Best Art Easels for Kids - Review and Buying Guide

Famous artists always remember their first instrument that spawned their love of art. Ballerinas remember their first pair of ballet slippers. Football players remember their first team jersey. And artists remember their first art set.

Be it a mini keyboard or a kid-sized art easel you never know what genius you may spark when you give the gift of creativity to a child. Those little doodles could turn into masterpieces that one day wind up in an art gallery somewhere!

The first thing you probably think of when you think about buying art supplies for kids are the crayons or coloring pencils – God forbid you buy a toddler some paint! But don’t forget that what they draw on is just as important as what they draw with. Buying a coloring book and a box of crayons for a kid is one thing. Spending the money to buy them a really cool art kit and easel is on a whole different level.

If you’ve noticed some blossoming talent in a little one in your life, help them bloom with one of the very best art easels for kids. We found a dozen of them for children of different age ranges and mechanical abilities. Do you want to give your kid artist something that they’ll really like? Check these art easels out.

If your kid is now a full grown adult, why not check out these watercolor travel easels? That'll be sure to prove you believe in their artistic abilities. We also have a more inclusive guide for you full-fledged adults!

12 Best Art Easels for Kids

Best Art Easel for Kids

1 tri side.jpeg

1. Everything Little Artists Need

For best overall art easel for kids, we picked the uniquely designed Tri-Side Art Easel from Little Partners. It has everything a little artist needs to grow their art. All 3 sides offer a different medium. One side is a chalkboard, one side is a dry erase board with a feeder for paper, and the other side is a felt board. Each side has its own tray station for holding erasers, chalk, markers, etc.

The roller can hold an 18” paper roll for drawing, painting, or sketching. The dry erase board is also magnetic so you can add magnetic letters and numbers for kids to play with. This easel comes with four paint cups that fit securely in place so there are no big spills. It also comes with a full roll of refillable 18” paper. Best of all, this set will grow with the little ones.

You can adjust the height of the easel as your kid gets taller all the way up until the age of 14! This is the perfect art easel for serious little artists who won’t get bored with it after a couple of months.


2. Versatile and Sturdy Easel with Storage Bin

At number 2 we thought that the people at Gimilife really hit it out of the park with their Deluxe Easel for Kids. This all-in-one easel is made from high quality, eco-friendly wood that is safe for kids and free from toxins. Though it is wooden, it is lightweight and easy to move around for kids as young as 2.

We love that this easel has a chalkboard which is a novelty for kids these days, and on the other side is a magnetic easel. It comes with magnetic letters also and has a nifty storage bin below to store art supplies.

This easel doesn’t come with a paper roller but it does come with clips made for hanging paper of all different types and sizes. You’ll also have to put it together but it is really easy to do and the whole thing folds up for convenient space-saving storage making it one of the best art easels for kids in our opinion.

2 deluxe easel .jpeg

Best Art Easel for Toddlers

3. The Best Selling Toy for Toddlers

What toy is favored the most by both boy and girl toddlers? Believe it or not, it’s the Elk & Bear Painting Easel from Easel for Kids. This two-sided easel is both a magnetic whiteboard and a chalkboard. Specifically made for toddlers, we put this easel at the top of the toddler category.

First, two kids don’t have to fight over the easel; both can play on it at the same time. It comes with magnetic letters and numbers as well as chalk and erasers. Best of all for toddlers, it is the perfect height for kids aged 3 to 5 so they can feel like real artists.

Parents will love that you don’t have to put anything together. It comes fully assembled, folds flat for easy storage, and has a handle for easy transport. There is also a folding tray beneath the boards for storing markers, chalk, magnets, and other supplies.


4.  Easel for Toddlers You Trust with Paint

This is one of the best easels for toddlers we think because toddlers love to paint and not many easels for toddlers come equipped for paint. But that’s exactly what you get with this Tripod Easel from Crayola. Made for kids aged 2 and up, this easel has a detachable magnetic dry erase board and chalk board that doubles as a painting surface.

You can flip the board vertically to make a picture in portrait or turn it horizontally for landscape shaped drawings. It stands over two and a half feet tall—perfect toddler height. It comes with built-in paint cups, 77 magnetic letters and numbers, a storage tray, and two paint brushes.

Parents will have to do some minor assembly to put this easel together and the warranty is limited to 60 days after purchase. But you can easily cart this thing around. It folds flat for easy storage and transport.

4 crayola easel.jpeg

Best Easel for 2 Year Old

5 step2 art desk.jpeg

5. Confidence Building Art Center Easel

The best art easels for kids two years old – if you asked any parent – is one that comes without messy paints and chalks. But what fun is that for the kids? Rather, wouldn’t you like a nice neat place where they can keep all of their messy things? That’s why we chose the Great Creations Art Center Desk Easel from Step2 as the best for 2 year olds.

There are cups for paint, cubbies for markers, pens, and crayons, and compartments for coloring books and drawing pads. It is both a dry erase board and a chalk board. It also comes with a built-in toddler-sized bench, so eventually they’re going to outgrow this easel.

But if you want to indulge an art loving child in your life with a gift that may launch a career in the visual arts one day, we think this is the best easel.


6. Art Easel for Two

If you have two kids, you can kill two birds with one stone with the Art Easel Kids Desk from Step2. It is also made for those 2 and up with a bench on one side and a standing easel on the other. Made entirely of plastic, there is no assembly for this easel but it doesn’t collapse for easy storage like some of the others on our list – good thing it’s cute!

Kids can use this easel as a dry erase board or use the clips that come included to hang a sheet of drawing paper while they paint, color, or draw their masterpieces. The bench side has a storage area for art supplies and the easel is the perfect height for toddlers all the way up to preschoolers.

We think that if you have to keep two kids entertained, why not choose an easel that keeps them both occupied at the same time?

6 step2 for 2.jpeg

Best Kids Art Easel with Storage

7 copernicus school.jpeg

7. Extra Wide Easel with 6 Storage Bins

When it comes to storage among easels for kids, the Classroom Office Storage Writing Center from Copernicus takes the cake. There are two mini tubs hidden between the slanted easel boards. Below the boards are four – count them – four tubs that slide out for easy access. They are all deep enough to hold all the art supplies you can think of.

The easel frame itself is pretty tall, measuring over four and a half feet, making it ideal for elementary and middle school aged kids. The front of the easel is a magnetic dry erase board but it also comes with paper hooks that snap on so that kids can draw and paint on it as well.

The back is a detachable whiteboard that is just a few inches smaller than the whiteboard on the front. You can slide this easel out of the way when necessary. It comes on wheels that include safety brakes.


8. Fancy Hardwood Easel with Storage

If décor matters to you, you’ll probably want to check out this Double-Sided Hardwood Art Easel Dry Erase Board with Storage from ECR4Kids. We love this set for its storage capacity as well as its art features. First, the easel itself is made of fine Birch hardwood. It’s sturdy and easy to wipe clean.

The bottom shelf is deep enough to hold two large bins and the second shelf is perfect for holding all other art supplies in nice neat trays. The easel itself is dual sided and both sides can be used as a dry erase board or to paint and draw using the easel clips.

By itself the easel weighs almost 45 pounds and it will require some assembly by adults. But, even though it’s made of wood, it is certified Greenguard Gold and the edges are rounded to make it safer for kids.

8 ecr4kids wood.jpeg

Best Children’s Wooden Easel

9 first impressions wood easel.jpeg

9. Grows with Your Child Wooden Easel

Best of the wooden easels for kids is the First Impressions Multi-Use Children’s Wood Art Easel by Light Wood Finish. Where to begin with all of the goodies with this one? First and foremost, this easel is made to grow with your child. The height can be adjusted as kids get taller to 54” high so it’s perfect for kids who really love art and want to stick with it.

Secondly, kids can create all kinds of art using this easel. It has a chalkboard side and a dry erase side but both sides come with paper roll latches so that the easel can be used as a paint canvas too. The paint tray comes with lidded cups to prevent paint spills.

You get two large storage bins with this easel that fit snuggly and securely under the easel boards. Made from hardwood, the feet of the easel are lined in rubber so that it doesn’t slip around.


10. Simple All-In-One Wooden Easel for Kids

Our second choice for best wood easel is this simple yet sophisticated Deluxe Standing Art Easel from Melissa & Doug. The solid wood frame is made to fold flatly for easy storage. There are no large bin trays below but each side of the easel comes with deep removable plastic trays.

One side of the easel is a chalkboard; the other is a dry erase board with a paper roller, easily converting it to a paint canvas. You can use different types of paper using the 4 grip clips that come included. This easel also includes a paper cutter that the company swears is safe for kids.

You’ll have to put this one together but it shouldn’t take long. The paper roller works best with 18” paper and for all other paper sizes, you can use the clips. If you want a straight up wooden easel with not a lot of fuss, this is it.

10 melissa and doug.jpeg

Best Magnetic Easel for Toddlers

11 step2 easel with letters.jpeg

11. Standing Magnetic Easel for Tiny Tots

Buying parents of toddlers a paint set is like buying a kid some drums – kids will love them but their parents will hate it! For those kids, we suggest maybe giving them this Easel for Two from Step2. It is a magnetic easel made mostly for moving letters and numbers around on the board.

That said, it does include a large paper clip for holding drawing paper and trays on both sides for storing markers, brushes, pens, chalk, and erasers. Yet if you only used this easel as a magnetic board, kids can still have loads of fun.

The set comes with 77 different foam signs, letters, and numbers. It folds easily and can slide right into the crook of the closet when you want it out of the way. It will require some assembly but not much. We’re positive that you can do it yourself!  


12. Sit and Stick Table Top Magnetic Easel

Finally on our list is this cool easel for toddlers. It is the Tabletop Easel Board for Kids and Toddlers by Happy-Time. It’s not very big which is great for toddlers (only about 10 inches tall). It is dual sided with a magnetic whiteboard made for writing on with a dry erase pen and a blue chalkboard side which is also magnetic.

What we love the most about this easel for toddlers is that it is made to be fun for kids but it helps parents teach them all kinds of things. With the numbers they can learn math. With the letters, they can learn words. And with the storage compartment, they can learn to keep their stuff tidy.

The easel board folds on top of the yellow storage bin where there is plenty of room for pens, markers, stickers, chalk, and magnets. When play time is over, kids can clean up after themselves in one easy step.

12 happy time magnetic.jpeg