The Top 5 Best Kakebuton Comforters

If you are ready to get the best sleep of your life, look no further! A kakebuton is the perfect addition into anyone’s bedroom. But, you may be wondering what a kakebuton is. So, let us explain.

A kakebuton is sometimes also referred to as a kake buton or a kakefuton. These comforters are similar to western duvets, usually they are used with covers too. They are usually comprised of hand pulled silk and are light and breathable.

This makes them an excellent alternative to just any regular comforter. Sometimes, regular comforters can leave you hot and sticky or even feeling too cold. A kakebuton is excellent at regulating your body temperature to give you a perfect night’s sleep and a lot of the time they are also hypoallergenic. So, check out the list below to find out which kakebuton you should include in your life!

You know what would go great with a kakebuton? A traditional Japanese futon! Be sure to get one along with a comforter here.

1. J-Life Authentic Contemporary (No Border) Japanese Kakefuton (Kakebuton) Silk-Filled Comforter

This traditional kakebuton is one of the best kakebuton comforters for several reasons. It is filled with an amazing hand pulled silk. Even though it is silk inside, it is dry cleanable. It is also naturally hypoallergenic. This beautiful silk filling will give you the ultimate night’s rest. Why? Since the silk filling is so light, it will retain body heat. The lightness also keeps away any moisture from your body to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. The cover is made of beautiful Japanese fabrics and comes in several different styles. If your cover gets dirty and needs to be washed, it is not a problem. The cover can be easily unzipped to be thrown in the washing machine or dry cleaned. If you are looking for a contemporary look, the borderless design will provide you with that. These comforter is so breathable that you will not want to go back to a down comforter.


2. EMOOR 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set Classe, 100% Cotton fabric, Twin Size. Made in Japan

This three piece set by EMOOR will definitely give you way more bang for your buck. But, what is included? With this set, you will receive a high quality kakebuton comforter, a mattress, and a pillow. Have a great sleep with the very soft and comfortable kakebuton that would be included in your purchase. It is plush and lightweight, whisking away moisture so your sleep is perfect. It is stuffed with high function polyester fibers. The comfortable also has special properties that make it resistant to certain negative things. For example, it is anti-bacterial and anti-mite. According to EMOOR this effect lasts for up three years.

2 emoor.jpeg

3. J-Life Authentic Traditional Japanese Kakefuton (Kakebuton) Silk-Filled Comforter

This kakebuton by J-Life is one of the best kakebuton comforters. When you order one of these, they are made to order by Japanese artisans. So, you can rest assured knowing these products are created with the ultimate care of quality in mind. The comforter is stuffed full of hand pulled mulberry silk. This specific silk is very high quality and you will notice the difference when sleeping with it. Aside from being lightweight and breathable, the silk is also hypoallergenic and able to be dry cleaned. There is a lovely white sateen border that adds to the luxuriousness of this comforter. For an easy clean, unzip the custom cover and place it in the washing machine.


4. EMOOR Comforter (Kakebuton) "Leavel" Twin Size. Made in Japan

This kakebuton comforter by EMOOR is of superior quality and comfort, so we had to include it on our list of the best kakebuton comforters. Imagine sleeping with a cloud. That is what it feels like sleeping with this comforter. So, what is in the stuffing? It is made of half sheep’s wool and half polyester. This makes it extra plush, but keeps it light and breathable at the same time. There are six loops on the side that can be use to attach a cover if you prefer one. The thickness is about seven to eight centimeters. Although it is thin, this comforter keeps you warm without causing you to overheat. Sleep peacefully with the perfect body temperature.

4 emoor leavel.jpeg
5 emoor presidente.jpeg

5. EMOOR Comforter (Kakebuton) "Presidente" Full Size, Brown. Made in Japan

This kakebuton comforter is so soft and feels luxurious against your skin. It only weighs a little over one pound, but will definitely keep you warm. The stuffing is consists of eighty percent polyester and twenty percent cotton. It is warm and breathable, providing you with the maximum amount of comfort. It is soft and plush with fabric that is suitable for all seasons. It also features an anti tick design.


A kakebuton comforter is an excellent alternative to a regular comforter. You will find these comforters to be of superior quality and also very breathable. The list above highlights the very best kakebuton comforters. We wanted to include ones made of hand spun silk, because this material is hypoallergenic and can not be home to mites. We also included ones of wool and cotton. These materials are not hypoallergenic, but will provide you will exceptional comfort.

A kakebuton is wonderful for regulating your body heat and whisking away moisture to give you a great night’s sleep. So, if you want a little more comfort in your life, consider picking out one of the best kakebuton comforters to add to your home!

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