The 10 Best Cheap AYCE Korean BBQ places in Los Angeles that are $20, $10, and Under!

You may have never heard of Korean bbq before, especially if you are not around a major metropolitan area or have never visited Seoul or Busan. Korean barbecue refers to grilling meat, such as beef, pork, or chicken. However, there can also be seafood, such as squid as well. Most of these meats can be brisket, pork belly, intestines, and even stomach. This may sound unappetizing, but it is actually a delicacy.

These grills are often built into your table, (you can also purchase a grill to make it at home), so you can cook the meat however you would like. The best part? You can cook as much as you would like too and keep eating until your belly is full.

The other best thing about Korean BBQ is that it always includes a selection of banchan, healthy Korean side dishes, mostly consisting of veggies, that are part of the healthy, daily Korean diet.

The restaurants listed below are some of the best cheap all-you-can-eat Korean bbq places in Los Angeles that are twenty-dollars and under. We tried real hard, and searched far and wide but the lowest cost AYCE bbq we could find was just shy from $12.

$20 and Under:

1 sanya bbq.jpg

1. Sanya Korean BBQ

This all-you-can-eat Korean bbq is conveniently located on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is situated inside a bustling strip mall. From the outside, you wouldn’t expect this gem to be waiting for you on the inside. The TVs that are inside are also tuned to K-Pop stations, so the restaurant is always filled with lively music. There are rows of tables on the inside. There are two stations for each table. The meat selections are fairly good for the price you are paying. You can expect delicious meat with tasty side dishes. The servers here are very friendly and will even give you tips if you are not sure what you should order.

Address: 2897 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006


2. J BBQ

You don’t need to spend money on so-called “high-end barbecue”. You are not charged for refills on your sides and they keep them filled for you, so you don’t have to wait. The service here is known for being exceptionally well. Their cuts and choices of meats are also highly raved. You can pay for a valet to park your car for a few extra dollars or there is street parking nearby. J BBQ will usually have a wait if you are arriving at peak times, so plan accordingly. There are small round tables for each guest or party. Each table has a station on it. The sides are brought to you, along with your meats. If you are looking for high quality meat without breaking the bank, then fill your belly at J BBQ.

Address: 901 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

2 j bbq 3.jpg
3 choi ga nae 4.jpg


What’s better than an amazing all-you-can-eat Korean bbq? An amazing all-you-can-eat Korean bbq with a happy hour! There are plenty of different options at CHOI GA NEI, including marinated beef and squid. The sides are exceptionally tasty as well, with very friendly service. Each table with a bbq station can seat up to four people. However, the tables can be pushed together to accommodate a larger party. It is also very convenient because there is a large parking lot that is free to park in that is located behind the building. We noticed that everyone really enjoys the brisket here. You can really tell a bbq joint by how well they prepare a brisket!

Address: 3916 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Wilshire Center


4. Road to Seoul

This all-you-can-eat Korean bbq features a more extensive meat selection. If you are looking for something with some unique options, choose Road to Seoul. They feature whole squid, pork neck, baby octopus, and cow stomach. The whole squid sitting on your table is definitely a sight to see. But, it is absolutely delicious and one of my favorites. Not every Korean bbq place has this! Each table has a built in grill. The servers are extremely attentive. If they notice you are out of something, they will be back in a jiffy to bring it for you. Everyone here raves about the steamed egg. If you happen to get the beef belly, cook it until it is nice and crispy! The brisket is also yummy and is one of the best around from a Korean bbq.

Address: 1230 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

4 road to seoul 2.jpg
5 bulgogi hut 5.jpg

5. Bulgogi Hut

If you are looking for a late night snack to fill up your belly, Bulgogi Hut is open until midnight. They offer several pricing options, depending on your budget, with the least expensive all-you-can-eat option being twenty-dollars. The options for each menu features a wide variety of different foods from chicken, steamed egg, squid, and pork belly. Of course, they are known for their amazing bulgogi. Everyone, even the staff, recommend that you try the red wine pork belly. If you want the best bulgogi in town, then you have to travel to the Bulgogi Hut. The bulgogi will melt in your mouth it is so good. The marinade that comes with it is delicious as well.

Address: 3600 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 100C, Los Angeles, CA 90010, Wilshire Center


6. Kobunga Korean Grill

Kobunga Korean Grill is very new, located in USC University Village. You choose your base and then choose what meat you would like marinated. There are also choices of some vegetables and kimchi. You can also add in tofu, which looks delicious. The pork belly from here is said to melt in your mouth. The area and menu is still under construction, but the food is absolutely delicious! It is often referred to lovingly as the Chipotle of Korean bbq, because you are able to choose from a wide array of different options.

Address: 929 W Jefferson Blvd, Ste 1610, Los Angeles, CA, 90089, University Park

6 kobunga grill 6.jpg

$15 and Under

7 hwang so go jip 3.jpg

7. Hwang So Go Jip

The meat here is very fresh and looks exceptionally tasty. This small quaint joint packs a punch for flavor! The menu features a few different selections of meat. I love that they have squid as an option because you usually don’t see seafood offered at the cheaper all-you-can-eat Korean bbqs. Everyone raves about the marinated beef brisket. You are given a nifty little call button and they will refill your meat as much as you would like and in a timely manner. Most of the tables have the grill situated in the middle. It is a nice family style restaurant. Before you leave, make sure you get yourself a little bowl of free ice cream for dessert! Who doesn’t love free ice-cream? As a pro-tip, if you write a Yelp review and show one of the workers, they will even bring you a free soda!

Address: 4991 La Palma Ave, La Palma, CA 90623


8.  Soowon Galbi

Soowon Galbi provides customers with an all-you-can-eat Korean bbq that won’t break the bank! The servers here are very accommodating and will even help you out with the cooking and refills. Parking can sometimes be hard to find, so arrive early! All the ingredients are really fresh and everything can be cooked for you, or you can cook it yourself. This bbq joint is relatively small and fills up quick. Galbi is the house speciality and it sure is delicious! It is grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire. The marinated venison is also a popular favorite here. If you want delicious meats, head on over to Soowon Galbi. All their cuts of meats are absolute perfection and you will not be disappointed.

Address: 856 S Vermont Ave, Ste C, Los Angeles, CA 90005

8 soowon galbi.jpg
9 wi kbbq 2.jpg

9. Wi Korean BBQ

For how amazing the quality of meat here is, the price is definitely a steal. The staff was very nice here and the side dishes were also really tasty. If you’re a fan of tofu, definitely try Wi Korean’s. It’s a relatively “undiscovered gem” in Los Angeles, making it perfect to escape the crowds. They just opened only about six months ago. They have plenty of seating and you won’t have to experience a wait. The atmosphere is very family friendly and the servers are very kind and helpful. The bulgogi is also something to try if you are stopping in. It is very tender and juicy compared to other Korean bbq joints. It will be sure to be hyped up soon, so make sure you stop in!

Address: 1101 S Vermont Ave, Ste 103, Los Angeles, CA 90006, Pico-Union


$12 and Under

10. Castle BBQ

You can get three different menu options here, each coming with a wide array of meats and sides for you to choose from. You can also add some dishes for an additional price. These thin strips of meat are absolutely delicious, especially for the price. You can have your all-you-can-eat Korean bbq with rice paper. The brisket here is very good. For being a smaller restaurant, Castle BBQ has a lot to offer on their menu and prepare everything perfectly for you to cook it. This restaurant is pretty small and because of their reasonable prices, they are usually pretty busy. So, arrive as early as you can to beat the crowds! The servers are always running around, friendly, and are happy to help you if you have any questions.

If your stomach was not growling before, it sure is now. We love Korean bbq and testing out which meats we might like. Personally, I love the restaurants that allow you to select your meats and sides from a wide variety for a reasonable price. But, I will always pay extra for squid because it is my absolute favorite. All of the places listed above have meats that will melt in your mouth and service that is exceptional. Definitely don’t miss these ten best cheap all-you-can-eat Korean bbq places in Los Angeles that are twenty-dollars and under.

Address: 473 N Western Ave, Ste 1, Los Angeles, CA 90004, Larchmont

10 castle bbq  2.jpg

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