The 20 Best Supernatural Romance Manga

A romance manga is great, but a romance manga based in the supernatural realm is just so much better. Here are the top 20 best supernatural romance manga to dive into today.


1. Vampire Knight

This is probably the best supernatural romance manga to read. It revolves around the Cross Academy school. This school is different from all other schools – once the normal students go home, the sun sets and it turns into a school for vampires.

Best friends Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are trusted to guard the secret of the academy, but they too have secrets to keep, some that they don’t even realize exist. Yuki is the adopted daughter of the school's chairman, so she takes her job as keeper very seriously. She has an enormous crush on the Night Students dorm president – Kaname Kuran.

The story is full of supernatural elements, romance, and secrets. The world between vampires and humans is becoming smaller – can these two species find a way to co-exist?


2. Hakamori Majo Bianca

This is no ordinary school life that Bianca is living. Bianca is the only and last remaining Ugly Witch living in the underworld. Her self-confidence is shot and she has no courage to muster.

However, she must rebuild her confidence and dig deep to find the confidence to be able to find love in a world full of magical creatures and secrets. Going to school in the supernatural world is not easy, especially when looking for love!


3. Millennium Snow

17-year-old Chiyuki has a fatal heart condition. She is not expected to live a long mortal life. She knows she won't be around for long. Until she meets an 18-year-old vampire.

This new mysterious vampire needs to find a human partner to feed off of, and Chiyuki needs to find someone to keep her alive. It is a match made in heaven, and this convenient marriage has perks for both of them, potentially life-saving.

The only problem is that this marriage only sees their problems beginning, with new troubles and obstacles on the way. Can these two find love together and work their way through their new, troubled journey?


4. Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo

Known for her cruelty and vicious killing of other witches, Quinta is an infamous grand witch who is over 300 years old. Nobody knows much about her, she covers herself in mystery and secrets. Little does everyone know, Quinta is only 16 years old.

She finds herself on a strange path and soon lands up being a bodyguard for Professor Nestor Gilroy, who has 5 PhDs and is being hunted and stalked because of his unpublished research.

Nestor and Quinta, along with her companion animal Feeyo, go on a journey to help publish Nestors papers and results, but they also need to unravel their feelings that are growing between them, traversing the world of science and the supernatural.


5. Midnight Secretary

If you love romance in the workplace, this is the manga for you. It is upped to the next level with that touch of the seductive supernatural as well.

Kaya Satozuka is as good a secretary as somebody could wish to have. She has an unfailing work ethic and is dedicated to her work. Her mindset doesn’t change when she is assigned to be secretary for the famous playboy Kyohei Touma, but he soon dismisses her because of the way she looks. This only pushes her to prove her worth even more.

While he tries to make her job more difficult, she soon learns his secret – he is a vampire. She now needs to navigate her life as an upstanding secretary and now dinner date to bloody feats. She is quickly being sucked into by the allure of this vampire, her boss, and he seems to have an interest in her as well.


6. Dorothy wa Gokigen Naname

Punished by her teacher, Dorothy loses her attractive body and all of her magical powers. The only way for her to get these back is to kiss someone who has a very high aptitude for magic. Not only does she have to seal it with a kiss, but she needs to convince them to become her servant.

She has a few suitors to choose from: Trot who is a soft-hearted heart-throb, a dog with some secrets – Brave, the aloof Hearts or Shinku who is a skilled gunwoman.

Through kisses on the cheek, hand or lips, Dorothy tries to build up her army of servants, all in an attempt to gain revenge on her teacher.


7. Bloody Mary

Mary is a vampire, but he wants to die. There is only one person who can actually kill Mary, but that person happens to be dead.

The only way for Mary to die is by utilizing the services of an exorcist who is said to have inherited the blood of Maria. Together, Mary and Maria try to find a way to kill Mary, all while Mary tries to protect Maria from demons.

The romance isn’t so clear in the manga, but there are definitely moments of eroticism and love, between two males who need each other to live and to die.


8. Sugar Sugar Rune

Two witches are in a battle to see who will become the new Queen of the Witch World – Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux. In order to gain the title of Queen of the Witch World, the two witches must travel to the human world and collect the hearts of humans. Whoever collects the most human hearts, will win the title of Queen.

The only problem with this contest is that these two witches are best friends. Their journey of contest and friendship is fraught with rivalry and love, only to see the most successful witch be successful, to gain the throne in the Witch World.


9. Trinity Blood

This manga is set in a dystopian future, where humans and vampires are constantly at war with each other.

Esther is a nun in the new world, and she sees herself teaming up with Vatican Priest Abel Nightroad, a vampire priest, who need to work together to battle the evil vampires, led by Gyula.

It is a beautifully illustrated manga, full of adventure, action, drama and eventual love. Will a vampire priest and pure nun be able to battle a battalion of blood-hungry vampires and win?


10. Yurara no Tsuki

Yurara Tsukinowa can see spirits. She is a quiet girl who can pick up on spirits and their emotions. She knows that she will be seen as weird, so she hides her secret from the world. This is until she meets Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino. Both of these men use their own spiritual powers to fight off vengeful spirits.

Yurara releases her dormant guardian spirit, and with this, she releases the powerful ability to release souls. The trio travels together among the world of human and spirits and must fight off any threats at the border of our world and theirs.


11. Rosario + Vampire

Tsukune is your average guy - that is until he is accepted into the Monster High school – which is a school full of monsters.

He soon meets and falls for one of the cutest girls in the school, but she is actually a vampire. This is a story of a normal guy diving into the realm of the supernatural, and stumbling upon young love and what it all entails out of the usual romance of the world.


12. Hana to Akuma

Vivi is a demon who decides to leave the demon world. He wants to live a normal life within the world of humans. However, when he arrives in the human world he finds an abandoned baby, and on a whim, he decides to keep her.

Fourteen years later, Hana is grown up to a beautiful teenager, but life living with a fourteen-year-old girl isn’t simple, especially if you were once a demon from the underworld.


13. Blood Alone

This is a little out of the down-right romance realm, but the manga keeps you guessing and always interested to see what might happen.

The vampire in the story is a little girl. She meets a male, adult investigator who soon forms a bond with her. The story follows their journey together but never shows anything sexual or romantic, their relationship is always on the cusp of moving to the next level, keeping readers wanting to find out more. However does a relationship between an adult and a child become acceptable when the child is a vampire?


14. Love Monster

Depressed from failing the entrance exam for attending her school of choice, Hiyo Osora is surprised to find an acceptance letter from SM Academy – a school she didn’t even apply for.

She accepts the invitation to attend the school, but it is not even slightly what she expected. All her fellow classmates are monsters.

It gets even more strange when the head of the student council declares that he is now her fiancé and then spreads giant black wings.

Hiyo Osora needs to uncover her supernatural fate in this school and find a way to adapt to this new, strange life of hers.


15. Blood+

This manga is a spin-off of the well-known Blood: The Last Vampire film. Okinawa is a teenager with a strange past. She lives a happy and successful life and loves and adores her father and foster brothers. The only issue in her life is that she cannot remember a single thing about her life more than a year before.

A cellist arrives, named Hagi, who seems to know more about Saya than she does about herself. He gives her a sword and tells her she needs to fight beasts who feed on human blood, called Chiropterans. If she doesn’t fight off these beasts, she risks losing her family who loves and accepts her for who she is.


16. Akuma to Dolce

A loner in high school, Ogura Mayuri loves cooking and magic, taught to her by her mother. She has a little demon familiar that she has summoned to help her with small chores and baking, but one day she accidentally summons a high-demon while spilling tea on her skirt.

Beaut, the high-demon, grants Ogura one wish. To his outrage, she only asks that he removes the stain on her skirt in exchange for sweets. His outrage is soon diminished when he smells the sweets – his only weakness. Ogura, now knowing Beauts weakness, binds him to her and gets him to do her bidding – all while a budding bond forms between the sweet, loving witch and the high-demon.


17. Chibi Vampire

This story is more for the younger readers, or those looking for a cute story to dive into.

Karin is a little girl, who is also a vampire. She can’t seem to do anything right. Every time she tries to suck a humans blood, she gets a nose bleed. Due to this complication, she actually gives people blood when she bites them.


18. Kiss of the Rose Princess

Kiss of the Rose Princess is a reverse harem manga. It is about a young girl who is surrounded by a group of boys. She is a princess who possesses strange magical powers.

She uses her cards to help summon four knights who just so happen to be the hottest guys at her school. The catch is that the knights can only stay alive by drinking her blood.

Anise, the princess, is independent and sporty and finds herself more irritated than intrigued by interest by her male companions. It is a cute, well-illustrated manga.


19. Sarashi Asobi

Bored with his job, Shinigami Ai seeks new employment. Through this, he falls for a high school girl named Ren, who he learns only has a few days to live. She is very involved in her school and is kind-hearted, but she is feared by her classmates because of her harsh way of speaking.

Ai then possesses her body and helps her kindness shine through, but he soon crosses the line between interest and romance.


20. Kamisama Hajimemashita

Momozono Nanami’s father loves gambling but disappears after accumulating a large sum of debt. Momozono is chased from her house due to her father's gambling debts but meets a man being chased by a dog who offers her to stay in his house.

When she arrives at his house, she notices that it is, in fact, a shrine and not a normal house, and things get even stranger when a man with fox ears appears.


There you have the best 20 supernatural romance manga, all full of love interests and a little bit of the supernatural world.