The 9 Best Luxury Futons

What does luxury mean to you? When it comes to futons, is it the style and design? Is it the material? Is it its plushness or is it its versatility? You have to decide how you define luxury futons—what style is luxury to you? We’ve come up with a mix of the 9 best luxury futons around. These futons come in the three main categories we think define luxury – they are:

  • Comfort – Luxury can be defined by the softness of the materials or the comfort of the design. For those, we found the most comfortable luxury futons.

  • Style – Futons make great accent pieces that can serve a dual purpose as additional sleeping space. Hence there are many designer luxury futons that sacrifice a bit of comfort for exquisite taste.

  • Versatility – Comfort and style often come together in some of the most versatile futons on the market. Luxury futons include a few of the most versatile futons on the market.

Once you’ve decided which category you fall into, you can then sift through dozens and dozens of futons – or – you can consult this list! After an exhaustive search, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best luxury futons based on those three standards. Happy hunting!

1. Leather Futon Chaise Lounger Convertible Sleeper Couch

Our top pick hits all three standards of luxury for a futon. The Chaise Lounger Convertible Sleeper Couch from Emily is sexy looking. It is made of white soft faux leather in an L-Shaped stretch lounge for maximum seating when in the couch position. What’s crazy cool about this luxury futon is that it also converts into three different positions.

Sleepers enjoy a nice firm mattress tempered by the combination foam and polyester blend in the seating position. On the stylish tip, we love the sleek modern, no arm edges to the couch. Its simple sleek design is amplified by the steely angled chrome legs.

Whether you want to maximize seating by turning this luxury futon into a sectional or lay it out flat to make a full size bed, it gets pluses on multiple fronts. As an accent piece, it’s modern and elegant. As seating space, it’s streamlined yet spacious. And for versatility, we love luxury futons that can be converted into multiple positions!


2. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress, Full Size, Black

Second on our list, we chose a futon that prizes comfort the most in its definition of luxury. That’s why we choose the Premium 8” Futon Mattress from DHP. Even though the frame is sold separately, this luxury futon mattress will fit any full size futon frame. What we found so impressive about it is its over-the-top standard of comfort.

The mattress itself is a thick 8” but it is made to give the perfect amount of give so that it is not too firm and not too soft. This honey is just right! Inside of the soft suede mattress cover is an even softer blend of polyester and foam wrapped around independently encased coils – the softest type of mattress you can get!

On a standard bed, this type of mattress alone is expensive as hell. As the mattress on a luxury futon in your guest room or office, it is a crowd pleaser. The cover itself comes in several different colors that provide an added pop to the room including cobalt, merlot, charcoal, and chocolate.


3. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed, Modern Sofa Design Includes Sturdy Chrome Legs and Rich Linen Upholstery, Navy

Style takes the front seat in this luxury Emily Futon Couch Bed from DHP. What it lacks in size and comfort it makes up for in quality design. The modern appeal of the angled chrome legs mixed with vertical chrome legs shows off its unique charm.

The couch itself can be reclined or laid flat in two separate places – hence the split-back. Since the cushions are attached you don’t have to worry about them sliding around in the middle of the night. Notice the pleated design – it enhances comfort when you’re sleeping.

You have your choice of fabrics and colors. If you choose the linen cushion cover, you can choose between gray and navy but if you choose the faux leather option, you have your choice between black and vanilla. This Emily Futon can be accessorized with a chaise lounge to turn it into a queen sized bed when it’s in the sleeping position.

3 dhp emily futon.jpeg

4. Better Homes & Gardens* Solid Wood Arm Metal Futon with 8" Soft Twill-CoveredCoil Mattress and Cushions (8", Oatmeal Linen)

Next up on our list, we choose another comfort over fashion luxury futon. The super comfy Solid Wood Arm Metal Futon from Better Homes & Gardens is comfort luxury epitomized! The 8” mattress is filled expertly with over 520 individually encased foam covered coils for ultra plushness.

This futon only has two settings – couch and bed. Still, it converts into a full size bed for overnight guests. It’s wood and steel frame supports up to 600 pounds – suitable for most any overnight guests. And the mattress makes the perfect couch cushion in the seated position.

Although you might not say that this futon is particularly stylish, it is quite handsome. It is well-suited for any guest room, home office, sitting room, or dorm. The couch itself comes in gray, oatmeal, walnut, and navy. If comfort is what you seek, we think that this luxury futon is the best of its kind.


5. Serta Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa

Even though we chose the Charcoal Grey Boca Sofa from Serta for its versatility, we also love it because it is stylish. Not to mention, it doesn’t skimp on comfort either. A very popular brand, this three-way adjustable futon is built to increase comfort by being as versatile as possible.

First, the design itself hides its night gig as a comfy bed. The arm flaps and split-back cushions lie back flat to make a full size bed. The split-back cushions are also reclining on dual tracks so that two people can sit either fully reclined or half reclined.

Secondly, we love the way this cute little futon looks. It’s not very big so it won’t take up much space if you’re trying to fit it into tight quarters. But it’s roomy enough to make a comfortable sleep space for at least one person.

5 serta.jpeg
6 novogratz.jpeg

6. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Navy Linen

Another entry on our list for comfort plus is the Brittany Sofa Futon from Novogratz. This beauty even looks soft with the naked eye. When you touch it, you’ll notice the unique textured fabric. Its foam filled cushiony back is made of ribbed tufting.

Blended with polyester, the foam filling inside of the pillows (which also serve as the mattress) makes for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep. Situated on top of a hardwood oak frame, you can count on long-lasting durability with this futon.

It’s a bit longer than the average futon at nearly 7 feet long – great news for overnight guests who are over six feet tall! We like the style of this classy luxury futon but we put it in the league of comfy luxury futons.


7. Kodiak Best Futon Lounger - Versatile Positions - Sit Lounge Sleep - Smaller Size Piece of Furniture is Perfect for Bedroom Studio Apartment Guest Room Covered Patio Porch (ZEBRA)

What makes the Best Futon Lounger from Kodiak luxurious? It’s in the material! Although this is one of the smaller futons out there, we included it because some people looking for luxury futons are also looking for ones that will fit in tight quarters. This one fits that bill.

You can choose from dozens of different fabric patterns from the jazzy zebra pattern to humble khaki solids. It can fit neatly in the corner of a small patio or it can share space with a full size bed in a dorm room or apartment.

While we love the style of this futon, we equally love its versatility. For such a small piece, it can lie flat, sit straight up in a couch position, or lounge. The set also comes with two back pillows that fit snuggly on the back of the metal frame.

7 kodiak lounger.jpeg
8 homcom.jpeg

8. HOMCOM 3 Position Convertible Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed - Black/Dark Blue

Someone once said you can’t have everything. But you can have a whole lot of something. We think you get a whole lot of everything with the 3-Position Convertible Chaise lounge Sofa Bed from HomCom. First of all, we love the style – the bench seat style sofa chair is fantastic!

Plus, we love how the design keeps it simple in a nice solid black or dark blue with sewn in divots to punctuate the design. The removable pillow covers are made of chenille while the pillows and the chair are stuffed with medium firm foam.

The makers of this luxury futon went the extra mile to make sure that it will last and last, even in a rowdy dorm room. The thick frame is made of solid oak. You can convert it into a chaise lounge or flip the armrests down to turn it into a full sized bed.


9. 65.25" L Cream White 3-Position Futon Sofa Bed Loveseat Lounge Dorm Couch Sleeper w/Pillows with Ebook

Last on our list, we found this gorgeous 3-Position Futon Sofa Bed from FDInspiration. This stunning looking chaise lounge easily turns into a two person loveseat or stretches out to sleep one person very comfortably. We choose this luxury futon because it blends style and comfort beautifully.

Even though this baby is sort of small – only five and a half feet long – it nonetheless is strong. Its frame is made of solid birch and can hold up to 660 pounds. Covered in soft chenille, the seat cushions are padded with a soft but firm foam sponge to make for a comfortable chair or bed.

The oversized seat throw pillows serve as both the back of the sofa as well as two plush sleeping pillows. All of the covers can be removed and washed for easy cleaning and maintenance. For a luxury futon we think this makes the perfect accent piece.

9 fdinspiration.jpeg

Luxury Accessories for Luxury Futons

1 merous.jpeg

1. MEROUS Full Size Cotton Mattress Pad - Pillow Top Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Topper,Fitted 18 Inch Deep Pocket Mattress Pad Cover

Some of you are looking at luxury futons for yourself to have something nice to sleep on where space is limited while some of you are looking for a perfect out-of-the-way guest bed. For either occasion, we think having a top quality mattress top like the Full Size Cotton Mattress Pad from Merous is a great idea.

This fitted mattress screams comfort, made of 100% cotton and filled to the brim with memory foam filling. Hypoallergenic and made to provide extra back support, this cotton mattress topper is an excellent way to add luxury while making it easier to keep your futon clean.


2. California Design Den Hotel Style True Luxury 100% Pure Cotton 1000-Thread-Count Standard Size Solid Dark Grey (21" x 32") 2-Piece Pillowcase Set - Single Ply Soft Sateen Weave Premium Yarns

Equally as important as the bed that your guests will sleep on are the pillows that you offer. Bad pillows can make for a really rough night of sleeping. Gel-filled pillows are all the rage now and there are few more luxurious than the Luxury Plush Gel Pillows from Beckham Luxury Linens.

No matter what kind of sleeper you are, these pillows go with the flow. Best of all, they are hypoallergenic, and mold, mildew, and mite resistant – super clean! You can even pop these puppies in the washer when they need cleaned with no problem—a must-have for your new futon.

2 california design den.jpeg
3 beckham pillows.jpeg

3. Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack) - Luxury Plush Gel Pillow - Dust Mite Resistant & Hypoallergenic - Queen

It’s no good to have a hypoallergenic, super plush pillow if you’re going to stuff it in a scruffy worn out pillowcase. Never you mind, we found the perfect solution. You need the 100% Pure Cotton 1000-Thread Count Pillowcase Set from California Den Design. These pillowcases are the tippy-top of luxury futon accessories.

For hot sleepers and those who suffer from night sweats, these finely woven pillowcases are made to breathe and sleep cool. They are wrinkle-free and made of 100% natural fibers. You or your guests – whoever has to sleep in the doghouse—err—the den tonight – will sleep like a log on these super soft pillowcases.

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