10 Best Wooden Futon Sofa Beds

Stylish Quality and Convenient Comfort

Once, futons were the choice furniture of young bachelors and college students- cheap, easy to move, and space-efficient. However, with the right design and style, a futon can be a comfortable and useful piece of furniture. Many futons are well-cushioned and make a great everyday couch and bedding option for extra guests.

With a wooden frame futon, something deeply practical and multipurpose is made to also look elegant and permanent. There are wooden frames in different stains and models, from heritage and modern to log-cabin and minimalist. There will certainly be one to fit your home.

Would you rather sleep on the floor (cuz it's better for your back)? Try traditional Japanese futons!

1. Nirvana Westfield Frame

There’s a reason the Nirvana company offers the best- and the most- quality wooden futon frames. This particular frame has solid construction and a variety of options.

The frame is made of solid hardwood, and although you can choose from a few wood types, the oaken model is easily the sturdiest long-term. However, if you have any difficulties, the company offers a free five-year warranty on the frame and a four year warranty on the mattress with which it is sold. Unfortunately, the company does not currently offer the frame without the mattress, although it does offer different options for the type of mattress provided.
The frame has three different positions rather than the standard two. It can be set at a nearly 90 degree angle, like a couch, and laid flat to create a bed. However, it can also be set to a degree between these two as a lounger ideal for reading or relaxing.


2. Nirvana Brentwood Frame

The Brentwood frame is also made by the Nirvana company. Unlike cheaper models, the entire frame is stained and finished, including the seat and back. It is also sealed to ensure the color lasts a long time. There are different stain color options available, including lighter and darker color ranges to meld with a variety of decors. You can also order it in either a full or queen size.

One unique feature of this wooden futon frame is its tray arms. Each arm has a folding and extendable tray. These negate the need to purchase additional side tables. While the trays cannot hold excessive amounts of weight, they can easily support beverages, books, or other typical items. The trays do expand the width of the futon beyond typical measurements.

This futon can be a little tricky to assemble, but the company does offer expert assembly for an additional fee. Whether or not you use the assembly option, a warranty covers the frame, and a slightly shorter warranty covers the mattress. The frame cannot be purchased without the mattress.


3. Kodiak Monterey Frame

The Kodiak wooden futon frame is a high quality frame sold without a mattress. It is a more budget-friendly option while still offering sturdy construction. This frame is on the lighter end of wooden futons, weighing only 90 pounds. It is crafted in a mission-style with simple, rectangular arms and legs.

The only color option offered is called “butternut,” a pale golden color. However, given the ability to customize futon mattresses on this frame, the color’s impact can be easily mitigated by the fabric used. Kodiak even sells soft cloth covers to soften the arms, which are especially useful when it is converted to a bed.

As with other futon frames, you can put it together yourself or have the company deliver and assemble it for you. The frame is comprised of only a few pieces, making it quick work to put together. Once completed, it can hold a full-sized mattress.


4. Coaster Traditional Frame

The Coastal company’s traditional wooden futon frame is solid oak construction. The description reads that it is stained “dirty oak” color, however the misleading name actually describes a color close to medium walnut, with a deep, slightly reddish hue. It is sturdy yet lightweight, at only 60 pounds.

The frame is simple to put together. It can only be delivered within the continental United States. The company doesn’t offer assembly options, but they are hardly needed. The estimated assembly time is under thirty minutes. Once completed, the frame is relatively slim, measuring several inches shorter than other solid wood models. It does still hold a full size mattress, but less bulky armrests and backing make it fit much better into snug spaces than other futon frames. If your futon purchase is motivated by space constraints, this model will likely work well for you.

Due to the nature of the permanent wood stain, the frame sometimes has a smell of polyeurethane which fades after about a week. This often results from wood shipped in airtight packaging. The smell is a small, short-lived detail in exchange for the quality and aesthetics of this frame.


5. Nirvana Arden Frame

The Nirvana Arden frame is different from other Nirvana company wooden futon frames in that when it is in a “sofa” formation, it is not at an even angle. Rather, the seat angles down and back towards the other half of the futon, creating a more reclined seating position. Some find this more relaxing than a traditional 90 degree angle in this position, while others might feel as though they are tucked too far back into the futon. If you tend to recline at an angle when seated, you are likely to find this comfortable.

The frame can be somewhat challenging to assemble alone, and is more easily built with a second person assisting. The company does offer an assembly team to complete this process for you, as with the other Nirvana products.

The futon can be ordered in either a queen or full size. Either way it is visually pleasing, stained with a multistep process that ensures its even oak color will last several years. The entire frame has a five year warranty included in the cost of purchase.


6. KD Folding Platform

This wooden futon frame is a minimalist’s dream. Without arms or visible backing once the mattress is in place, it works well in a wide variety of rooms and spaces. The frame is a light pine color. It comes with a short warranty, and may not last as long as some other futon options. However, its cost reflects this.

Unlike most other futon frames, this can be ordered in four sizes: twin, extra-long twin, full and queen. The company offers a wide variety of types of mattresses with different thicknesses and compositions that perfectly fit the frame. These are designed to securely attach to the frame, so even without the usual arms, the mattress stays in place nicely. If you order either of the twin size options, you will likely need to order your futon mattress from KD as well, as these are rare sizes.

A final unique feature of this frame is that it can be folded compactly for storage, and is light enough to easily move into a closet or other storage area.


7. Kodiak Drawer Frame

The Kodiak wooden frame comes in an option that includes two deep drawers under the futon. They extend almost as far back as the center fold of the futon itself, so that they can hold a great deal but don’t show in the back when the futon is in a sofa position.

The solid construction of the bottom of this futon makes it appear much more permanent and refined, especially when in the couch position. It appears solid all the way around the base. However, this same closed construction can make the frame especially difficult to construct alone, and requires help from a friend or the company in most cases. If you’d rather assemble it alone, it can be done but may take a few hours.

The frame is offered in espresso color, but can also be found in “Heritage,” a traditional oak finish.


8. Nirvana Stanford Frame

The Nirvana company’s Stanford style frame is offered in two sizes, full and queen. It can also be ordered in two shades of oak finish, one fairly light and the other a traditional medium color. Paired with its simple structure and design, it fits most decor.

This wooden futon frame is especially easy to assemble. It has few parts. Like some other futons, it has a more relaxed angle when in the couch position, so that when seated you lean back into the back as the seat angles down toward the center.

Moving the Stanford between its two optional positions is easy, as the platform slides and hinges rather than folding straight down. It is lightweight, compared to several other Nirvana futons, so it is a good choice for those who don’t want to have to heft a lot of solid wood every time they move it.


9. Epic Lodge Style Frame

The Epic company’s lodge style frame is a hybrid wooden and metal frame. The metal parts of the frame are completely obscured by the mattress once it is in place, and it does not squeak or scrape when moved between sitting and sleeping options.

 The log-styled arms, legs and backing give it a country feel, suitable for a cabin in the woods or a casual ‘Lincoln” style home. The details would be especially well suited to a child’s room. However, the wood can only be ordered in one fairly light pine color, and the wood itself is not dense. It can be dented or nicked easily if not treated properly.

The log shapings also make this futon mattress bulkier than most other futons, measuring almost half a foot wider and deeper than other futons. If you are looking to save space, this may not be the best choice for you.


10. Nirvana Eastridge

The Nirvana Eastridge style wooden futon frame has the same reputation or durability and quality as other Nirvana products. It is made of oak, and the parts are relatively easy to assemble, although they can be fairly heavy. You might want help putting together the larger pieces. The company also offers assembly at an additional cost, as well as a warranty.

One drawback of the Eastridge is its color options. The frame itself only comes in a medium oak color, and cannot be ordered without a mattress. The mattress can only be purchased in either a burgundy red color, or a grey with rings of teal and lighter grey printed all over. These two styles may not fit everyone’s home. If you don’t like them, you may find it necessary to order a cover for the mattress, or order a separate mattress.


Buying Guide

The first step in buying any kind of futon frame is to measure the space in which you would like to place your futon. The dimensions of a frame can vary significantly, even between items that hold the same size mattress. You may find that one style of wooden frame only fits if you purchase a full option when you would prefer a queen bed. Remember to consider how far out from the wall the futon must be able to slide when laid down as a bed.

When buying a wooden frame in particular, aim to buy a hardwood frame. These are much more durable and are unlikely to crack with repeated wear and movement. They are also more comfortable, as softer woods allow the platform slats to warp and bow over time, creating an uneven sleeping surface.

Look, too, for frames that are made of a few larger pieces rather than several smaller pieces. The fewer pieces, the more sturdy the construction overall. The manufacturer can more reliably join pieces of wood when the frame is made than you can with the pieces provided.

Finally, find a futon that allows you to purchase the type of mattress you would prefer. Almost any frame will hold a standard spring mattress. Some can easily support a cushion only mattress, too. However, if you want a memory foam or gel foam mattress, you will need a frame with closely spaced slats or wiring to prevent permanent misshaping of the mattress surface.