Raged UP: Aggrestsuko Season 2 Premiers June 14


Stressed so much that you need to sing heavy metal? Don’t fret because Season 2 of Aggretsuko is coming back to Netflix June 14th! The popular short series based off the Sanrio character, Aggretsuko shocked everyone with a series of tweets between herself, Sanrio and Netflix announcing her return for a second season. The tweet chain starts with Netflix asking Sanrio how to channel their inner rage until Season 2, which the cute red panda responds with destroying the corporate overlords. Sanrio decides different methods, but thankfully it was announced that Season 2 will air before any world domination occurs.

The Netflix x Sanrio collab started in 2018 and the first season was ten 15-minute episodes directed and written by Rareko. Aggretsuko follows the mundane daily life of the cute red panda as she is pushed around by her bosses to the point where she has to let out her inner rage via heavy metal karaoke! With already a huge cult classic and following, we wonder how season 2 will fair! Only time will tell, but for now we will rage on. 

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