A Sound Investment- The Top Ten Best Budget 7.1 Gaming Headsets

A gaming headset is vital for immersion. You need a proper sound system in order to be fully sucked into the game. Think about it, triple A gaming companies have high paid sound designers for a reason.

So, if you’re playing CS: GO on multiplayer and need an edge over that CT that’s not using his shift key, or if you’re exploring on The Witcher 3, a gaming headset will make you feel as if you’re there. What could be better than hearing the crunch of snow under your feet when you’re exploring Skyrim or the crunch of bones in Doom?

I’ve always loved gaming. I’ve never been too casual about it. Any opportunity to hop onto my PC I’ll take. It’s great to have an opportunity to escape and to be taken to new worlds where you’re in control. I’ve always loved the Fallout series. It’s always been because of the level of immersion you get walking around the wasteland. Ever since I bought my first gaming set I’ve never been back.

But which one do you get? After all, it’s not just about making everything louder. It’s about being sucked away and the world around you, shrinking into the game in front of you. Really you want that crisp 7.1 surround sound. Worry not, we have the top ten budget-friendly 7.1 gaming headsets on sale on the market today.

10. Supsoo G813

So, we’re starting strong. Cheap and effective, this gaming headset has an audio-realistic level of sound. Impressive and crisp, they’re sure to instantly sweep you away. There’s nothing complicated about them, you simply plug them in and start using them.

Not only this but the mic quality is great. They’ll give you an edge when you’re barking orders at your friends. Honestly, you’ll get so into the gaming experience with these!

However, they do sometimes have an issue with the Xbox One, in spite of being advertised as an Xbox One headset. So, if you’re looking for console headsets this one may not be the best idea, but for a headset to listen to music to or to game on your PC with, these are incredible.


10 supsoo.jpeg
9 audiomx.jpeg

9. AudioMX Gaming Headset

The quality of this one is incredible! You can’t get much closer to realism with this headset. The way they distinguish gunshots, speech, movement and everything else is incredible! You’ll feel like you’ve jumped straight into the action.

They are a bit expensive for what they are, though, and don’t have the functionality to boot. Yes, you can use them with your PS4 and with some tinkering, your Xbox, but instead of a standard jack, you plug these in with a USB.

So, they are easy to use for a PC, but you might have limited space if you’ve already got your mouse plugged in and a few other USB ports in use. Not only this but it can be difficult to use on consoles and you have to install drivers to make it work properly, which can cause issues.



8. Mutouren Gaming Headset

Again, these are a bit more expensive. Unlike the previous headset they have a bit more functionality. Yes, again they are USB headphones which can make things difficult on consoles, but they’re a bit less tricky to navigate.

They’re by no means the best money can buy, either. The sound quality is great and crisp, but there have been complaints that they mimic 7.1 surround sound more than they actually create it.

However, if you want something simple, these are great! The sound cancelling quality is incredible, and really does help with immersion. This headset is great at helping you escape the world around you and putting you in the center of the action.

8 mutouren.jpeg
7 tecknet.jpeg

7. TreckNet Gaming Headset

These are cheap. This is what gives them a clear edge over everything above them. They are USB headsets, but you can work around this if you’re shopping on a budget. They’re worth every penny.

The reason these are better than the ones above is because they do everything the same. The sound quality is great, the noise cancelling quality is clear and instantly evident. They’re fit for purpose too. This with their modest price tag is what makes them so much better.

So again, these aren’t the best ones out there, those are below, but they are cheap, and they are brilliant. If you’re planning on using them for more than just gaming or on a console, things may become a bit more complicated, though.


6. Logitech Gaming Headset

If there’s one thing that Logitech know: it’s sound. These headsets promise to give you an edge. Allowing you to hear lower frequencies and cutting out audio lag, these headsets are great for matchmaking.

Not only this but you have a choice of using jacks or a USB. This means that they’re easy to use with PS4 as well as your PC. They’re an obvious choice if you have a bit of extra money to spare.

How good they are to you, however, will depend on if you’ve owned higher grade headsets before. Yes, these are incredible, but there are other headsets you can spend your money on. They either will be the best headset you’ve ever owned, or you’ll wish you still had your older, still more impressive one.


5 klim.jpeg

5. Klim Impact

Cheap, stylish, comfortable. You won’t even know you’re wearing this headset. It’s easy to plug into your PC and play. Again, the sound quality is impressive, and you’ll know instantly which direction someone is running at you from.

There are a couple of complaints, though. The lead is short and so it’s difficult to play if you like a reclined chair. Also, there have been complaints about its quality when it’s plugged into the PS4. These include the volume being too low.

Overall, though, it has an average of 4.3 stars from 153 people on amazon which is certainly notable. It’s just important to know if these headphones fit your purpose. If they do, then great! These are incredible headsets in that case. If they don’t, however, it’s best to avoid these.


4. EasySMX Cool 2000

This headset is comfortable and flexible. It’s also cheap. It also has rave reviews!

Not only does this headset look sleek and sexy with its blue lights and its curves, it does everything you could want from it. The sound quality is subtle and deep, reaching an impressive frequency to really give you that edge, or to help you relax.

They’re fit for purpose and extremely accessible, coming with different options with how you want to plug them in to your device. They’re compatible with both consoles and your PC as well!

Not only are these great for more action heavy games, they get the beautiful atmospheric sounds as well. So, if you’re playing something story driven or if you want to hop on line and test your skills, these headphones are the ones for you.

4 easysmx.jpeg
3 xiberia.jpeg

3. Xiberia V10

Just have a look at it. Take it in. It’s gorgeous. And. It lights up!

Yes, it is only USB but it’s easy and cheap to get an adaptor, and when these are as cheap as they are it’s well worth it. Or, you can buy a 3.5mm jack version as well, but it’s better to get the USB and an adaptor rather than the other way around.

Although they look heavy, they’re extremely lightweight and functional. They slide over your ears like a glove and you can move the microphone around to get it just right. There’s not much else you could ask for in a headset. It really does have everything!


2. Turtle Beach Recon 50X

We’ve made it. There couldn’t really be any other brand in the top two. It always had to be Turtle Beach.

This is a headset that is made by gamers, for gamers. They know the details and trust them. What gives them an edge over the competition is the fact that all of the company’s efforts go into gaming headsets. It’s not a divergence from what they’re used to.

Because of this it’s not simply about making things more cinematic or crisper. No. It’s about making the gaming experience much more immersive. It’s about hearing someone when they turn a corner and not just when your console decides. It’s about living the game.

2 turtle beach.jpeg
1 turtle beach pro.jpeg

1. Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

What else would you want other than what today’s eSports champions are wearing? Made specifically for eSports this headset is about competition and it’s about victory. It’s not just for a casual gaming session. You’ll want to take the headphones off for that.

Just imagine you’re playing Outlast 2 with these on. You hear every creak and every footstep. Then imagine you’re playing Just Cause 3. If you want the crispest and most satisfying explosions, then get these.

Then, of course CS: GO or CoD. Every footstep. Every flash grenade. Every reload. You won’t be able to escape how thrilling these will make your gaming experience.

Buying Guide

The most important step may seem obvious, but it still has to be said. Think about what consoles or setups you have. This isn’t just in terms of whether to opt for a jack or a USB, however. It’s also about performance. If you’re kitted out with a top of the range gaming set then it’s much more worth it to go for the better, more expensive headsets. This is because the immersion will already be smooth. If you get frame rates dropping and texture poppings, the best headset won’t necessarily help your immersion as much as a few extra bytes of RAM or a better graphics card will.

On top of this think about your television if you’re buying for a console. Is your chair far away from where you play? Is it difficult to move it closer? This is a factor you should take into account when you’re buying headsets because, again, being further away from a small television can affect your immersion. However, in this case a better headset may help, as you’ll feel much closer to the action.

The same goes for laptops or PCs as well. It’s no use getting the best sound quality you can possibly buy if you have to bend your head in order for the wires to not pop out of your computer. It’s much better to get a slightly cheaper headset with slightly worse sound quality if you can move around in it freely and if it is comfortable.

Then think about what kind of games you play. If they’re cinematic and story driven like Detroit: Become Human, look at what the company making the headsets specializes in. If they specialize in tournaments and eSports, then the purpose of the headsets will be more tailored towards hearing footsteps off in the distance and the direction of gunfire. While this can be applied to cinematic games, if the company is used to making stereos and surround sound bars for movies, then you’ll get a lot more out of the music and the atmosphere.

Finally, look at the specifications themselves. Think about your gaming rituals and routines. Do you like to stream? Make sure your headset has a great microphone quality. Not only this but a good sound quality will boost your subscriber count because you’ll die less. But if you play single player almost exclusively and don’t stream; and if you are just looking for something a bit extra which means that when you do hop onto matchmaking you can strategize, then look at the specs accordingly. Get a slightly lower microphone quality but make sure the sound quality is the best it can be.