Best PC Gaming Chair under $100

As more and more people use cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices for everything from logging appointments to taking pictures, it is logical that people will spend more and more time on these devices in some type of video game mode. Unlike Console gaming chairs that are wired for sound and connect to the gaming system being used, PC gaming tends to be more solitary in nature.

For the solitaire, Mahjong, Sudoku or Jigsaw puzzle player, all that is needed is a comfortable chair that can multitask as a home office chair or even an ordinary desk chair. There is no need for pedal and steering wheel platforms or speakers and headphone jacks that blast the sounds of war. All most PC gamers are looking for is a comfortable place to sit, recline a little and swivel toward the person who somehow got into the room without anyone realizing it.

These 10 PC gaming chairs currently retail for less than one hundred dollars. They may not be the top of the line when it comes to features but they are good basic chairs that serve the one purpose asked of it - a comfortable place to sit for a few minutes of chill time.

1. Best Massage High Back Gaming Chair w/Adjustable Armrests

Best Massage has manufactured a good looking gaming and office desk chair that comes in three color combinations.


  • Striking style with chrome accents and black bonded

  • Easy assembly, tools included in the box

  • BIFIMA Certified for weight up to 250 pounds

  • Ergonomic seat that is wider than most

  • Adjustable back with locking feature for stability

  • Adjustable seat height and flip up padded armrests

  • Heavy duty 5 point base with racing casters

  • Seat rocks and swivels

  • 1 year limited warranty

If those features are not enough to consider this chair then consider the extra lumbar and neck pillow that comes with the product. Each is detachable but provides the added support one might need to make it through a long day at the office.


2. Best Office Ergonomic Computer Chair for Gaming and Office

This recently updated version by Best Office chooses a more traditional Executive style back and arms but still offer much in the way of practical comfort


  • Executive high wide back styling for comfort in any position

  • Well padded backrest and seat

  • Support cushions for back and lumbar support

  • Soft polyurethane leather upholstery is easy to clean and stain resistant

  • Adjustable seat height and 360 degree swivel

  • BIFIMA certified for up to 250 pounds

  • Sturdy Chrome base, smooth casters and arm rests

  • Seat is 20” x 20” and back is 28” high

For the person who might be looking for traditional styling in a practical and comfortable package this chair offers both.


3. Waleaf Carbon Fiber Leather High Back Racing Style Gaming and Office Chair

This black on black carbon fiber leather wingback chair offers all the personal adjustability one could want at a reasonable price.


  • Big and wide seat and back

  • Carbon fiber polyurethane leather pattern for contrast

  • Reclines to 180 degrees, Swivels 360 degrees, Rocks

  • Ergonomic design with removable head and lumbar support pillows

  • Adjustable armrests are padded

  • Adjustable seat height, BIFIMA certified for 300 pounds

  • Sturdy base with premium casters that roll without scratching or noise

  • 90-day Replacement warranty on parts

Ergonomically designed with three-pint support for neck, spine and lower back, this chair is designed for comfort and adjustability. At the same time it has all the features of chairs that are much more expensive. Adjust the seat, armrests and back until the chair is in perfect harmony with the body. A 90-day replacement part warranty is offered by the manufacturer.


4. Best Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest Lumbar Support and Headrest

Similar in style and made by the same company as the first chair, Best Massage offers this chair with retractable footrest and additional lumbar support


  • Easy assembly with all tools provided

  • Unique appearance and styling

  • Soft polyurethane leather

  • Ergonomic and adjustable

  • Multi-purpose chair rolls, reclines, swivels and rocks

  • Heavy duty metal base for stability .

  • BIFIMA certified to 250 pounds

  • Hide away retractable footrest

  • An Amazon Choice listing

A stylish racing style chair that is available in four different color combinations (white, red, blue and green), this one stands out for its retractable footrest. Removable cushion support for head and lumbar regions add to the comfort level of this all-in-one chair.


5. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Adjustable Height and Lumbar Massage Support

With its highly curved back support and lumbar and head pillows, this chair conforms to the spine for strong support during long hours of work or play.


  • Breathable premium polyurethane leather upholstery

  • Top quality rolling casters and a 360 swivel seat allow for freedom of movement

  • Load capacity of 300 pounds

  • Sturdy base and locking feature on seat back

  • Adjustable seat height: 16.1-20 inches

  • Overall Dimension: 19.8"x20.5"x46.6-50.5"(L X W X H)

  • Assembly required with tool and instructions included

  • 30-day return or replacement warranty and follow 6-month warranty on defective parts

This option has high racing style accents and support for anyone looking for a practical but unique look to their computer or gaming chair. The chair is large enough for those are on the taller side but it is still comfortable for the petite person.


6. Best Office High-back Computer Racking Gaming Chair

A wonderfully practical but feature rich chair, this option by Best Office has a retractable footrest and traditional styling that might be underrated.


  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support

  • Breathable polyurethane leather

  • Locking position for support at the angle that is comfortable to user

  • Reclining feature for between 90 and 180 degrees

  • Full rotation swivel and

  • High back style with a traditional twist

  • Easy assembly that comes with all hardware and tools

  • Sturdy base with nylon racing casters for smooth movement in any direction

  • Maximum capacity for this chair is 250 pounds

  • Foot rest extends and then retracts for safety and ease of use.

  • Customer service backed purchase


7. Best Office High-Back PU Leather Gaming Chair with Adjustable Arms and Lumbar Support For Women, Men

A gaming chair that targets women in its style and support, this choice by Best Office come with adjustable arms and lumbar support to meet the needs of women as well as men.


  • Easy to assemble in about 15 minutes with all tools and hardware included

  • Ergonomic design is rated for 250 pound maximum individual

  • Generous padding, lumbar support and reclining feature for relaxing while gaming or working

  • Soft polyurethane leather and styling that is easy to clean and water resistant

  • Adjustable seat height as well as swivel rotation, reclining capabilities and rocking feature.

  • Curved armrests provide stability when standing

  • Customer service and support for any problems

It is the little things that make the difference in a chair for women and men and while this one can suit both well, the generous padding, soft upholstery, easy assembly and stability of the design makes it attractive to women. Not a traditional racing style chair the contrasting pattern could be designed as modern art. This chair is practical and functional as well as artistic.


8. Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

A great choice for the gamer who wants a chair that is unassuming but comfortable and full of features, the Essentials Racing Style Chair has the soft feel of leather and adequate padding and support


  • Feel and look of luxury

  • Ergonomic design with segmented padding for support in all the right places

  • Padded arms and integrated headrest comfort during hours of play

  • Adjustable height, flip up armrests and swivel and rocking capabilities

  • Premium Soft Thread bonded leather with contrasting mesh accents that are breathable

  • Base and construction rated for 250 pound individual

  • Limited lifetime warranty

A unique combination of features and styling, this gaming chair looks right in a stylish home office but then serves as a comfortable setting for hours of playtime when relaxing. A wonderful choice for the secret marathon gamer who wants to keep gaming in quiet style.


9. Homall Gaming Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (White)

With its stylish white racing accents, this gaming chair by Homall provide a generous headrest and lumbar support for the serious gamer


  • High density shaped foam padding for style and comfort

  • Steel frame construct that is sturdy and stable

  • Polyurethane leather that is durable and easy to clean

  • Sturdy base that supports up to 300lbs with ease of movement

  • Rubber rollers that can go to 1000 miles

  • Adjustable seat height, rocks, reclines and swivels

  • 30 day return policy with 1 year limited warranty

Style is not always enough when it is time for that marathon gaming session to see who it the best. This chair was made for those days and has the design and materials to prove it. All anyone could want in a chair is here.


10. Giantex Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

The Giantex gaming chair with its broad back and stylish racing stripe accents has all of the features of a user could want when looking for comfort and functionality.


  • Ergonomic design for relaxing comfort

  • Scratch-resistant polyurethane leather

  • Sponge padding for added comfort

  • Lumbar pillow for added support at the waist

  • Moves easily with 5-point base and multi-directional casters

  • Swivel and rock in any direction

  • Adjustable reclining feature

  • Adjustable seat height from 18 to 21.7 inches high

  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean

Padding is everywhere on this chair. The large armrests are padded and curved to conform to the user and the thick seat and padded back give comfort even after hours of focused gaming time.

Buying Guide

Beside cost, there are a few factors that should come into consideration before buying a PC gaming chair. Many chairs have the same features but it is sometimes the little details that make the difference between a good choice and buyer’s remorse.


It is unlikely that when one purchases a practical low cost gaming chair that it will come fully assembled. For that reason, it is good to choose a model that has reports of quick assembly and all tools provided. Many chairs come in what is called “partially assembled” condition. That is a short way of saying all the difficult steps have been taken care of. Nonetheless, assembly does still require the ability to read and follow the directions for the best results.


Even products that are reasonably priced should have some type of return policy or warranty. These provisions are not always well publicized. Asking ahead of a purchase can save the consumer some frustration and money in the end. Remember that once the product is on the doorstep, it is the consumer’s responsibility to navigate the customer service system. Online purchases are great until a return needs to be made and there is no store manager to contact.

Upholstery and Materials

Materials for lower end products can be a bit deceiving. The upholstery may look like quality leather and the base may have a nice chrome finish but that does not mean that what it looks like is what it is. Vinyl and polyurethane materials have great durability under normal circumstances but conditions of extreme cold, dryness (low humidity) and dirt can cause damage and early degradation. It is always best to clean the upholstery regularly with a damp cloth and no chemicals - even those cleaners that claim to be friends with ‘any surface’ - so that this purchase can last a long time.

Weight Ratings

As stated before, these chairs are good quality products when used the way they were meant to be used. Ratings for maximum weight are provide for good reason. All materials have a limit to what they can stand. The chair may hold a higher weight but ultimately the damage with be done to the frame and the chair may not roll as well or recline as easily. Avoid the temptation to sit on the lap of a gaming partner or to try and share the seat for a quick (which ends up being not so quick) car chase or battle to the death. Practical does not mean indestructible.

These are just a few reminders before making your PC gaming chair choice.