17 Best Completed Romance Manga

There is nothing worse than being immersed in a manga and then to find out it is incomplete. This is a list of the best-completed romance manga for you to enjoy from start to finish.



This is one of the most highly rated manga and anime around. The story is about Kaizaki Arata, who cuts himself off from society after suffering through unfortunate circumstances at his last workplace. One evening, someone who works for the ReLIFE program approaches him with an offer. They will give him a pill that sends him back to his high school days, allowing him to re-do his life and re-enter society positively.

While this is a great story on its own, it does feature romance. Kaizaki is to be supervised by a woman during his journey, but the two become intertwined in a romance that is unlike no other.


2. 16 Life

Saya is a run of the mill teenager. She is lethargic and doesn’t think she has too many special qualities about herself. One night at karaoke, she starts singing her favorite song and gets carried away enthusiastically. What she didn’t know, is that the artist of the song, Takase Kazuki, is in the karaoke bar watching her sing. The two have quite an age difference, but they soon embark on a heartwarming journey together with great character development along the way.

It is a short manga story but is definitely worth the read to watch the two fall in love.


3. Akuma De Sourou (Devil Beside Me)

Kayano finds high school to be hard. She confesses her love to Yuichi, who is kind but distant. Takeru, the school bully, makes life really hard for her. She thinks things couldn’t get any worse until she discovers that her mother becomes engaged to Takeru’s father, who also happens to be the school’s principal.

Her love shifts from Yuichi to Takeru, but their love is now forbidden as they are brother and sister. She also has all the emotions from being bullied by him to deal with, but her love seems too strong to control.


4. Beauty Pop

While this is a shorter story, it is full of cutesy romance and comedy. Kiri Koshiba is a prodigy as a hairstylist and is well-known within the industry. Disregarding her talents, she has no interest in using her incredible talent to pursue fame or fortune. The three most popular boys in her school have a project called the “Scissors Project”, they help girls in the school look better by transforming them into beautiful looking women. She does her best to keep out of the project, but they draw her into their club and she performs some incredible makeovers. Being with three handsome boys, there are definitely some romance themes to emerge.


5. Arakure (Wild Ones)

Sachie Wakamura suffered through a tragedy when she loses her mother. The only one available to take her in is her estranged grandfather. The issue though is that her father is the head leader of the Yakuza gang. Sachie is too scared to join her new family, so she tries hard to continue living her usual life. She finds it difficult to do so, as the most popular boy, Rakuto, in her school is part of her grandfather’s yakuza gang, and has been assigned to be her protector.

Nobody else at school knows about Rakuto’s secret affiliation to the gang. Sachie soon finds herself with new emotions budding for her bodyguard, but because she is the granddaughter of the leader, he can never ever show any love towards her.

She needs to battle through her new way of life, and her new family, along with dealing with her love towards Rakuto, which she knows is forbidden.


6. 2.5 Jigen Kareshi

16-year-old Koino Tsumugi is an otaku who is only attracted to Tokki, who happens to be a 2D character from her favorite otome game. She really has no time or interest for any ‘real’ boys, and never looks to find a bond with one.

This all changes one day when she is rescued by a guy who looks exactly the same as her favorite character Tokki. The manga is about fantasy and real life, and when the lines become blurred. It is a must-read for those who fangirl over characters, wishing them into real life.


7. Bambi to Dhole

Yukimi is known affectionately as Bambi by everyone in her life. She is a member of the student discipline committee, tasked with locking students out if they do not arrive exactly on time. She isn’t such a saint though, she sneaks in a cigarette or two on the roof when she finds the chance. Tetsu is a transfer student, known as Lone Wolf. He jumps the fence one day after being locked out by Bambi and breaks her cigarette in half when he finds her on the roof.

Much to her surprise, he is actually a nice guy who takes care of a mother and baby on the train. Despite Bambi having a boyfriend, she finds herself intrigued by this lone wolf.


8. Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

Seika High School was always an all-boys high school. One year, they decide to invite girls in and become co-ed. Misaki Ayuzawa becomes the first female president of the student council. Other students know her as the “Demon President”. She rules the school with an iron fist and doesn’t have many friends. What her classmates don’t know, is that she works as a maid at a maid café to help support herself and her family. She is worried that if anyone at the school finds out, it would ruin her reputation.

One day, Takumi Usui, the school’s most popular boy, finds out her secret. The two become closer as she begs him not to leak her secret. They find themselves wound up together in a tug of war of secrets, until they start feeling a budding romance towards each other. There is an anime version to view, but the manga captures the romance and feel of the story much better.


9. 24 Colors – Hatsukoi no Palette

Nanaka loves painting, it is her escape from real life. When she starts high school, she is really excited to join the school's art club. To her disappointment, it isn’t well supported. The only two people in the group are the mysterious and quiet Chihaya and the energetic and fun Kento. To make things more interesting, they are both incredibly handsome boys. Nanaka is happy to find out that Chihaya shares her love for painting. The three of them become twirled up in the love for art and being an artist, and it does have the romantic theme to keep you going.


10. Barajou no Kiss

As a child, Anis Yamamoto’s father gave her a rose choker, telling her it was a powerful amulet that will protect her from harm, but if she was to ever remove it, she would be punished. She also has no fancy for jewelry. One day, the amulet mysteriously disappears, and she realizes her father was not joking about the punishment, and it was more than she expected. The manga is a reverse-harem with both fantasy and love elements.


11. Ouran Koukou Host Club

This manga follows a poor student named Haruhi Fujioka. She doesn’t have many options in life until she is offered a full scholarship to attend Ouran High School. It is an academy which homes only the rich and powerful. When she starts at the school, she runs into the Host Club. It is a club made up of rich and handsome young boys. The catch is that she often gets mistaken for a boy thanks to her short hair, and they assume the same. She accidentally breaks a really expensive vase, so in order to pay off her debt, she becomes a host member herself. This ensures a crazy adventure between her and the host boys, and all the situations they find themselves in.


12. 360 Degree Material

Mio’s classmate Taki is cool but strange. One day after school, she runs into him at the subway station and ends up saving his life when he is nearly pushed onto the tracks.

The next day, he saves her from being hit by oncoming traffic, returning the favor. This leads the two on a journey to love. The development of the protagonist is really well portrayed, and it makes you feel the emotion clearly as you follow the two characters throughout the manga. It is a love story from start to end.


13. AAA

Ogata Aoi is the student council president at her school, AAA. It is considered the best middle school in her country. Initially, she joined the school to meet her first love, but soon she learns that he is, in fact, a gang leader of the school next door, CCC. Meeting him causes her to become more and more curious into his life, even more, when she discovers he has the same name as her. She leads her own investigation into his life, bringing the two together in a beautiful way.


14. Lovely Complex

Otani and Risa are known as the comedy duo at their school, for them being so physically different in height. Otani is much smaller than the average height of a schoolboy, and Risa is taller than all the girls in their grade. The two are single and look to cheer each other up when they decide to pursue their own love interests. However, Risa soon starts developing feelings for Otani and tries to win over his love in her own, uniquely sweet way.


15. Absolute Boyfriend

Riiko Izawa is constantly rejected by unattainable and attractive guys. About to give up on love, she signs up for a free trial for a mysterious Nightly Lover. She doesn’t think much of this until she wakes up the next morning and there is a naked cute guy standing in her doorway. To make things even better, he wants to be her boyfriend. He is sweet, a great cook, and smart, everything she was looking for in a guy. The catch comes in when she doesn’t want to return him in time, what will the cost be and will there be consequences involved? She finds it difficult to let go of this new perfect man who was practically dropped into her lap!


16. The One

Cane Lele’s parents died in a tragic plane crash. They were both top fashion models in Taiwan, and after their death she swears never to join the industry, relating it only to tragedy and her parent’s death. When she turns seventeen, her mom’s sister, her aunt, convinces her to pose for the agency she owns. She is reluctant but decides to take part when she sees a photo of a popular American model, Angus Lanson. She heads off to the USA to take part in the fashion industry, hoping to meet Angus Lanson, to find love and to start her career in fashion.


17. Ai Kara Hajimaru

Sakura Ai and Tokuzawa Taiyou were first loves in elementary school. They find themselves torn apart when he is transferred to another school. Her classmates give her the nickname “Granny Ai” after he left and when she was trying to get over him.

Fate, however, had other plans for the two young lovers. In high school, Ai-chan visited the sunflower gardens at the pool. She finds a phone lying nearby, and to her surprise, it turns out to be Tokuzawa-kun’s. To her shock, through the phone, she discovers that he is now a delinquent who has been lead down the wrong path. She leaves the phone on the ground and runs away.

The two do find each other again, and even though they have grown so far apart, both in distance and personality, love does threaten to bloom again. It is a feel-good and sweet story, even if it is on the shorter side.


There you have the best-completed romance manga for you to enjoy. Get stuck between the pages of love and imagination, and follow the characters along their journeys of love and emotions.