A Remake we All Deserve!


For those who were under a rock this week (myself included) there was a huge drop for every JRPG fan out there. The game that has made a household name, Final Fantasy VII, released its own remake trailer. The last time we saw news about this game was an eon ago! But the wait was worth it! The images are stunning and captivating to the eye.

I love Final Fantasy, especially the class system games, but even I didn’t see the small details that many fans pointed out during the video. Whether you love or hate the new remade game, you have to admit that this trailer was a league like no other. From the cinematic cutscenes that made Cloud look like husbando times 500 to the newer non turn based system, Final Fantasy VII will shock many new and old fans alike. We just can’t wait for more info as the date draws nearer. 

Anime Impulse