What to expect at FANIME


“By Fans, for fans.” FanimeCon, known as Fanime, is a Northern California convention that is filled with games, anime, manga, guests and more. One of the biggest cons up in Northern California, and a bigger con then most, Fanime will be held May 24-27 in Downtown San Jose. With 34,000 people attending last year, 2019 will be another big successful year. So what can we expect for 2019? Well first is the guest list! This year Fanime is bringing all the stops with the Guests of Honor that include Lex and the Con Artists, rock band Phoenix Ash, voice actors Jad Saxton and Chris Patton, animator Toshihiro Kawamoto, personalities D-Piddy and VampyBitMe, and more! The Gaming Hall will include classic arcade games and E-games and the Fanime Maid Cafe will be back for their 11th year. The mature 18 and over Silver Island will be at the DoubleTree and the whole weekend will be filled with cosplay meetings, the cosplay masquerade, black and white ball, a fashion show, and more! This is just a FEW of what Fanime has to offer and we with them the best!

Anime Impulse