Detective Pikachu Artist Adds More to his Realistic Pokemon Lineup


Detective Pikachu was, for lack of a better word, visually stunning. Without going into huge spoilers for the movie, one thing that everyone can say is that the visuals was crazy! Seeing real life Pokemon, something we have dreamed of 20 years ago, finally came true. This is all thanks to RJ Palmer, an Ubisoft artist who was found online through his realistic drawings of Pokemon. Using his expertise and having him work on the Detective Pikachu movie, he has now added to his giant roster of Pokemon the three starters of Pokemon Sword and Shield. My personal favorite is of course the monkey Grookey! We can expect when Sword and Shield comes out, so will more amazing work. Don’t forget to show him some love and support by following all of his other channels. 

RJ Palmer IG: @rjpalmerartist
RJ Palmer Store: Art Of RJ Palmer

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