Will you be my Final Fantasy?: Final Fantasy Wedding Sweeps Over Japan


It might be finally time to say “I Do” and travel to Japan as Square Enix and wedding chapel business Bridal Heart have announced their Final Fantasy themed wedding and reception. Having announced their collaboration in December, they finally have more photos to show what you will be purchasing. 


Starting with the actual venue and props itself, the ceremony will feature authentic Final Fantasy visuals and music, with the reception replicating the same formula. With the theme of ‘crystals,’ there will be an abundance of crystals on the table settings, plates, cups,  and food themselves! 

Though they haven’t shown all the food, we can already tell you from the pictures that there is a crystal cocktail, moogle macarons, chocobo chocolate cake, and a set of final fantasy creature cookies. The champagne is a chocobo inspired crystal blue. Does it taste good? We don’t know but we don’t care ‘cause it’s blue!


The cake, the main act for the reception, is a giant pink-and-white-adorned cake with dark pink and white lace frosting that drapes the cake like a wedding dress. Though we can’t see the reference to Final Fantasy specifically, we can see the whimsy this cake brings. 

But for us, the best thing this wedding can offer are authentic and exact recreations of a bride’s gown and groom’s tux referenced from Final Fantasy XIV’s realm of Eorzea. The Final Fantasy Wedding is being offered in Kobe, with limited reservations. However if FF isn’t your thing, you can try to Pokemon or Jojo Wedding Plans instead.

Anime Impulse