The Top 10 Best Bentos Just for Toddlers!

Toddlers can be quite the handful and often require a lot of preparation each and every day. We also know that as soon as you need to pack a lunch for them, there's a lot of concerns to be had about spillage, storage, and even if they'll want to eat the food you've packed. Here to tackle all these worries and more are ten bentos that are perfect for any toddler!

1. OmieBox Bento Lunch Box With Insulated Thermos For Kids, Meadow

Maybe the biggest concern for packing lunch in a bento is if it'll be leak-proof no matter the situation. Well, the number one bento on our list from OmieBox is sure to meet that criteria! With double sealed walls and three leak-proof compartments, this bento keeps foods separated and in their place no matter the journey. Thermal insulation also allows for cold foods to stay cold and hot foods to stay hot. On top of everything, there's a special stainless steel vacuum insulated food jar that provides ultimate storage for hot foods of all sorts. FDA approved and BPA free, there's nothing that can quite match this bento from OmieBox! Even with the most adventurous of toddlers, your food will be safe in this bento!

2. Bentgo Kids - Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box

Is your toddler a little bit more on the active side? Then we have the ultimate bento just for you! Bentgo Kids presents a bento that's perfectly proportioned and designed to kid sized compartments. These five compartments are safely sealed in the leak-proof outer shell of the bento, and secured even further with kid-friendly latches for that extra protection. With a removable dishwasher-safe tray, cleaning is made easy and simple! Extra drop-proof rubber coated edges really take this bento a step further in protecting against lively kids and their lifestyles. With a guaranteed two-year warranty, this bento is sturdy and built to last against all the elements that life has to offer! Be sure to check out Bentgo Kids' bento to fit the crazy life of your toddler!

3. Kid Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids

Sometimes getting your toddler to focus all of their attention on eating can be challenging to say the least. What you need is a bento that will do all the work for you! With Kid Bento's lunch box bento you will find that your child will be drawn to the cute characters illustrating the inside of each of the compartments. On top of attention-grabbing designs, this bento also includes four leak-proof compartments that are once again proportioned to the exact size your toddler should have at each meal. This way, you don't have to measure out your food in preparation and instead simply put it in the designated compartments. This bento makes sure to provide everything with an added 2-in-1 fork and spoon utensil that is safe and easy for any toddler to use. Microwave and dishwasher safe, we can't recommend this bento enough for any parent!

4. YUMBOX Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container

Knowing the lifestyle of a toddler, you have to expect spills and messes during mealtimes! Here to help reduce the amount of food you have to clean up is a guaranteed leak proof bento from Yumbox. This four-compartment bento really prides itself in being able to contain a variety of wet foods, like applesauce and yogurt, without ever spilling! With toddlers sometimes its easier to pack wet foods that you know they will eat, so having a bento to accommodate you  might just be the perfect choice for your lifestyle. This bento is also lightweight, easy to clean, and sturdy with the outer shell. With a latch to secure it all together, you will find that no leaks will get through this bento! 

5. Bento Buddies 2.0 B650

There's no doubt that kids can be picky when it comes to what they pack their lunches in. Sometimes they need the latest super-hero or princess to sport on their lunch boxes, but when these lunch boxes aren't leak proof, what then? To bring together the best of both worlds, we have these adorable bento buddies! These bento buddies by Laptop Lunches have everything to love about the secure and safe features of a bento, without being a full-on bento! That being said, you can pack these little guys into any box or bag your toddler prefers without worry of spills and leakage. On top of being absolutely portable in every way, you can also store left-overs in them for the days to come. Microwave and dishwasher safe, there's a lot to love in these multi-functional and sturdy bento buddies!

6. Kotobuki 280-129 2-Tiered Bento Box

One thing about bentos that don't always work for toddlers, is their portion size. Kids simply can't eat as much as we can, so having a large bento isn't always a priority. Adorable and unique, we have the 2-tiered panda bento box from Kotobuki that is sure to wow both you and your toddler! This bento is the perfect size to pack smaller portioned lunches in a container that will be no doubt bring a smile to everyone's faces. With two separate compartments, an outer shell, and a security strap, this bento has everything you need for a toddler's lunch! Not to mention the lovable panda shape that your kid will never tire of! Give your toddler a bento they will love and will specifically fit the right amount of food just for them!

7. Bendo: Sanrio Hello Kitty Design MICROWAVABLE & Dishwasher Safe Lunch Box

our boring, every day blue and red bento sometimes will just not cut it with your expressive toddler! To add a flair of personality we have the lovable Hello Kitty bento that is both charming and practical! Separated into two compartments, this bento, like our last one, ranges a bit more on the smaller side so you don't have to worry about packing more food than your toddler can eat. To secure against the adventurous lifestyle of a toddler, this bento has not one, but two latches on either side of the container to keep everything in its place no matter what! Made in Japan, this bento is an official product of Hello Kitty so you can't rest easy knowing its safe and made with quality! Safe to throw in either the microwave and/or the dishwasher, there's a lot of wonderful features about this Hello Kitty bento you simply can't ignore!

8. Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids

A big concern for purchasing a bento is storing it as they can often take up a lot of space. Well with this bento from ButyCth you no longer have to worry about it taking up too much room! This bento is unique in that it has three leak-proof compartments that are completely collapsible! That's right, they're made out of a flexible silicone that can collapse or expand a range of 1.5 to 2.5 inches, so storage is made easy and simple. Also, to protect against any type of leakage, this bento has four latches on each side so there's no way for your toddler to have any unexpected messes during the day. To make packing lunches that much easier, this bento also includes a spoon/fork hybrid that's completely safe for any child and has its very own compartment for safe-keeping! Collapsable compartments, freezer safe, and secure design, we think this bento could really be a great benefit to your every day lifestyle! 

9. ProAid Leakproof Lunch Bento Box

One of the signature features that often come with Japanese bentos includes a double stacked design. This means you can stack and pack more food in a smaller, more portable container! This bento from ProAid exhibits this exact design, and has a total of three leak-proof compartments. Easily stackable and secured with a latch, your toddler will have no problem carrying this bento everywhere they might go! As an added bonus, this bento includes an small latch you can open up for ventilation when you throw it into the microwave. When you get this bento you also get an added stainless steal fork and spoon pair so you'll always have utensils no matter what! Both leak-proof and compact, this bento truly has it all for any type of toddler!

10. PlanetBox ROVER Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box with 5 Compartments for Adults and Kids

Last, but certainly not least on our list is one bento that will not disappoint! PlanetBox presents a stainless steel bento with five compartments and an additional two round lidded containers for ultimate packing! To carry your bento in, this bento also includes a soft carry bag with extra pockets so your toddler doesn't have to worry about carrying a container that won't fit in their backpack. To add some personality to the bento, your purchase also includes your choices of fun magnets ranging all the way from epic dinosaurs to lovely forest fairies! Perfectly sized compartments and easy to clean material, this bento has a lot to offer parents! 

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Ashlyn Dickson