Best Japanese Mechanical Pencils

Ever needed to take a step back and go old school? Tired of how everything seems to permanent and indelible? Go back and use mechanical pencils! You can erase them and they actually write on a lot of surfaces. If you don’t want to deal with all the mess with pencil shavings, check out these better-than-basic Japanese mechanical pencils!!

Fine, want something permanent? Check out these Japanese brush pens, Japanese calligraphy pens, and Japanese fountain pens!


1. Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil

Our #1 pick for the best Japanese mechanical pencil is the supercharged. It features a chiseled metal grip for the ultimate in writing comfort and is weighted for detailed, professional work. For the ultimate comfort it features gel-like oval beads inlaid into the grip area for extra padding for long writing sessions. It's super easy to use with its dual-action retractor. This a premium drafting pencil which is perfect for regular or technical writing. It comes stocked with Super Hi-Polymer Lead and a Z2-1 eraser, both of which are refillable. Pentel's Super Hi-Polymer Lead is an industry leader in the world of lead and never needs sharpening. This lead produces a super rich, dark and solid color.

It features a 4mm tip which is ideal for use with rulers and and templates. These pencils are also available in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm lead sizes. It has a lead hardness indicator built right into the pencil. The Pentel Graph Gear 1000 has a clear window that shows you what kind of lead is being used and leads are color-coded. This really helps save time! This pencil is super professional and comfortable, we love it.


2. uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil

Uni-ball's KuruToga mechanical pencil features state of the art engineering and a rotating lead mechanism. You'll get a super smooth writing experience with this pencil and it'll stay sharpened. It features a #2 diamond induced lead and comes with two erasers, 12 lead refills and a 0.7 mm pencil. It's rotating lead mechanism is patented and state of the art and keeps the lead sharp the entire time you are using it and the Diamond infused lead breaks much less than average and draws solid, clear lines. The lead rotates whenever the user lifts the pencil and keeps the lead in an ideal cone shape for the ultimate writing experience. Uni-Ball is a famous world-wide brand featuring super high quality products at an affordable price.

We love this pencil as it comes in at a budget price and is super easy to refill. A micro-fine tip option is available although you'll probably want to purchase a separate eraser, the eraser that comes with the pencil isn’t super useful. With the lead refills that come with the pencil, this pencil is super long lasting and gives you the ultimate smooth writing experience. The lead is super sturdy, even if you click out more lead than usual it still doesn’t break. This is a great quality, budget mechanical pencil

2 uniball.jpeg

3. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model

This stylish mechanical pencil comes in two colors: gun-metal and silver. It also features the rotating mechanism for the lead and its a sturdy pencil which isnt too heavy. The pencil is mostly metal on the body with plastic making up the upper section. Since its has the rotating feature you should purchase a lead with a softer outside for the auto sharpening feature. Theres a great grip on this pencil which is knurled for traction and it comes in both .5mm and .3mm. The writing that you get with this pencil is uniform and consistent and writing smoothly with a nice weight in your hand.

Some of us unconsciously rotate our pencils while writing to keep the pencil sharpened when it doesnt come with a rotating mechanism. You'll make sure to not do this while using this pencil and other auto sharpening pencils. The Kura Toga roulette writes clearly and is even good for drafting for carpentry and woodworking. Note that the tip is not retractable.


4. Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil

The Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil is hand assembled with watchmakers tools for the ultimate durability. It is available in four fun colors: black, pink, blue and red. It's an elegant looking pencil which looks more like a pen than a mechanical pencil. Pentel was the first to introduce automatic pencils all the way back in 1963. It's the only mechanical pencil to include a cap which helps you avoid those dreaded holes in your shirt that other mechanical pencils can leave you with. This cap also gives you extra balance while you are writing.

This pencil has a solid weight which feels luxurious and it comes pre-loaded with Pentel's HB Lead which is super high polymer. This lead is the #1 best selling lead in the world. It's self sharpening and gives you a super consistent and dark line. This lead is very similar to the #2 lead needed for standardized tests and its guaranteed to always scan properly. Bonus points that Pentel is a partner with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and if you purchase the pink pencil, a portion of the profits. All their products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

4 pentel.jpeg

5. Pentel Arts 8 Color Automatic Pencil

We love that this pencil comes with eight colors in one: Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, and Light Blue. It features a 2.0mm. Not only does this pencil give you a solid, clear line for regular use its also great for highlighting bibles, encyclopedias and fiber paper and cotton paper. You can purchase this pencil by itself, or purchase it with refills included. The 2.0mm lead diameter allows this pencil to draw bold lines. Mentioned several times in our mechanical pencils review, Pentel is a trusted Japanese brand in the world of stationery.

This pencil colors to the equivalent of coloring with regular colored pencils crossed with crayons although it is waxier in consistency. There are several different leads loaded into the chamber. You select a different color from the top of the pencil. Be careful with what you write with this pencil because its not too easy to erase! This is a solid, sturdy pencil that should last you for many years. I love that it has a clear chamber that allows you to see all of the leads available. This pencil is super fun to use with coloring books.


6. Pilot Color Eno Automatic Mechanical Pencil

This next pencil set is from Pilot and comes with 8 different colored pencils. It's a bargain priced set and it features the colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark Blue Blue, and Purple. This pencil takes a 0.7 mm lead and has a rubber grip that can be removed. These are a great accompaniment to your black lead mechanical pencil when you need to highlight text. Some of the colors such as orange and yellow come out quite light and are a bit difficult to see. This makes them better for highlighting text instead of writing text.

This pencil is easy to write with and for long periods of time. Many of the colors are also able to draw on dark paper which is a major bonus. The pencil always has a fine point and it doesn't slip and have too much unreasonable breakage. It would be great if the pens came with a carrying case but we can't really expect that at the bargain price offered. For a very versatile colored mechanical pencil pick this one up!

6 pilot.jpeg
7 uni alpha gel.jpeg

7. Pilot Uni Alpha-Gel Slim Mechanical Pencil

The Pilot Alpha-Gel Slim Mechanical Pencils comes in a plethora of stylish colors, 12 in total. It's a slim pencil that takes a 0.5mm lead. It features a gel rubber grip and you push the top button to advance the lead. This is a very light and super comfortable pencil and we absolutely love the soft squishy grip. This is great for taking tons of notes and this pencil is made of plastic. This pencil does a good job holding lead and the lead doesn't get stuck. It's quite a sturdy pencil which doesn’t shake when you write. Like most of the pencils on the list, the eraser that comes attached is quite tiny so you'll probably want to purchase a separate eraser if you are using it a lot.

The best pencils are totally from Japan. The body of this pencil is made of aluminum and the gel grip is super squeezable, comfortable and of high quality. You can use the grip and it won't wear down and it doesn’t get super dirty either. I also like the clip of the pencil, it attaches firmly and securely


8. Zebra Mini Mechanical Pencil

Zebra's mini mechanical pencil comes in both a T-3 and T-5 version. It has a super elegant, high end looking design with a silver body accented with gold highlights for the T-5 model. The T-3 version features a completely silver body. These mini pencils are easily stored inside a book without damaging its back. It's also great to fit in your wallet or purse. This pencil features state of the art engineering at an insanely affordable price. If you prefer more normal sized pencils, this would work as a great backup. If you're anything like me, I'm always losing those damn pencils!

The clip isn't the most secure do don't rely too much on that. If you are looking for the perfect back-up, mini mechanical pencil, pick up this one from Zebra!

8 zebra mini.jpeg
pentel fine writing.jpeg

9. Pentel Graph Let Mechanical Pencil

Pentel's Graph Let Pencil is a bargain pencil in a sea of super affordable mechanical pencils. This pencil comes in a plethora of leads sizes: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. It has a lead hardness window and a roulette grip. It comes with just a few lead refills. This is a sturdy pencil and it doesnt drop the lead and neither does the lead of the pencil constantly break. Its roulette grip is silky smooth, polished and non slip and the main components of the pencil are metal. Although the barrel is plastic, the pencil doesn't feel cheap when you're holding it, its made of lightweight materials and its of standard length. It has a satisfying solid clip, btw, which we love.


10. Tombow Mono Graph Shaker Mechanical Pencil

Last up with Tombow with the most bargain priced pencil on this list. It takes a 0.3mm lead and we love that the seller offers up to 5 pencils that you can purchase together as a set. The eraser is hidden and pops out when you twist the black ring on top. This is a modern little mechanical pencil with tons of cool little features. When you need more lead, just shake it up and down (they call this the "fore Knock" mechanism), if you prefer you can just push down the top as you would do with any other pencil. Just push the clip outside of the pencil upward to lock the shaker mechanism if you don't like it. There's a long guide Pipe that shows you where you are drawing and writing.

People love the Tombow Mono eraser on top and has 0.7 inches. It doesn’t come with much lead so you'll definitely need to purchase some and you can purchase refill erasers. Love the weight of the pencil, it helps to write smoothly and the shaker mechanism makes the writing process quicker.

10 tombow.jpeg
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Ashlyn Dickson