Top 10 Best Gay Anime 2019

Our most trending topic has been the Top 10 Best Gay Anime, so we decided to update our list for 2019! We have some of our classic favorites as well as new spicy anime series that make our BL dreams come true! Which one will you binge today?


1. Love Stage

Based off a very popular manga, Love Stage is an anime that ran from July 9, 2014 to Sept. 10, 2014. Spanning 10 episodes, this anime focuses on Izumi Sena, an inspiring manga artist who comes from a line of famous family members in the entertainment industry. When he was a kid, Izumi dressed as a girl for a commercial where he first met his co-star, famous child actor Ryoma Ichijo. After botching a scene, Izumi suffered from stage fright and refused to ever act again. However, Ryoma Ichijo had fallen in love with Izumi during the commercial, mistaking Izumi for a girl. For 10 years, Ryoma remembered Izumi and when they meet again, his feelings for Izumi remained. Despite learning Izumi’s a guy, Ryoma’s feelings don’t change. This series focuses on Izumi’s life as he comes out of his shell and navigates this life of fame and love.


2. Yarichin Bitch-bu

One of the most hyped anime/manga series, this webtoon became so popular the manga artist made a manga and anime adaptation! First year student Toono transfers to an all-male private school deep in the mountains. After befriending a fellow first year, Yaguchi, the two decide to join the the photography club instead of the soccer club. However, the photography club is actually known as the ‘Yarichin Bitch Club’ filled with colorful, and almost crazy, sex-charged seniors. Kaijima, another first year who joined, is un-phased and even confesses to Toono, who Yaguchi also likes! The anime is cheeky and filled with humor and lots of BL!


3. Junjou Romantica

In this 37-episode anime drama, Misaki Takahashi is a graduated high school student who dreams of entering Mitsuhashi University. This is the college his brother, Takahiro, had turned down so he could take care of Misaki when their parents died. After Misaki fails the practice exams, Takahiro asks friend Akihiko Usami to tutor him. Famed author Usami tutors him and starts to develop feelings for Misaki. Eventually, Misaki moves into Usami’s apartment. The plot details Misaki’s trials in finding love with Usami and dealing with Usami’s cohorts, who are also attracted to Misaki.


4. Yuri on Ice

One of the most talked about anime during 2016, Yuri On Ice follows Yuri Katsuki and his figure skating adventures. Taking a break from ice skating, Yuri mimics an ice skating routine by Victor Nikiforov. Impressed, Victor flies to Yuri in Japan and decides to be his coach. Feelings start to develop as the two make their way to the Grand Prix with Yuri eventually getting 2nd place and moving to Russia so he can be with Victor. What made this anime so groundbreaking was how open their relationship was to the audience. There is a scene with Yuri kissing Victor during the Grand Prix in Barcelona, in public with everyone watching. This is one of the first where gay couples are open in public in anime.


5. Super Lovers

Haru Kaido goes to visit Canada and spends his vacation with his mother who said she was deathly ill. Fortunately, this was a ruse so that Kaido could baby sit and help “civilize” a small boy named Ren. Eventually Ren and Kaido begin having an unexpectedly close brotherly relationship until the day Kaido returns to Japan. On the way home, an accident occurs that causes the death of his father and step-mother and leaves Kaido with no memories from that summer. 5 years later Ren comes to Tokyo and and finds Kaido and claims to be his brother! Super Lovers follows the events after Ren has re-entered Kaido’s life.


6. Close the last Door!

After being the best man of his friend Saitou Toshihisa’s wedding, Nagai Atsushi realizes he might love Saitou. Feeling sorry for himself, Nagai starts drinking and meets fellow guest Honda Kenzou who takes care of him. They end up together in bed and now Nagai has feelings for both men! It gets worse for Nagai when Saitou’s bride runs off with another man, so Saitou starts hitting on Nagai.


7. Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery is a well known manga that was turned into both an anime and two live actions (a Japanese series and a Korean film). The story follows the owner of Antique Bakery, Keisuke Tachibana, and his day-to-day life. Born into a wealthy family, he was kidnapped as a child and was forced to eat cake everyday. With the captor never found, his family became super protective and opened the bakery as a way to show that he can be on his own, even though he hates sweets. Though the main character is straight, his best friend and famous chef, Yusuke Ono, is in fact gay. With his “Demonic Charm”, Yusuke can make any man or woman fall in love with him, except for Keisuke! In the manga Yusuke eventually starts a relationship with Chikage, a waiter at the bakery.


8. Papa Datte, Shitai

University student Asumi becomes a housekeeper for the Naruse household. The family consists of a single dad, Keiichi Naruse, and his young son Ichika. However, Keiichi is very attractive and catches the eye of Asumi. Even though Asumi is not gay, he unconsciously becomes attracted to Keiichi, and wants the dad to be his daddy!


9. Dou kyu Sei

Students Rihito Sajou and Hikaru Kusakabe never crossed paths during school. Sajou is an academic scholar and Kusakabe is a popular guitarist in a band. However, one day Kusakabe helps Rihito prepare for their upcoming chorus festival and the two begin to talk. As they meet after school, they start to get closer to each other and their hearts begin harmonizing as one. They start to develop feelings for one another and try to figure out what’s next for them.


10. Hitorijime My Hero

Masahiro Setagawa has stopped believing in heroes and gets into trouble frequently as he has been coerced into a gang. However, as soon as Kousuke Ooshiba saves him, he re-evaluates his lack of faith in heroes! Masahiro realizes that this guy is not only the brother of his best friend, but also his current homeroom teacher. Now Kousuke has claimed Masahiro as his “underling” and promises to protect him, but their feelings for each other seem to be more than that of mentor and mentee!