Top 10 Best Futons Under $200 - Review and Buying Guide

They say you get what you pay for and most times that is true. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – buy cheap, buy twice and all that jazz. There is even a lesser known Ben Franklin quote that says something like, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten.”

Well we want to introduce you to a well trod saying that you may not be familiar with – cheap at twice the price! In other words, there are some things that are worth having no matter how expensive they are. We will show you in this top 10 list of the best futons under $200 that just because something has a low price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of poor quality.

Some things that glitter are gold. Sometimes you do find a diamond in the rough and some oysters contain priceless pearls. Well, we’re not diving for pearls here but we are looking for some gold glitter for less than $200! That’s what we found – 10 futons, all for under $200 – all of the highest quality for the price.

Now, we concede up front that you can find much higher quality futons but you’re going to be paying well over $200 – at least three times that amount and sometimes thousands of dollars. If you just want a nice futon that will offer you a comfortable night’s sleep without breaking the bank, we’ve got 10 great options for you right here!

You know what else is under $200? These traditional sleep-on-the-floor Japanese futons! Check them out here!

10 Best Futons Under $200

1. Handsome Splitback Futon

For just under $200 you can own our top pick for best futon under $200. It is the Convertible Tufted Splitback Futon Couch from Best Choice Products. Listed at $196, it’s got a classy, semi-retro design in a neutral gray – a perfect complement to any room! And the splitback design offers multiple lounge positions.

One end of the futon can be lain flat while the other end remains upright, so you can use it as a lounger or lay both ends flat and turn it into a full on bed. Or you can recline both ends to turn it into a reclining two seat couch, just like a chair recliner. Or use it as a good looking couch for your spare room, office, or dorm.

Covering the hypoallergenic cushioning is soft tufted linen for the most comfortable sleep for this very affordable futon. For less than $200, we pick the Tufted Splitback Futon for its stylish appeal and its versatility!


2. Sharp Looking Sofa Futon with Cup Holders

For less than $180, you can own our second best choice of futons under $200 – the Modern Entertainment Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch again by Best Choice Products. Just look at it – it’s sharp! Plus, we find that futons that are on the low cost side tend to forget about the importance of creating a comfy couch too.

What we mean is, sometimes, in order to make the futon work as a bed, too little effort is put into the quality of the couch position. That’s certainly not the case with this futon. It has several things that people love in a regular couch; sturdy chrome legs, adjustable armrests, and a cup holder in the middle!

You will rarely find a futon that has that. Of course, that’s faux leather and not real leather but you couldn’t have expected real leather for $179. Still for a genuine couch that turns into a sturdy bed, you can’t go wrong with this futon.


3. Fits In Tight Spaces PU Leather Futon

For less than $150 you can own this PU (Polyurethane) Leather Convertible Futon from – one of our favorite brands – Best Choice Products. It is essentially faux leather but a more advanced kind. It is made to look and feel exactly like leather without using real animal hide.

The extended top half combined with the short bench style seat makes it easy to slip this futon into a super small room with little space to spare – think dorm room or small den. Because there are no armrests, it can fit flush against a corner wall taking up as little space as possible.

You can recline this futon in several different positions from upright to flat providing lumbar support that you can adjust to your specific comfort level. With its solid base wooden legs, it can hold up to 550 pounds – enough for even the wildest of dorm rooms.


4. Flame Red Modernistic Futon

For just under $155 you can buy our third pick for best $200 or less futon – the Modern Fold UP & Down Futon Sofa Bed from Best Choice Products – yeah, those guys again…what can we say, they make really good yet affordably priced futons!

As one of the Modern Fold Up & Down futon models from Best Choice, this futon shares many similarities with the Modern Entertainment Fold Up & Down futon that we listed at number two on our list. It has a splitback design for multiple lounging positions on top of being a fully reclining sofa bed.

But there are important differences between each model. This version is even sturdier with 6 chrome legs holding it up though its weight capacity maxes out at 250 pounds. Covered in linen that is made to endure normal wear and tear, this is an ideal pick for additional room seating in a studio apartment.


5. Another Great Best Choice Futon!

Okay, there is a bit of a pattern here, but Best Choice Products is not the only maker of quality yet affordable futons – they just make some of the best it turns out – like this Faux Leather Fold Down Futon by Best Choice! For about $180 you can buy this stylish faux leather convertible sofa bed futon.

We found this to be one of the best looking futons on our list in the modern design vein. It’s made of imported faux leather but it is high quality faux leather that is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. You have a cup holder built into each arm of the adjustable armrests and several different lounge positions.

In all, you can recline this futon in five different positions from upright to flat into an oversized twin bed. Plus the wide base gives it extra strength with a weight capacity of 550 pounds. Suitable to spruce up any room while adding a cozy sleeping space!


6. Plush Microfiber Futon for Under $200

Our last Best Choice Products pick caught our eye because it had one of the thickest mattresses of any of the under $200 futons we looked at. The Microfiber Futon Sofa Bed from Best Choice Products comes with a plush 6” sleeping mattress and you can own it for under $130!

We love this futon because it is designed to maximize comfort. The mattress itself is plush but it is also covered in a hypoallergenic microfiber cover that is soft but durable. It’s fairly simply made – no armrests, four legs and a top cushion – but it is possibly one of the most comfy futons on our list.

Unlike the others though, this one only moves into two positions – upright or flat. But it does have a high back and short seat so that it takes up less space. Without the armrests, it too can fit flush up against a corner wall in a small room or apartment.


7. Space Age Looking Folding Futon

Bet you’ve never seen a futon like this one before. The only reason we put the 4” Folding Mattress Sofa Chair Combo from Lucid at number seven and not higher on our list is because the design is probably not for everybody. At the same time Lucid makes some of the best mattresses on the market so when they make a sofa chair for only $180, we pay attention!

This futon can convert from a sofa that is streamlined and skinny enough to fit in a corner or it can be converted into a king or twin bed. Fold it all the way out and you have a king sized 4” mattress. Fold it in half, and you have an 8” thick oversized twin bed!

That’s unique just like the brand. The mattress itself is high quality foam and covered in a soft machine washable fabric and you can fold this thing all the way up into a suitcase sized portable futon – wow!


8. Thickest All Cotton Futon

For less than $185, we recommend the Au Natural 8” All Cotton Futon Mattress from Epic Furnishings. Keep in mind that you do not get the frame with this deal which is why we put it at number 8. That said, there are features about this futon that makes it one of the best which is why it made the top 10!

First, there are actually 14” of cotton batting stuffed and compressed inside to create a mattress that is between 6 and 8 inches thick. Unlike a lot of cotton mattresses that can get lumpy over time, these futons are hand stuffed so that each layer is evenly filled to prevent lumping.

This is a firmer mattress than some might prefer and you do have to spend a few more dollars to buy the frame. But if you are looking for a cheap futon mattress to fit a frame you already have, this is a really good deal. It fits an A-Frame, a Tri-Fold futon frame, or a platform bed.


9. Full Sized CertiPUR Foam Futon Mattress

This futon is also sold separate from the frame but it made our list because of the quality of the mattress and the price. For only $110, you can own the 6” CertiPUR Certified Foam Futon Mattress from DHP. It is rare to find such high quality hybrid foam at such a low price which is why it made the list – even if you have to spend $50 buck on a frame, you are still getting a huge bargain!

Using sturdy 5-gauge individually encased coil springs covered and surrounded by layers of a hybrid foam/polyester blend, the mattress itself is the biggest selling point for this futon. The mattress cover is a hypoallergenic microfiber to make it soft to the touch.

It’s very light at less than 60 pounds. Of all of the futon mattresses, even the full sets with the frames on this list, this is the only one that uses modern hybrid foam cushioning which gives it an edge even without the frame!


10. Best Looking Small Futon

Finally, for under $175 you can buy the Best Futon Lounger from Kodiak. Again, this futon mattress does not come with the frame but we found the frame too so you don’t have to go looking around for one. Plus it does come with the two back pillows which make this futon so attractive.

Small enough to fit on a patio or in a small dorm room, this PU foam and cotton filled polyester mattress is easy to care for and comfortable to sit on. The makers recommend using the Best Futon Lounger Frame which we found for just over $155 (altogether that’s more than $300, ahem).

10 kodiak lounger.jpeg
10 kodiak lounger.jpeg

Whether you have a mattress looking for a frame or a frame looking for a mattress, we think this futon mattress deserves to be in the top 10 for its jazzy ways and fancy style. That color can spice up any room and the design fancies up even the tiniest apartment!

Best Portable Futons Under $100

Before you go, you may have thought you couldn’t get a good quality futon for less than $200 but I think we’ve proven otherwise – but wait there’s more! We found 3 portable ones for under $100!

1. Fold Up 3” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

For just $80, you have a bed whenever you need with the Portable 3” Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress from Best Choice Products. The cover is removable for easy cleaning and it has two built in handles for easy transport!

1 best choice folding gel.jpeg
2 intex .jpeg

2. Inflatable Portable Futon Bed

For just $75 you can own a queen sized inflatable futon bed! The Pull Out Inflatable Bed from Intex is portable, inflatable, and converts from a sofa to a queen sized bed. When not in use, it deflates and compacts into an easy travel size case.


3. Japanese Style Portable Futon

For $70 you could own a Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress from D&D Futon Furniture.  A tri-blend of cotton, polyester, and foam gives this futon its comfiness. It folds up easily and ties up using the attached strings for easy carrying and storage.

Lindsey Lee