MVP Mice- The Top 10 Gaming Mice for Shooters

Killcams. It’s bad enough that you’ve been killed by the bottom fragger on the other team. Now you have to sit and watch how your demise came to be. You see his flick. It’s pretty impressive, even if the gun he’s using is unbalanced. Yet he was practically looking in the other direction before he managed to lock onto you and fire.

Maybe you’ll call them a hacker in dismay, but you know that really their mouse is better than yours. That’s how they’re pulling off these moves. In your position, even with a high sensitivity, it would be a slow walk to reach them. Flicks are off the table and so you need to labor and play it safe, hiding round corners and getting accused of not playing the game how it’s “supposed” to be played.

Having an old mouse, one that’s designed for a laptop or an old pc simply to click open and close folders can be frustrating when you’re trying to hop into a ranked match. It can make something frenetic like Battlefield feel like you’re playing one of the first Resident Evil games, with those infamous tank controls.

So, worry not! It isn’t you. You’re not just bad at the game. You don’t need to “git good”. Even if your ping is at a steady 3, and your 16 gigs of ram are whirring allowing your player to skip through the battlefield, a mouse can really hold you back. It is, after all, the most important component of your setup.

If you’re trying to upgrade, then lucky you and congratulations on taking your next step to endless MVP stars! We have the top ten gaming mice for shooters.

1 logitech g502.jpeg

1. Logitech G502

Here’s an interesting place to start. You will have no doubt have heard of Logitech mice for gaming and for good reason. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to their mice. Maybe you’ve even heard of this specific mouse because it’s the one you’ll find a lot of gaming youtubers using.

The Logitech G502 fits snugly into your hand, fit for purpose and impressively easy to glide over your desk. With the ability to adjust the DPI (Dot Per Inch, meaning that if it’s set to 12,000 moving your mouse one inch will move the cursor 12,000 pixels), this mouse helps you glide from headshot to headshot.

Possibly the most important thing is its durability. There’ll always be a learning curve when you have a new mouse. It’s like fitting in to a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, if you get frustrated, your mouse will also be the first point of attack. This mouse, however, will be able to take some of the flack.


2. Logitech G402

Another Logitech mouse. This is the previous version of the listing above. Although it has less features, such as less programmable lights, it still holds up as one of the best gaming mice on the market.

The reason this one is listed as well as that in spite of it being superseded by the mouse before, it is still easily one of the best mice for shooting that money can buy. Yet, because it has been improved upon now it’s cheaper as well.

So, if you want to try something out with more programmable buttons, making switching to your sidearm quicker (no, really, this is no longer something that you’ve just been told in a thousand tutorials), at a slighter cheaper price than its more functional younger brother, then this is the obvious choice.

This is especially true if you’re into rage games as well as shooters. A thousand hours into Getting Over It, you don’t exactly want the most expensive mouse on the market under your palm.

2 logitech g402.jpeg
3 razer deathadder.jpeg

3. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer. If you’re a gamer, you’ll know about Razer for whatever reason. Maybe you’ve realized how many background processes your computer loves to indulge in, and so you’ve got their free game booster software. Maybe you’ve bought games from their site. Or maybe you’ve got one of their products already.

The fact is, though, that Razer is for gamers. Made by gamers for gamers, this company can tailor everything it makes to beautifully fit whatever purpose. For example, this mouse.

This mouse will also fit in your hand perfectly. The scroll wheel shining in that Razer green that you’re so familiar with for quick switches in single player, and a 10,000 DPI sensor, this mouse if for anyone that wants to prestige five times in one day.

Not too expensive either, it’s worth more than every penny, meaning that you can easily test it out and see for yourself how much better you can get with a simple purchase.


4. UtechSmart Venus

This isn’t a mouse. This is a tank. If you want specs and if you want functions that go through the roof, whilst also improving your chances to top leaderboards the world over, then this is the mouse for you.

18 programmable buttons. That’s right, 18. So yes, it is better for those tactical, more methodical shooters than the frenetic. At least at first. If you treat this mouse like an instrument before longing your thumb will simply be gliding to the correct button, allowing a quick swap to whatever you need.

It also has 50 to 16400 DPI. This is not a mouse for the faint of heart. It will take perseverance. Yet, with options there is opportunity. Maybe you’ve bought a few other mice, impressive high-end gaming mice, even, and can’t quite find the right setting. With this and some trial and error, you’ll get there and be able to play the game exactly how you wanted to.

4 utechsmart.jpeg
5 tecknet.jpeg

5. TeckNet HyperTrak

Onto TeckNet, now. Lesser known, but still worth a buy if you’re looking to improve your rank. Perfect because of its lightweight and simplistic design, this mouse is about precision. With 10 programmable buttons and 12 Macro settings, here’s another mouse that can help you hone your style and your skills.

It also has a 125 to 1000 Hz refresh rate, meaning that no longer will you move your mouse and see that delay. A millisecond can make a difference between life and death when you’re gaming. Here’s a mouse that not only understands that but understands that so well that TeckNet have built in every setting possible to avoid your mouse lagging.

If you’re looking for something that means the only place you need to have your fingers are W, S, A, and D this is a perfect place to start. Bind weapons and grenades to the mouse buttons and bind jump to the scroll wheel and you’ll be hopping around the map in no time.


6. Havit 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse

Are you on a budget? Then your choice should be easy. If you’re looking for a quality, lightweight, and durable mouse for the least money possible, this is the one for you.

Of course, it’s not going to be as advanced technically or impressive as the other mice on this list, but it does the job and that may be all that you’re looking for. If you want a mouse that simply helps you glide from headshot to headshot, has some, even if limited, adjustable DPI, and has extra buttons to bind weapon changes to then this is a perfect choice.

So yes, this would be a starter gaming mouse. It would up your game and help you recognize the difference a good mouse can make, but at the same time it is an incredible place to start! Also, it’s so cheap you can simply buy it for a test if you’re skeptical about how much difference a mouse can make, then upgrade in no time at all.

6 havit.jpeg
7 rytaki.jpeg

7. Rytaki R6

This is like a version of the UtechSmart mouse. If the other mouse is for those methodical and tense shooters, like Rainbow 6 Siege, this is the mouse for the frenetic, with similar features. Imagine a tank. Now imagine it with rocket boosters and a highly tuned engine and you’re left with this mouse.

50 to 16400 programmable DPI, a high precision laser and 19 programmable buttons this mouse still manages to be small and lightweight. As always, a mouse with so many buttons will come with some difficulties at first, but it’s worth persevering and learning the key binds by heart.

It’s like the Rocky Balboa of mice. If you realize you’re on a losing streak and think it’s your mouse, get this one and train. Before long, your friends-list will be in awe at how much you’ve improved in a few hours. Your spray control will be impressive, and your bunny hops will be on point in an instant!


8. SteelSeries Rival 110

Simplicity can be a massive advantage depending on what you want out of your gaming mouse. If you’re looking for a thousand buttons to switch weapons with ease without breaking a sweat or wearing out your fingers, then that’s great. If you’re just looking for something that’ll make the beautiful vision blur smoother with your movements then this is a great mouse for that.

6 buttons to keep it simple, but a lightweight and ergonomic design to help it fit in your hand means that it’ll become more of a relationship. Instead of feeling like it’s your new mouse doing all of the work for you, you’ll really feel like you’re pulling off your own flicks.

So, this can be a mouse for both professionals and someone simply looking to up their game. It gets to the point where your mouse might be holding you back, but this is no more with a mouse such as this!

8 steelseries.jpeg
9 logitech mx master.jpeg

9. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Something a little different. It is Logitech, so you know it’ll be good before you even buy it, but this mouse will also fit with any setup. LAN parties and hooking your setup to the television alike, this mouse is a Bluetooth mouse meaning that you can play from a distance and still play well.

Maybe you have a gaming chair that only helps properly at a certain angle. This mouse will easily enhance your gaming experience because the lack of wires will mean that you can spin and jump with ease and without worrying about the length of your wires.

You can get up to 40 days of use from a single 4-minute charge, also. That’s right, it’s extremely power efficient, so you won’t need to worry about your mouse’s power levels dropping too low when you’re in the middle of a tense firefight.


10. VicTsing Professional Wired Gaming Mouse

And to finish it off we have a mouse that simply gets everything right.

It’s cheap, and yet it has the ability for 7200 DPI and 7 programmable buttons.

It may be held back slightly by the fact that it’s also fit for the purpose of day to day PC usage, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t up your game in any shooter. The programmable DPI and buttons will help you hop, skip, and shoot to victory.

If you’re looking for something that holds up as an incredible and effective gaming mouse in its own right, but don’t want to dig deeply into your pockets in order to get one, then this a perfect gaming mouse.

Again, this is a perfect mouse just to see the difference a gaming mouse can make to your performance in any ranked match.


10 victsing.jpeg

Buyers Guide

The first thing you need to know is your setup. Maybe you have to buy a wireless mouse, otherwise there’ll be too many wires in the way of a good game. Maybe your mouse is holding back your PC’s performance with delayed response times. Maybe you don’t have the best setup money can buy and so a mouse will help bring it up. All of these things should inform your decision.


The importance of DPI depends on the games you play. Every shooter will use a mouse to aim and to shoot, but some are more frenetic, and some are more methodical and tense. If the games you prefer require you to pick an angle and keep it, DPI isn’t necessarily as important as the mouse’s reaction time, as it’s a matter of seeing the enemy before they see you rather than spraying them down.


This is also an incredibly important factor depending on you and the games that you play. If you get really, really into your gaming, durability is important. Perhaps you’re playing Doom and running through droves of enemies with music blaring loud. You won’t necessarily get angry and break your mouse, but there might be wear and tear depending on your desk or mouse pad and if a game requires you to move the mouse a lot more.


This is similar to durability in how it effects which mouse you buy. Only, you’ll want a lighter but more durable mouse if your games are frenetic and wild. Games like Rainbow 6 Siege, however, you can afford something a bit heavier in order to help your aim.


Again, extra buttons can help or hinder. Some games are played better if all you need are the movement keys. If you’re playing CS:GO you can link the jump button to the scroll wheel and all weapons to the mouse to improve your performance.

If there’s a game where extra buttons aren’t required, however, that you absolutely love. Extra buttons can get in the way or even go to waste.