for Cup Noodle, we see the initial shot of Zoro losing a match which pans to Zoro now in school looking out of the window. It cuts to Zoro still training with his pens in his hands and mouth and now outside running with an anchor attached to his waist. This montage continues with more kendo training and doing squats in his room and practicing his kendo strikes throughout the different seasons. Finally he falls onto the ground which changes to the floor of rooftop of his high school with the final shot of Luffy making an appearance with a cup ramen. 

In 2017, Cup Noodle launched this “Hungry Days” campaign staring many famous anime characters in a semi realistic earth setting to invoke a certain nostalgic feeling. From the different type of animation, to all the Easter eggs of characters, this One Piece x Cup Noodle ad has gotten many to buy Cup Noodle for a while. 


Anime Impulse