Best Japanese Toilet

Transform your once mundane trips to the bathroom into a more spa-like experience. Just picture your dream luxury bathroom. What do you see inside of it? A claw foot tub? A walk-in shower? If you’re from America, chances are you are not envisioning a Japanese style toilet. But, why? Maybe, you’re not quite sure what they are. Or, that trip abroad has left you feeling like something is missing from your bathroom.

We wanted to gather the very best Japanese toilets we could find. But, we also want to inform you of the benefits of using one. Besides being incredibly hygienic, bidets are very good for the environment. But, just how good? Did you know that in order to manufacture toilet paper, not just trees but also water has to be used? By eliminating the use of toilet paper or by using it minimally, you can significantly reduce your footprint on Earth.

With these Japanese toilets, you get a more customizable experience. Most of the toilets featured below have a remote or control panel. This allows you to select what settings you prefer. You can choose the temperature of your water, seat, and air dryer. Some of these models even come with a pulsating massage setting. Who wouldn’t want that?

1. TOTO C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet

If you are looking for the best Japanese toilet for cleanliness and comfort, look now further than the TOTO Washlet model. The brand itself is always on top of the latest innovations when it comes to design and customization. You will be impressed by just how much you can customize with this toilet. You can adjust the temperature, water pressure, and water position. There are three different water temperature settings to choose from, five water pressure settings, and three heated seat settings. You will find these controls located on an easy to reach and use panel on your right. It includes a Premist function that lightly sprays the bowl before you sit down, ensuring a cleaner experience. Additional features include a warm air dryer and air deodorizer. Talk about luxury! The seat is a bit elongated for optimal comfort and the installation is relatively easy, making this one of the best Japanese toilets.

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2. WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

This high efficiency bidet toilet is one of the best Japanese toilets on the market. It is sleek and low profile, meaning it will complement any bathroom and give it a modern touch. It’s elongated for optimal comfort. The hygienic features of this Japanese toilet is what really sets it apart from others of its kind. It features a posterior wash, a feminine wash, and a pulsating wash. You might be thinking, “But, toilet water can be unsanitary?”. The good news is that this water goes through a filtration system, so the washes contain clean water. While using these washes, you can also adjust the water pressure accordingly. For your comfort, there are several heated options featured in this toilet. The water can be heated and there is unlimited hot water. There are five different heated temperatures for the seat. Another plus about the seat is that it features a built in pulse massager. The model also has a self cleaning feature, which makes this Japanese toilet the complete package.


3. Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet

This toilet is on of the best Japanese toilet because it is made of an antibacterial material with a soft closing lid. But, not only that, it also features front and rear cleansing options. The warm water is available to be adjusted accordingly. But, what’s our favorite part you may ask? It features a kid’s wash! That’s right. All this time designing toilets and some companies forgot that the little kiddos will be using these as well. The button panel to access all the controls was specifically designed to make it easy to reach and use. If you are wondering what level pressure and temperature you have selected, fear not. Conveniently located lights will tell you exactly what level you are on. Once you sit down, it only takes the click of a button to determine your nozzle position, temperature, and pressure. You are also able to choose oscillating and massage modes.

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4. Brondell Swash SE400 Elongated Bidet

The Brondell boasts itself as featuring high-quality features without the price tag that usually comes with them. We found this model to be very comparative to the previous ones mentioned. This model has a stainless steel model, which is very durable and hygienic. This nozzle also has a self cleaning mode, making it so you have less work to do yourself. There is a small warm air dryer located in this toilet as well. But, we do have a favorite part about this toilet and this feature makes it one of the best Japanese toilets. It has a nightlight! But, this is not just a small little light installed in the side. It glows the whole bowl! Say goodbye to the nights stumbling around your bathroom in the dark or flipping on the light to ruin your night trance. The nozzle will move gently back and forth in oscillation mode. You can also adjust the water temperature and pressure according to your preferences.


5. Brondell Inc. S300-RW Swash 300 Round Advanced Bidet

We had to include the Swash model as well on our list of the best Japanese toilets because it has a feature that is not that common on the market. This feature is a wireless remote. We found that the wireless remote can sometimes be easier to use than a control panel that is integrated into the design, especially if someone has immobility issues. With this remote, you can adjust water temperature, seat temperature, and water pressure. That’s right! This model features a heated seat. Even on cool winter nights, you won’t have to worry about being cold in the bathroom. It features two different retractable self cleaning nozzles. These nozzles can be used for a rear or a feminine wash. This product definitely gets a leg-up on the competition with it’s heated seat and wireless remote.

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6. SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet

Since we really fell for the wireless remote and wanted to see others on the market, we stumbled upon one of the best Japanese toilets that also features a wireless remote. The SmartBidet is something dreams are made out of. The SmartBidet is also available with a built in control panel if you prefer that instead. We love this product because it has a lot of different options to choose from. It has five different water pressure levels, three different water temperature levels, and three different heated seat levels. On top of that, the nozzle can be moved into five unique positions. This makes this Japanese toilet very customizable. Everything can be accessed and adjusted at the touch of a button, which makes it extremely easy to use as well.


7. GenieBidet Seat - Self Cleaning Dual Nozzles

Just touch a button and a stainless steel nozzle will extend and provide you with room temperature water. The contour of this seat is specifically designed for comfort. There are two of these nozzles. One is located for a posterior wash and one is located for a feminine wash. The water pressure is adjustable and you are able to choose from a soft spray to a strong spray. This is adjusted by turning the knob which will be located on the side of you. It features a simple design, but has excellent quality that can fit into anyone’s budget that wants a Japanese toilet in their bathroom.

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8. BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Elongated White Bidet

The BioBidet Supreme is just what the name entails and that is why it is one of the best Japanese toilets. This supreme Japanese toilet is equipped with an amazing power saving feature. The toilet can actually calculate what hours of the day it is being used the most and enter energy saving mode. It will also emit more deodorizers. It features a three in one nozzle that also can pulsate. It allows you to get a posterior and feminine wash. The seat is heated and can be adjusted. It also features a heated air dryer that can be adjusted as well. It has a tank reservoir so that way you always have warm water to use with the nozzle. This means you’ll never be shocked by cold water. The tank provides ample water circulation and temperature. The wireless remote features large buttons, which is very convenient.


9. Novita Slimline Bidet Toilet

This quality Japanese toilet was created for the North American market by the top creators of bidet toilets in Korea: Novita. So, you can trust that this product is going to have everything you need. It has twin stainless steel nozzles. One is for a posterior wash and one is for a feminine wash. There is a warm air dryer. A feature we really appreciate that the Novita Slimline has is the child safety feature. Not every Japanese toilet features this, so it definitely sets this product apart from the competition. The water coming out of the nozzles goes through an ion filter, so you are ensured clean water. There is also a turbo button, which will give you maximum water pressure for sixty seconds.

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10. Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet

If you’re sick of your nozzle emitting room temperature water, then maybe consider the Clean Sense. This Japanese style toilet comes equipped with an advanced hybrid water heating system. This means that you’ll never run out of hot water. What’s one added bonus feature of this toilet? It has a seat indicator light! This tells you if the seat is hot or cold before you sit down. So, it has an adjustable heated seat. It also features a soft, yet powerful enema wash for extra cleaning. There is an air deodorizer and a very nice warming air dryer attached. It also has the capability for each member of your household to set user presets. This means the toilet can adjust to your specific presets at just the touch of a button.


Embracing the bidet in your home could really amp up your bathroom experience and even make it feel spa-like. Nightlights, heated seats, even massage settings make these the best Japanese toilets. Whether you choose one with a built in control panel or a wireless remote, each bidet has a plus side. Before purchasing one, make sure you find one that ticks all the boxes! But, besides the massive amount of customizable settings and presets available to you upon purchase, you are also doing your part to help protect the environment. By purchasing a Japanese toilet and replacing some toilet paper use, you are saving trees, water, and power.

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