Best Harem Romance Anime

Everyone loves a good romance. But, harem romance anime is something that definitely peaks my interest and if you have not watched any, definitely give it a go. I have listed my top ten best harem romance anime so you will not have to sift through the internet. But, you may also not be familiar with harem anime. So, please read on to learn more about this exciting genre!

What is Harem Anime?

This genre of anime, referred to as Harem or HRM, is when one character (the main character usually) is surrounded by members of the opposite sex. These characters of the opposite sex are either represented as love interests or potential love interests. This is what makes the harem genre so unique. However, you may be thinking that this sounds pretty predictable and that the main character will obviously be falling in love. While that may be true, either with one or several other minor characters, it is not always as predictable as it may seem. This genre is also incorporated with a wide range of different themes. The main characters in these animes are usually male. If the main character is a female, it is then called a reverse harem.

These love triangles are usually ambiguous in structure at that start and then love interests will eventually form. Since this genre is pretty popular and actually quite fun, I decided to pick my top ten best harem romance anime. These anime are diverse, unique, quirky, romantic, and actually quite humorous. All of them are one of my favorites!

1. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven focuses on Arata Kasuga. Arata Kasuga lives a typical average life where everything is basically normal. But, that all changes on the day of the Black Sun. It creates a phenomenon that destroys his town and whisks away his childhood friend Hijiri Kasuga. Hijiri leaves an amulet with Arata and asks for it to give him strength. The amulet recreates Arata’s old life for him. But, Arata seeks to find Hijiri and enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy for mages. This is where Arata meets the very powerful Trinity Seven. Each one of the mages in the Trinity Seven are at the top of their fields and Arata asks to be taught by them in hopes of finding Hijiri. The odd thing is that one of the mages looks almost identical to Hijiri. This harem romance anime is fun and quirky with mystical qualities that makes it one of the best harem romance anime, so naturally we had to include it on this list.

2 date a live.png

2. Date A Live

Similar to Trinity Seven in the phenomenon aspect, Date A Live brings it’s audience a fantasy element. A “spatial quake” has causes almost two-hundred million casualties and over the next couple decades, the quakes continue. The story focuses on Shido Itsuka, a high school student. Shido Itsuka stumbles upon a girl who is down inside where one of the spatial quakes had hit. Shido Itsuka is then told a story that the quakes are actually caused by girls like the one he found and they happen when they jump dimensions. Kotori, Shido’s adopted sister, learns that Shido has a special power to stop the girls from jumping dimensions and she enrolls him in a program to use his powers for good. The only catch is that in order to stop the girls, he must make them fall in love with him so that they share a legitimate kiss. The dystopian feel of this harem romance anime makes it one of the best.


3. Highschool of The Dead

Highschool of The Dead is not only supernatural, but is also a thriller. In addition to it’s romantic harem themes, it’s also a zombie-apocalyptic anime. Who would’ve guessed? That’s what makes it one of the best romance anime. The story focuses around Takashi Komuro, who is a regular high school boy. An infection soon breaks out randomly and it begins turning people into zombie-esque creatures. Takashi, along with some other students, fight their way out of school and escape into town. They begin checking buildings and surrounding areas for survivors. They eventually make it across town to an elementary school that is believed to be a safe zone. My favorite part about this anime is that it’s actually fresh. Yes, the zombie thing has been done before. But, this anime gives you a new take on it and really is unpredictable, which makes it very interesting to watch.

4 nisekoi.jpg

4. Nisekoi

Nisekoi focuses on two high school students. These high school students are Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki. Raku is the son of a yakuza faction leader and Chitoge is the daughter of a boss who is in a rival gang. They meet by chance when Raku is hopping over a wall and knees Chitoge. During this encounter, Raku loses a very valuable trinket given to him by a girl from his childhood. You wouldn’t expect Raku to be torn up over losing it, which definitely gives him a softer side. Chitoge ends up being a new transfer student. Raku talks to her at school and tells her she needs to help him look for it. A small rivalry develops between the two of them soon thereafter. The rival gangs their parents are part of decide to end their feud. They plan to do this by an arranged marriage of none other than Chitoge and Raku. They must pretend to like each other but things are bound to get complicated when a few other people are soon thrown into the mix.


5. To Love-Ru

We just could not possibly make this list without including To Love-Ru. To Love-Ru is the definition of the best harem romance anime because it is extremely fun and fun-loving, with a dab of humor. Rito Yuki is just a regular high school student who has a crush. Hurt and sulking over not being able to confess his feelings to his crush, Rito is confronted with a naked devil-tailed girl. Shocked, Rito Yuki learns that this girl is Lala from the planet Deviluke. She has run away because her father has promised her to a man that she does not want to marry. So, she tells Rito that he must marry her. A commander from Deviluke arrives to bring her home. Rito explains that marriage must be between two people who love each other, this makes Lala fall in love with him and Zastin spreads the message around the galaxy. Much to Rito Yuki’s dismay, he helps Lala on Earth. In turn, he begins making all sorts of new friends; aliens and humans. But, it is not all butterflies and rainbows. Lala also has other suitors who are interested in her and will send assassins to take out Rito Yuki. To Love-Ru really breaks ground with engaging and easy to love characters.


6. The World Only God Knows

I love The World Only God Knows as one of the best harem romance anime because it is so unique and quirky. It really is relatable on several aspects and is not really full of the typical romance anime cliches. The anime centers on Keima Katsuragi, a high school student. Keima passes a lot of his time playing 2D gal games. These games are about interacting with anime-styled pretty girls. He plays often and is actually quite the charmer. This makes him known on the internet as: “The God of Conquests”. But, in real life Keima is teased horribly. Keima receives a mysterious email inviting him to conquer girls. Keima assumes it is for his game and accepts. A demon girl named Elsie appears. She recruits him in catching evil spirits that have escaped into his realm. These evil spirits hide inside the hearts of human girls. Elsie concludes that in order to capture the spirits in the hearts, Keima must capture the girls’ hearts. Then Elsie will be able to capture the spirits. It seems like a simple enough story, but a lot happens soon after and the whole fate of the world rests with Keima and Elsie.


7. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

This anime focuses around Kodaka Hasegawa. Kodaka learns he will be transferring to a new school and he is determined to make new friends. However, due to his appearance, he is immediately made fun of and labeled as a delinquent. Kodaka is beginning to get lonely until he meets another loner: Yozora Mikazuki. He meets her when she is alone in a classroom, talking to an imaginary friend. They both hate being lonely and brainstorm what to do to overcome in. They create the Neighbor’s Club. They accept members who do not have friends and need help with social skills that will help them fit in better. The Neighbor’s Club is soon filled with eccentric outcasts. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is one of the best harem romance anime because the kids that make up the Neighbor’s Club are absolutely hilarious and it is a lighthearted romance.

7 boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai.jpg

8. Nagasarete Airantou

This anime centers on Ikuto Tohoin, a fourteen year old boy. Ikuto has a fight with his father and decides to runaway from home. He boards a ship to head overseas, but a storm knocks him overboard into the water. He stays adrift in the ocean for a week and finally lands on an island. A whirlpool surrounds the island, keeping the Meiji era people who live there secluded. But, that is not the only thing weird about this island. It’s only inhabitants are female. Everyone on the island is determined to make Ikuto Tohoin their husband. Of course, jealousy ensues. This anime is light, funny, and full of mischief as the girl’s vie for the attention of Ikuto.


9. Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire centers on Tsukune Aono, who is hopeful he will get into a good high school. However, due to his poor grades, he is denied left and right. His parents decide to enroll him at Yokai Academy, which he learns is a boarding school for monsters. The purpose of the school is to teach the monsters how to coexist with humans without revealing their identities. This means disguising them. Any real humans that are found on campus are said to be killed immediately. Tsukune meets Moka Akashiya, a vampire girl. The rosario around Moka’s neck keeps her in disguise. Tsukune eventually makes new friends and creates a newspaper club, which later becomes to club to fight off student and teacher bullies. They work together, undercover, to make the human world a better place for both humans and monsters.

9 rosario to vampire.jpg
10 strike the blood.jpg

10. Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood follows Kojou Akatsuki. He is a vampire who is attending high school, but does not really want to show his powers. Yukin Himeragi is a teenage shaman apprentice and is sent to observe him. The anime takes place in the Demon District, off the coast of Japan. Kojou is suddenly suspected of being a very powerful vampire that could disrupt power between the three Progenitors. Kojou, along with Yukina, become friends with several other monster students. A lot of these students become attracted to  Kojou and that is what fuels much of his power.


As you can see from the list above, the harem genre of anime is actually quite diverse and has a great variety. There is just about something for everyone within this genre. Most of the anime listed above take place at a high school or academy, but there are a few that do not. There are some that also tip the fantasy scale a bit more than others. But, I do have to admit that I learn more towards the apocalyptic type harem anime because it gives the characters a sense of urgency. Since I am a huge fan of harem romance anime, I wanted to compile this list for my readers to easily access when they need something new and exciting to watch. Hopefully, you have found something on this list that has appealed to you and you can snuggle in with your favorite snacks and start your new anime!

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