Top Ten Best Japanese Noren Curtains

The value people have over privacy and keeping our homes looking their best is something any homeowner can relate to. Sometimes a simple room divider or decorative wall hanging will be all you need to really spruce your place up.

In comes the Japanese Noren curtain. Whether you want to protect your privacy or add some color to your house, these curtains have a multitude of uses. From seeing a cute kitten or a soothing sea on your wall, to hiding that (perhaps) cluttered washroom from the eyes of your guests, these drapes can help you with more than you probably think. With their often beautiful and calming patterns, these curtains will bring culture and elegance to your home.

Instead of having an empty space between your kitchen and dining room, use these stylish and traditional curtains to bring a fun element to your house!

Noren is a traditional curtain used across Japan to separate rooms. You’ll often see these hanging in front of a variety of businesses like shops and restaurants. Though you’ll see them often enough walking the streets of Japan, they’re not just for businesses!

Their eclectic designs are also used to spruce up a home or cover windows! Interior Noren are used to separate dining rooms from the kitchen, while also keeps smells and smoke from wafting through the house.

Within this article, I will walk you through some of the best Noren Curtains that Amazon has to offer with links at the end!

1. Narumi Ukiyoe Noren - Black Cats

Let’s begin with the current star on Amazon’s Noren Curtain list. This one people seem to adore so much so that eighty-two percent of the consumers rated it five stars! What gave it such great reviews you ask?

Consumers were thrilled with the length of the curtain as it was a perfect size to cover the entryways to different rooms. One consumer placed the curtain as a divider between one room and her laundry/kitty room!

A perfect place considering the oh-so-cute design. The reviews consisted of much of the same feedback ranging from great quality, perfect length, great fabric, and (of course) that super cute design! Who wouldn’t want to see these cats playing as either a decoration on a wall or a room divider?

This curtain is made out of a soft, flexible polyester blended fabric that makes it light weight, but not too light so it falls just right!

1 narumi ukiyoe.jpeg
2 karuilu.jpeg


Next up we have the Karuilu Home Noren Curtains! With its tons of colorful, delightful designs, it's not a wonder why eighty-four percent would rate this at five stars! That’s over a hundred and fifty people out of a hundred and eight-three that voted this was their favorite!

Many people adore how durable the curtain is along with the quality of the canvas. Handmade, lightweight linen cloth makes this curtain easy to maneuver and give a great ‘drapability’!

Use these as a room divider, accent to a bare wall, or even as window coverings, these curtains have a range of possibilities. With its many unique prints, you can easily find a curtain for any place!

This company makes a ton of different Noren curtains that range from the highest quality cotton, linen, and a blended fabric. All are meticulously crafted by hand and given charming designs to adorn these beautiful curtains.


3. Narumi – The Great Wave

Do you crave something to brighten up that awkward corner wall? Do you want something not only handcrafted, high quality, but also comes with a serene design? This product is perfect for you. Over a hundred reviews with ninety-one percent of those reviews all placing a five-star rating, this curtain is loved by many loyal customers!

The quality that comes from this company is shown within every review. With vibrant colors and a sleek design, this Noren curtain is perfect as a decorative tapestry or as a room divider.

Some of you might be a little put off by the polyester makeup of these curtains, however, the fabric still has an organic appearance and open weave to let a little light shine in. While this product does not come with a tension rod, you can buy a cheap one at your local retailer and it will do the job perfectly!

3 narumi ukiyoe great wave.jpeg
4 lifeast.jpeg

4. LifEast- Leaping Fish

Is it possible to have fish look elegant and peaceful? With this curtain the only question is a resounding yes! Koi, those fairly large fish that you see swimming in decorative ponds can now be in your house!

Beautifully painted koi, quality fabric that adds a little weight to the curtain, and a perfect motivational idiom to top it all off. This curtain is rated at four and a half stars with a little over eighty percent of reviews giving it a resounding five star! Those happy customers with this product have expressed their love for the vibrant colors, fast shipping, and how their friends compliment it each time they walk by!

This curtain comes in several different shades and images but keeps with the theme of Koi fish with an added Chinese phrase painted on to each product. These curtains will certainly bring some color and Feng Shui to your home or office!


5. Mr Fantasy

Looking to block out that pesky sunlight? With its thick fabric and gorgeous patterns this Mr. Fantasy curtain is a hit with Amazon reviewers. A favorite is the white lotus pattern paired with a beautiful Chinese poem.

Not only will these curtains help keep the sun from invading your home, they will aid greatly in keeping warm air from escaping through windows in the winter. Another bonus here is the option to purchase your curtain with or without the hanging tension rod. Have a place to hang it already? You can purchase without the rod and save a little money.

Don’t have a rod and can’t wait to hang these lovely curtains? Select to buy with the tension rod and save yourself a trip to the hardware store! Whatever it may be that you are looking for from your Noren curtain, you are almost certainly going to find it here.

6 fukui.jpeg

6. Fukui Textile Factory

This is a full tapestry, meaning it ships to you without the usual slit down the middle. Which gives you the choice to use it only as a decorative wall hanging or cut the seam down the middle to make yourself a stunning room divider.

This is another thin curtain, which in direct sunlight can make this thin enough to see through. Perhaps not the best choice if complete blocking of light is your goal. However, they will keep some light from entering while creating a soothing and dim environment.

Many people use these curtains in the office environment, buying themselves a small, but often important feeling of privacy. While this curtain does not include a rod for hanging (though one is easily available to purchase through this link), but with its lightweight fabric, some people choose to hang it with a couple of simple thumbtacks. A cheap way to adorn your spacious walls, windows, or doors.


7. Narumi Ukiyoe Noren- Tanzaku and Woman

Narumi has had some top contenders on this list and this is no exception. With its superb quality and attention to detail, we find ourselves in the company of yet another Narumi Tapestry.

This curtain depicts the sublime art style of Japanese artists, Chobunsai Eishi. The target for many of his paintings were beautiful women, as you see in this tapestry. An elegant painted curtain to enliven your home or workplace as a piece of art or, as usual, a room divider. Most of the reviews for this one were complimenting the look and design of the tapestry, many called it beautiful or gorgeous and adored the bright colors it had to offer.

The other portion of reviews were a mix of loving the length, the price, and describing how well it makes their homes seem a bit brighter. That seems like an overall consensus of Narumi Noren’s, beautiful, perfect length, and fits anywhere!

7 narumi ukiyoe tanzaku and woman.jpeg

8. Narumi Ukiyoe Noren- Japanese Umbrella

There seems to be a trend going on here where Narumi takes over as one of the best Noren Curtain supplier! We’ve had so many Narumi tapestries on this list and it's not a wonder why.

Narumi has made a reputation for themselves by keeping to the quality and beautiful designs you expect out of your Noren curtains! Like most of the curtains from this company, this one is a polyester blend and open weave to let in a little light.

The colors are vibrant, and many customers have noted that the picture from the website is exactly what you will get so there are no surprises! The curtains ship directly from Japan, sometimes arriving earlier than expected, and in great condition so you can hang these within moments of opening the package.
While it doesn’t come with a tension rod, one is easy enough to obtain and slip through the holes at the top of the tapestry.


9. Narumi Noren- Carp Swimming Up Waterfall

We all love something motivational, don’t we? While the two carp trying their best to swim up the waterfall may seem like a pointless endeavor, it is a solid reminder of our need to keep trying to move forward.

Even when the waters of life seem against us, we strive to fight on. If these two majestic fish can fight against the odds, so can you! These high-quality imported curtains are a bit thinner than some, allowing a little light to shine through should you hang them on a window.

Do not be fooled though, they are still effective at keeping cool or warm air in your home where you want it. With the usual slit down the middle, these curtains are also perfect if you want a room divider in homes with pets and small children, creating privacy while still allowing them to move freely.

9 narumi noren carp waterfall.jpeg
10 lifeast lucky cats.jpeg

10. LifEast- Fortune Cats

LifEast is another one of the companies we have seen pop up a few times on this article. This curtain is depicting several adorable lucky cats painted along a blue or red cotton fabric with the traditional slit down the middle to separate this curtain in to two panels.

With a seventy-three percent of their reviewers giving this a five star, it made it to our list of wonderful Noren Curtains!

The reviews for this product are much the same as their previous LifEast curtain. Many of their customers are delighted with the colors and beautifully designed images that this company brings along with the fantastic quality fabric.

Unlike many of the Noren Curtains in this list LifEast produces curtains favor a fabric blend or cotton over a polyester canvas. This gives their curtains a soft feel, yet staying slightly heavy, while still acting how you would expect of a traditional Noren.


Buying Guide


All of these Norens have hit the same three marks in what you should be looking for before buying. The first being durability! All of these products have been proven by countless reviews to have a great durability without being too heavy. You should always check out reviews before buying items like this, to ensure that you are buying the best and not some cheap knockoff!


This seems like an obvious choice, right? Well, we know that buying things online can be a little tricky, so we hope that this article has helped narrow down a few companies that have been garnering faithful customers by providing quality curtains! They have also shown a great track record for providing exactly what they are selling. Meaning the photos show the same product that you can expect to arrive at your doorstep!

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