Best 3 Gaming Desks Under $100

Review and Buying Guide

Gaming has changed so much since the days of Atari (for those of you who remember Atari game consoles). Before that you actually had to go to an arcade or a bowling alley or a pizzeria in order to play Frogger, Pac-Man, or your favorite racing game. Whoa how things have changed.

Now you can play those same games in 3-D without ever leaving your crib – or sometimes without even owning a game console! But that also means you have an ass load of equipment that goes with your gaming system from steering wheels for racing games to guns for shooting games. Without a proper gaming station, you’re looking at a wiry mess cluttering up your computer desk or TV stand.

Where do you put all of that junk and is there a better way? Certainly there is! You can spend a couple hundred bucks to find a gaming desk that is out of this world. However, if you are looking at your bank account wondering how you are going to buy a desk to go with all of the accessories you’ve bought for the gamer in your house, you should check this out!

We went looking for the best gaming desk under $100 that will get all of the crap off of the floor and the wires stowed away so that you can spoil the gamers in your house without driving everyone else mad. These 3 options give you everything you want and need in a high quality gaming desk.

What Gamers Want

First, you should know what gamers are looking for from their gaming desks. If you’ve been using your computer desk, trust us, it is not the same and substituting a computer desk for a gaming desk won’t cut it. No, a real gaming desk will:

  • Have plenty of room to store multiple game controllers, headsets, and games,

  • Offer a large, smooth surface to place monitors on,

  • Be made of strong, sturdy materials like hardwood, metal, or hard plastics,

  • And allow for customizable height and comfort adjustments using hookups and retractable drawers and surfaces.

Those are just the main features you want in a proper gaming desk. If you are using a tablet or keyboard and mouse to play, the setup will be different for your hand placement than if you are using controllers. If that is the case, you want a gaming desk with options for using either game setup.

One thing you don’t want is a lot of drawers and shelves where your legs should be. Remember, there should be enough leg room for multiple players so if a gaming desk comes with bottom shelves, they should be detachable so they can be moved during game time.

You’ll find some gaming tables made of glass but most are made of hardwood or stainless steel. Face it, when the game gets out of control, the desk has to be able to stand up to all kinds of abuse! It’s best if the desk is out of the way which is why many seek out gaming desks that are L-Shaped so that they can be placed in a corner of the room, taking up much less space.

Bottom line is, gamers want a lot of things from their gaming desks. Unfortunately all of those extras add up to a lot of extra dough you have to spend – yet, not necessarily. We found 3 of them with many of the cool features that you want for less than $100 – here they are:

1 atlantic.jpeg

1. The Best Two-Player Set Up for Under $100

First on our list, we pick the Gaming Computer Desk from Atlantic because of all of the specific storage options. True this desk is small compared to most gaming desks. It isn’t L-Shaped so epic battles between a group of friends may be more difficult, but for one or two players, this gaming desk is the best you will find for less than $100.

The desk itself is really strong and not bad looking. You can avoid a bunch of scratches and broken glass when games get intense because the desktop is laminated. Plus it can hold a 40 pound, 27 inch flat panel monitor.

But what really got us excited about this gaming desk are the incredible storage options that include everything serious gamers need. There is plenty of space for a TV monitor and a laptop as well as your Smart phone or Tablet. Then there are storage racks for your favorite games, shelves for your speakers, a handy place to stow your wires and cords under the desk with a separate holder for your power strip.

On top of that, the makers of this gaming desk go the extra mile by adding a cup holder for hours of play time in addition to hookups for headphones and virtual reality headsets. If you want to save money without skimping on quality we highly recommend this gaming desk.


2. Space-Saving L-Shaped Gaming Desk

As for one of the top features gamers want in their gaming desk, the L-Shape setup is the best design for multiple players. That’s one of the reasons why we picked the L-Shaped Corner Gaming Table from Tangkula. It works as both an office desk and a gaming desk – whichever one floats your boat!

This desk saves a lot of room space while providing ample playing space for countless hours of gaming fun with friends and family. One downside is that it is made of tempered glass so no slamming controllers down on it when you lose or it could be total a disaster.

On the other hand, the frame is made of coated steel and the glass is beveled and tempered to make it sturdier. It could become a wiry mess in the back without a wire-management system like our first pick, but as an L-Shaped desk, you can stick it in the corner so the wires are not so prominent in the room. All in all this is one of the only L-Shaped gaming desks you’re going to find for less than $100.

2 tangkula.jpeg
3 tangkula again.jpeg

3. Multi-Purpose Office/Gaming Desk

Finally on our list is the Multipurpose Workstation from Tangkula. This desk is not solely for gaming. It is for writing, study, office, and gaming. It can be an office desk by day and a gaming station by night. The desk top is wide enough for two monitors and two skinny chairs – but that’s no problem if you mount the game monitor on the wall behind it.

What we love about this desk is the storage shelves. They can be used for books and files, that’s true, but they can also be used to store games, controllers, headsets, and more. The great thing about this workstation is it can serve whatever purpose you want.

Of all three of these desks, this one is by far the most durable. It can hold up to 250 pounds of weight and is constructed of iron and hardwood. Its compact design enables you to slide it in the corner of a room to easily maintain all gaming stuff in one place. While this may not be the ideal gaming desk, it definitely serves its purpose and more for under $100!


Get a Gaming Chair to Go with Your Desk!

Before you go, we thought it was important to point out the importance of safety when whoever uses this desk will be spending hours and hours playing video games. Sitting in the right chair is crucial to making sure that your kids (or your big kid) doesn’t end up with back and neck problems from countless hours of gaming. That’s why we went out and found the very best gaming chairs – each under $100 for the optimal gaming experience.


1. Get a Massage While You Play Chair

What better way to ensure you are comfy while gaming than to have a gaming chair that massages you while you play? We don’t think there is one, that’s why we recommend the Office Desk Gaming Chair from Best Massage. It offers lumbar support, it swivels, and the high back supports your head and neck.

This chair is actually built ergonomically so that you don’t hurt yourself from being in the same position for too long. It is constructed to offer max comfort and can hold up to 250 pounds comfortably. You will feel better when you get up than you did when you sat down in this chair even after hours of gaming which makes this our top pick for gaming chair!

1 bestmassage.jpeg
2 best office.jpeg

2. Perfect Gaming Chair for Car Racing Games

Are racing games your thing? If so, we found the perfect gaming chair for you. The Racing Car Gaming Chair from Best Office is our top pick for gamers who like to play racing games. It has a bucket seat, holds up to 250 pounds in weight and can recline back 135 degrees. Whether you’re reading, gaming, or napping, this gaming chair is incredibly comfortable.

Beyond that, it is ergonomically designed to protect your back, neck, and shoulders while gaming. Its high quality steel rollers give you 360 degree swivel control and you can adjust the height to ideal comfort while playing your games. If you’re serious about racing (games that is) you need this chair!


3. Leather Gaming Chair for Racing

Our final gaming chair entry is the Leather Gaming Chair from Seat Zone. This monster is top quality with its high back and head rest, leather upholstery, and jazzy purple and black design. Inside of the mesh and leather blend his high density foam for your arms, head and back for superior comfort.

This chair can sustain a lot of weight, up to 200 pounds and is fully height adjustable. It is made for tall people too so you don’t have to do a deep knee bend just to sit down. If you’re six foot tall or taller, this chair’s for you!

3 seatzone.jpeg