Top Pokemon Platinum Team

I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was...dun dun dun dun...!! To be a Pokemon master is everyone's childhood dreams.  Ever since Pokemon Red and Blue, my goal was to be the very best.  And to be the very best, you need the best team. There are so many different types of Pokemon to choose from, spanning over 4 generations. In Pokemon Platinum with some of the strongest gym leaders and champion ever (we all know who Cynthia is), here are the best Pokemon to have on your team!


Type: Grass/Ground

Best move set: Wood-hammer, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock-climb

Wood-hammer for STAB as you can not get Seed-bomb until after the Elite 4 (Note you need a heart scale to remember Wood-hammer). Earthquake he learns by level up as soon as he becomes a Torterra (lvl.32), this provides excellent STAB. Crunch gives very important coverage against Lucian, who is the hardest of the E-4, which will prove very useful. Rock-climb is an HM but it can also confuse the target.



Type: Electric

Best Move set: Crunch, Thunder-fang/Thunderbolt, Iron-tail, Strength

You get Shinx very early in the game so a Luxray is easy to get. He has a very limited move pool, however he is still a valuable asset to the team thanks to his huge Attack stat. Crunch is for Lucian. Thunder-fang is his BEST PHYSICAL STAB(remember this is before Wild-charge), so Thunderbolt is an option but if you choose to get Gengar then it is better on him. Iron-tail is for some coverage. Strength is HM and neutral coverage. (Note: If you actually are willing to take the time to breed him then Fire/Ice-fang are options).



Type: Water

Best Move set: Surf, Ice-beam/Punch, Waterfall, Focus-blast/Brick break

Buizel comes in fast so this will be easy. I know TWO WATER MOVES but this is ingame and two HMs is more than worth it. Ice-beam/Ice-punch is IMPORTANT this is the guy who is going to take out your worst enemy Cynthia's GARCHOMP Floatzel should out-speed him if you level it up enough and then POW dead Dragon..Shark...Thing... Ice-beam is easier to get as you do not need to collect shards for a while to get it. Surf and Waterfall are STAB Hms. Focus-blast for power, Brick-break for Coverage.



Type: steel/fighting

Best Move Set: Aura-sphere, Dragon-pulse, Dark-pulse/Psychic, Extreme-speed

He takes a bit longer to get as you do not get him until Iron-island, however; he is very useful. Aura-sphere is STAB and very useful for getting the occasional Double team Pokemon. Dragon-pulse is coverage(NOTE: I do not expect Lucario to outspeed Garchomp to use this unless you level him up a lot and with EVs or trade a choice-scarf to him). Dark-pulse or Psychic, Psychic if you choose Alakazam, Dark-pulse if you choose Gengar. Extreme-speed is good for finishing off things, like Alakazam or if Floatzel does not completely kill Garchomp.



Type: Fire

Best Move Set: Flare-blitz, Bounce, Mega-horn, Poison-jab

This guy is pretty much your ONLY option for a fire type unless you choose Infernape. He comes in the game very fast. Flare-blitz is very strong stab. The rest is coverage. This is your main guy for defeating the Ice gym and the Bug E-4. Rapidash is an extremely fast pokemon, usually only outsped by flying types. However be careful with the pesky ground and rock moves.  Thankfully none of the Elite 4 are Water specialists.


Gengar or Alakazam

Types: Ghost or Psychic

Best move sets: Shadow-ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt/Shock-wave, Focus-blast

These rare but powerful Pokémon are invaluable to your arsenal, especially a Pokémon that can learn both types of moves. You will be good against other Psychics, Bugs, Poison, and other Dark Pokémon. More importantly, these Pokémon usually have a high Sp. Attack and a lot of special moves. Gengar gets thunderbolt and  Alakazam gets Shock-wave. Both are useful special sweepers that you can catch early in the game. It is up to you.

However you could switch Lucario/Gengar/Alakazam out for a Flying type, most likely Staraptor.

6 gengar and alakazam.png

Staraptor - Normal/Flying

Type: Normal/Flying

Best Move Set: Close-combat, Fly, U-turn, Steel-wing

Staraptor is one of the strongest wallbreakers in the OU metagame, boasting a solid base 120 Attack and a decent base 100 Speed backed up by a great ability in Reckless and a movepool that contains all the tools it needs to dismantle defensive cores. In addition to this, it can run Choice items effectively to either function as a powerful wallbreaker or a great revenge killer. However, Staraptor's dependency on recoil moves wears it down quickly, and its below-average defenses mean that it cannot take many hits before going down. Staraptor's common weaknesses and the ubiquity of Stealth Rock mean that it also has limited switch-in opportunities.

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