9 Best Earbuds for PS4

Gaming headsets are great, but let’s be honest – they can be pretty clunky and cumbersome. What if you want to game discreetly or you want to play on-the-go but don’t have room to carry around a bulky headset, yet you still want the same awesome clear surround sound that you’re used to? How about some earbuds?

Earbuds are small and lightweight, really easy to carry around with you. Plus you don’t have to mess up your hair when you’re out in public gaming. There are a lot of reasons you may want earbuds instead of or in addition to a gaming headset, but just any old earbuds won’t do. You can’t use your phone earbuds for your Playstation 4 and expect the same results as earbuds made specifically for PS4.

You can find earbuds for use with a lot of different devices; some that work with your phone and your tablet for instance or that work with your Xbox and your PC. What we did was create a list of the best earbuds for PS4 since it is usually the gaming system most people are looking for earbuds to go with. Here we present the 9 best earbuds based on sound quality, compatibility, portability, and features.

1 bengoo.jpeg

1. Best Sound Quality Earbuds for PS4

BENGOO MG-2 Gaming Earbuds with Dual Mic Deep Bass Vibration for Xbox One Controller, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Cellphone, Noise Cancelling 4D Stereo in-Ear Headphones

Top of the list is a pair of earbuds that get right to the heart of the matter – best sound quality. The MG-2 Gaming Earbuds from Bengoo pull out all of the stops. It has the best sound, best features, best compatibility, and they’re portable!

When it comes to sound quality, these earbuds are the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, and the crème de la crème! First of all it comes with an adjustable dual set microphone with a noise-cancelling feature. It picks up voice really well for multi-player gaming. You can actually feel the 4-D vibration through your earbuds for deep, crystal clear sounds like footsteps or explosions.

These earbuds are not only compatible with PS4; they work great with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, your PC, even your cell phone! Super light and comfortable, this product has it all.


2. Best Earbud and Mic Combo for PS4

ENHANCE Mobile Gaming Earbuds for PS4, PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch with Bass Vibration Feedback & Microphone - Full Metal Housings, Noise Isolating, in Ear Hooks & Tangle Free Cable

Another pair of earbuds that get top billing in our book is the Mobile Gaming Earbuds from Enhance. Gamers love to chat with their team while playing PS4. This baby comes with a built-in inline microphone and works with PS4, Nintendo Switch, PCs, and Xbox One.

Immersive gaming is amplified by the bass vibration feedback pounding through the noise isolating earbuds. The accessories are nothing to sneeze at either. These earbuds come with a 3.5mm input splitter so that they can be used with your Smartphone, Tablet, and more.

On top of that, it comes with a complimentary carrying case. The splitters are included for your PC and you get 3 additional sets of ear gels as well as a pair of hooks that wrap around your ear to keep your earbuds in place.

2 enhance.jpeg
3 mkk.jpeg

3. Best PS4 Compatible Earbuds

MKK 2 Pack Mono Chat Game Gaming Earbuds Earpiece earphones Headphones Headset with Mic Microphones for PS4 Playstation 4

Our third pick is the 2 Pack Mono Chat Gaming Earbuds from MKK. We picked this pair of earbuds because they are exclusively made for PS4. Though they lack the depth of sound quality of some of our other picks, you can rest assured that they will work beautifully with your Playstation.

In actuality, the factory earbuds that come with the PS4 are almost identical and function the same. You can plug these things right into your PS4 controllers and not miss a beat. Although this product is made for PS4, it comes with a 3.5mm connector to make it compatible with your other devices.

With simple volume controls for the mic, if you are just looking to replace or add more earbuds to your PS4 without adding any new features, this is the ticket.


4. Best Wired Earbuds for PS4

TECH COOK TK-200 Long Cord 3.5mm Earphones Compatible with PC,Mobile,PS3, PS4, etc. 2.2 Meters (7.2 Foot) with Double Bass, Noise-Cancelling, and Magnet Functions for Gaming (Green)

We love wireless everything anymore but when it comes to wired earbuds, it can be tricky to find ones that don’t fall out or get tangled up. That’s why we chose the TK-200 Long Cord Earphones from Tech Cook. These earbuds are attached to a cord that is over 7 feet long so you can move around and get nuts while you play!

Having a pair of wired earbuds helps make compatibility easier. The 3.5 mm connector is compatible with PCs, most mobile devices, and PS3 and 4. Additionally, it’s magnetic to keep wires in place. It also comes with extension cables, an adapter for your PC, and more.

When it comes to sound, the TK-200 produces a double bass effect. You can adjust the volume remotely too. Memory foam helps increase sound quality and makes them more comfortable. Add in noise-cancelling technology and we have a winner!

4 techcook.jpeg
5 ksingo.jpeg

5. Best Ergonomic Earbuds for PS4

Earphones Headphones in-Ear Earbuds Headset - Earphones with Microphone and Volume Control for Android, Computer, ps4

Part of the problem with earbuds for PS4 is that if you get janky ones, they’ll fall out all the time or start to hurt after a while. Not so with the In-Ear Earbuds Headset from Ksingo. These earbuds are made ergonomically to maximize comfort and to keep them in place inside of your ear.

The tips are specially designed to fit securely in your ear canal and to isolate ambient noises for a more immersive gaming experience. Speaking of audio, when it comes to sound quality, these earbuds are no slouch. They offer studio-quality stereo sound that is super clear with booming bass and sharp treble.

Best of all, these earbuds are highly compatible. They work with PS4 but also Windows devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Tablets, and Android phones. Playing music or playing games, you get the awesome sound you crave with these earbuds.


6. Best Universal Earbuds for PS4

In-Ear Gaming Headphones with Dual Mic, AGPTEK 3.5MM Wired Earbuds Gaming Earphones with 3 Pairs Different Sizes Earbuds for PS4, Xbox, PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Red

As far as compatibility goes, you won’t find a more universal pair of earbuds for PS4 than the Wired Gaming Earphones from Agptek. It comes with an adapter that makes them compatible with all manner of mobile devices, phones, PCs, laptops, and Xbox.

Sound is king with this one, including noise cancelling technology, rich clear stereo, powerful bass, and an in-line dual microphone that is also detachable and hands-free! What’s more, you get three different pairs of earbuds when you buy this product from small to large.

If all of that wasn’t enough, these earbuds are ergonomically designed. They are soft enough to be comfortable after hours of gaming while fitting really tight inside of the ear canal to keep the earpieces from slipping out. Stabilizing hooks and an adjustable microphone make this pair of earbuds a top pick.

6 agptek.jpeg
7 vogek.jpeg

7. Best Noise-Cancelling Earbuds for PS4

Gaming Earphone, Vogek Stereo E-Sports Earbuds Bass in-Ear Headphones with Dual Mic 3.5 MM Supports for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC Laptop and Smart Phone

Rarely will you find earbuds with noise-cancelling technology. That feature is usually reserved for headsets. However, the E-Sports Earbuds from Vogek do just that. Using super sensitive dual mics, your compadres will only hear your voice and not all of the noise around you.

These earbuds produce impeccable sound quality from bell drop treble to thundering bass that beats out in stereo. They are compatible with PS4 as well as most mobile phones, Xbox One, and laptops. Background noise is isolated using an angled ergonomic earbud design and they come with hooks to keep them snug as a bug in a rug—in your ears.

We also love all of the accessories that come with this item. In addition to a detachable microphone, it comes with an extension cord, an adapter, three pairs of ear bud pads, and a couple of extra ear hooks.


8. Best Noise-Isolation Earbuds for PS4

Gaming Earphone,Greendo In-Ear Stereo E-sports Earbuds Noise Isolation Headsets Headphone with Microphone for iPhone 8, Samsung, XBox One, PS4, Nintendo, PC Laptop and More (Red)

Unlike gaming headsets, noise cancellation is next to impossible for earbuds since the ear is not totally covered. Instead, what earbuds like the In-Ear Gaming Earphones from Greendo do is provide noise isolation. Ambient noises are drowned out so that you can hear the sound coming from your game better.

Even though these earbuds are compatible with many different devices including, iPhone, Android, Laptops, and computers, they were designed with gamers in mind. The round outer casing makes these ideal for professional gamers who use both earbuds and headsets at the same time.

It comes with a microphone and the earbuds are ergonomically friendly, made with soft rubber. No matter how you move around, they are made to stay in your ears. For professional gamers who actually participate in competitive gaming, these are ideal earbuds for PS4.

8 greendo.jpeg
9 hoostars.jpeg

9. Best Earbuds for Phone and PS4

Hoostars in Ear Earphones, Earbuds with Microphone, Aluminum Casing Stereo Sound with Strong Bass for PS4 / Smart Phones/Tablets / Laptop PCs/Mac / MP4 HS108S (Silver)

Finally we chose the Earbuds with Microphone from Hoostars for those looking for simple yet effective earbuds for PS4 and other devices – specifically your phone. In that case, you are in luck! The Hoostars earbuds are compatible with any device that works with a 3.5mm audio jack.

On the center cord, you have lots of options to make answering calls, pausing games, or playing music easy peasy. Get a call while you are in the middle of your favorite song and the music will pause while you are on the call and then start back up automatically when the call ends.

This pair comes with extra eartips in different sizes from small to large. Whether you are working out, talking on the phone, or playing an intense game of Fortnite, these earbuds give you everything you need.


Best Earbud Carrying Cases

Before you go, we thought you might want to check out some of the best carrying cases for earbuds that we found. Carrying cases help keep your earbuds organized and most of these come with additional compartments for other gaming accessories. Best of all, they keep wired earbuds from getting all tangled up. Here are 3 of the best:


1. Best Overall Carrying Case

USA GEAR Console Carrying Case Compatible with Playstation 4 / PS4 Slim & PS4 Pro with Accessory Storage for Controllers, Cables, Headsets & Padded Shoulder Strap - Fits All PS4 & PS3 Models - Black

We start with the big boy made specifically for PS4. The Console Carrying Case from USA Gear is about the size of a man’s carryall or a woman’s purse. It comes with a handy padded shoulder strap and is made to fit PS4 Slim and PS4 controllers, cables, headsets, and yes, earbuds.

Instead of having to figure out how to jam everything into your suitcase or backpack when you are gaming on-the-go, this weather resistant case is perfect for keeping all of your accessories in one place. You can even adjust the compartment sizes to fit everything in nicely.

1 usa gear.jpeg
2 koss.jpeg

2. Best Travel Size Earbud Carrying Case

Koss Porta Pro Official Hard Carry Case for Travel and Added Protection

If you don’t want something big we found something on the opposite end for you. This is the Porta Pro Hard Carry Case from Koss. The exterior of the case is hard so that it won’t collapse and it is scratch resistant. It’s small enough to slip in a side pocket at only four inches by two inches.

You can use this to hold any kind of earbuds weather Bluetooth or wired. And the zipper keeps everything locked in place so that nothing falls out or gets lost. The case is not only convenient; we think it is also pretty good looking!


3. Best Earbud Carrying Case Accessories

Earbud Case with Carabiner, SoloWIT PU Leather Earphone Carrying Pouch Protection Hard EVA Bag Waterproof for Airpods/Bluetooth Headset/USB Charger Cable/Flash Drive

Lastly we chose a carrying case for your PS4 earbuds that comes with loads of room for accessories—the Earbud Case with Carabiner from SoloWit. The pouch itself is made of CPU leather – so not scratch proof. But it is waterproof and small enough to fit easily in a side pocket at 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

What we love the most about this case are the extras. It comes with space for your earbuds, flash drive, charger cables, and comes with a nifty carabiner so you can easily clip the pouch onto your backpack or carry-on.

3 solowit.jpeg
main graphic.png