Top Tempur-pedic Products You May Not Know About

Much like the brand name Jello has become synonymous with gelatin based foods, Tempur-Pedic is the name that people look for when considering temperature-regulating memory foam products. Based on research done by NASA some 40 years ago, Tempur-Pedic opened as a manufacturer of foam and foam rubber in 1992. In 2012, it merged with the Sealy Corporation to form one of the world’s largest bedding companies.

Not only are Tempur-Pedic products available in hundreds of stores but the company has made all their products available online and through online retailers such as Amazon. Their online retail platform and delivery service is cutting-edge and has won awards for its originality. Now, a decade from when that online shopping experience began, the company continues to offer excellent customer service.

Behind the scenes, there has been a quiet transformation taking place inside the Tempur-pedic brand. With so much competition in the mattress and bedding industry, the company has expanded in some unexpected ways. While it remains one of the most recognized brands in comfort bedding products, it now offers a variety of specialty products that might surprise its long time supports. Intended to be more educational than marketing, this review lists some interesting Tempur-pedic foam products that are available through online retailers. It may start by looking like just another product review but by the end, the Tempur-pedic brand may appear a bit different than before.

1.Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Premium Foam Mattress Topper

A standard in the Tempur-pedic line, the 3-inch premium foam mattress topper has been used by thousands of people to improve the feel of an outdated or too firm mattress. While it is pricey when compared to many other offerings, this product comes with an outstanding 25 year limited warranty and excellent customer service. LIke many other mattress toppers, it is designed to conform to the body, relieve pressure on joints and absorb changes in movement to encourage deep and restful sleep. The foam adapts to individual body weight, temperature and sleep style. Unlike other toppers, this product comes with an attractive knit cover that is washable and removable cover. In addition, the cover has a special non-skid backing which keeps the topper on the mattress and not sliding to the floor in the middle of the night. Available in six different sizes and weighing less than 40 pounds, the topper need not always stay home but can be easily transported to be used in dorms, on camping trips and just to have in the car for an afternoon outing. The cover and foam material are resistant to dust-mites, dirt and other allergens which may collect over time. Like many foam products, this one will have a slight chemical smell that will dissipate over time. Shipping to home is easily arranged.

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2. TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid Prima Medium Mattress

Recognizing that memory foam does not meet all needs, particularly for the larger individual, Tempur-Pedic has developed a hybrid style mattress that takes the benefits of older coil mattresses and partners them with the many features of memory foam. This 10 inch thick mattress has a bouncy and firmer feel to than many memory foam products but offers just as much pressure-relieving comfort with a greater level of support. It is available in six standard mattress sizes and is the lightest of in its mattress line. Using a specially designed layer of support foam and a densely packed layer of individual coils, the mattress is more responsive than other mattresses. Continuing to bring temperature reducing technology into the marketplace, the SmartClimate system uses layers of gel foam and a moisture wicking fabric cover to provide cool-to-the-touch comfort. The cover easily unzips from any side of the bed and removes for regular washing. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, the mattress also comes with a 90-day sleep trial period and generous return policy.


3. Tempur-Pedic TP4000 Ergonomic Fabric Mid-Back Task Chair Link - click here

Recently, Tempur-pedic added a line of office chairs using its signature foam. Looking more like an upholstered side chair than an office task chair, this model is available in six different fabric colors and is suitable for persons up to 250 lbs. Its ergonomic design does not scream “BACK SUPPORT” which is hidden under the soft polyester fabric cover and layers of Tempur-pedic foam. The design has every feature a office chair could want. Its grey base and adjustable arms fit into most any decor, the chair has independent back and seat adjustments. Tilt and lock or tilt with tension are options for the user. The high back seat stands approximately 41 inches tall and the generous seat is about six inches wider than the average task chair. Designed for use of up to 8 hours at a time, the product comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

3 chair.jpeg

4. Tempur-Pedic Men's Brantford Driver

Yes, Tempur-pedic has been making men’s shoes and slippers for about three years. This selection comes in three colors (Cognac, Tan, Black) and is made of soft leather for both durability and comfort. The interior has layers of Tempur-pedic foam which conforms to the foot and provides support for tired feet. The non-skid traction style sole makes this workable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Available sizes vary by color, style and retailer but are often between 8 and 13 with widths of M, W, EE. Selections of styles also vary by retailer and the styles currently displayed on the Tempur-pedic website may not included previously discontinued choices.


5. Tempur-Pedic Womens Airsock

This pair of Airsock slippers is made with a rubberized sole and terry cloth lining but the real key to their comfort lies in the Tempur-pedic foam that is used in the footbed and arch band. Ideal for knocking around at home or hanging out at the pool, the easy slip-on design conforms and supports feet that spend too many hours standing. The style comes in black, cream and pink and medium widths. While size availability varies with color and retailer, the product was produced in sizes 6 to 11. This product is manufacturer and imported for Tempur-Pedic and not produced in its US based manufacturing plants.

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6. Tempur Pedic The Sleep Mask, One Size, Navy - 180001

Considered part of the Tempur-Pedic Travel Collection, this sleep mask has an elastic and Velcro headband that offers adjustability and snug fit at the same time. The eye mask is soft velour fabric with thin Tempur-pedic cooling foam inside. Eyelids are comfortable and do not feel as if they are being held in place. The room-darkening effect allows the user to sleep even in brightly lit areas such commuter transportation or rooms with multiple windows. The band comes with a removable cotton cover that provides breathability during wear and is easily washed to stay fresh. Assembled in the USA, Tempur-Pedic backs it with a 1 year limited warranty. Like many foam products, this one does have a slight chemical smell that should dissipate in a few days after opening.


7. TEMPUR-Seat Cushion

While the Tempur-pedic selection of bed pillows is well known, its line of seat cushions is not quite as publicized. This product offers users a uniquely adaptable cushion for use in the car, at the office or going to outdoor concert or sporting event. The cushion is contoured to relieve pressure and distribute weight to allow the user to sit for extended periods of time without circulation problems. The memory foam construction bounces back everytime and never loses it comfortable feel. The dark colored cover can be removed and washed and replacement covers are available (sold separately). This cushion combined with the LumbarCushion (sold separately) offers lumbar support and a comfortable seat at the same time. The size of the cushion is approximately 16 x 16 inches and its depth varies because of its contoured shape. Some covers have a travel handle. As with any foam product, it does take time for the product to air out and initially it may feel firmer than desired.

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8. Tempur Pedic Advanced Performance Mattress Protector

Don’t need a new mattress or thick mattress topper? This product might be all that you need for a more restful night sleep. Made with ThermalSense fabric instead of foam, this product offers a thin layer of comfort that also protects against stains and dirt. Completely washable, the stretch sides fit mattresses up to 14 inches deep. The fabric draws moisture away from the body while providing a breathable polyester fiber layer that helps keep the body cool and comfortable. The product is available in 6 standard sizes and will last for several years. Considered waterproof and resistant to dust, dirt and allergens, the product also does a great job of protecting memory foam mattresses which are difficult to clean.


9. TEMPUR-Lumbarcushion, Travel

Designed to work with the TEMPUR Seat Cushion previously listed. Both cushions come in Standard and Travel versions. The thick Tempur foam is ergonomic in shape to support the mid and lower back. The travel size measures 10 x 11 inches and is approximately 2 inches thick. The cotton cover is quilted to provide a breathable surface that is soft which is removable and washable. The product is assembled in the USA and comes with a 5 year warranty. As with most foam products, it does take a few days for the foam smell to dissipate.

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10 contour pillow.jpeg

10. TEMPUR-Contour Side-To-Back Pillow

In today’s world there are products designed for individual sleep styles. This pillow is designed to meet the needs of those who sleep on their side and back. With firm edges, contoured shape and soft center, the pillow supports the neck while cradling the head in comfort. As in all Tempur-pedic foam products, the material relieves pressure points while adapting to the body’s own contour. The removable and washable cover is made of breathable cotton that is soft and comfortable under any pillowcase. Approximate size of the pillow is 24.5 x 17 inches and is 4.5 inches thick at the highest point. The pillow is assembled in the USA and ships to home. It will require some time for the ‘new pillow’ smell to dissipate.


More Offerings

This article is not intended to be a direct advertisement for Tempur-pedic products but it would be incomplete without mentioning that for each of the products listed here, there are other similar products available through the Tempur-pedic or Amazon online shop. Some are quite thoughtful such as a travel size mattress topper and pillow that come in a duffel bag for use on business trips or visits to friends. There are pillows of every size and shape and bedding choices that add comfort for a good night’s rest. Tempur-pedic has come a long way in developing products that showcase its foam product.


A Final Thought

For the last 26 years, Tempur-pedic has been an innovator in the foam and memory foam industry. It has continually adapted to changes in the marketplace and the needs of customers. Unfortunately, that position as a front runner comes at a cost and those costs translate into higher prices to consumers. While the quality is amazing, customers will also find the price is higher than similar products. If there is a downside to purchasing Tempur-pedic products, then that would have to be it.

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