10 Leak-Proof Bento Boxes for Happy Eating

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Buying lunch can add up day after day, but bringing your own comes with its own set of problems. Whether you're off to school or a long day at work, the last thing you want to worry about is a leaking lunch box or even just your food not staying warm. Well, we're here to introduce you to ten amazing leak-proof bento lunchboxes that will forever change your mind about packing your own lunch!

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1. Omiebox Bento Lunch Box

From keeping foods warm, separated, and safely sealed, there are no better bentos than OmieBox's Bento Lunch Box. This bento is one of a kind as it truly is designed for optimal food travel! The box includes three separated compartments for food storage, one of those compartments being a specially designed stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos for all types of hot food. The compartments are also guaranteed leak-proof and are surrounded by thermal insulation sealed with the lid to make sure your hot foods stay hot and your cold foods stay cold. There has not been another bento that can compete with OmieBox's design, as it's not only practical, fit for all ages, and made to withstand all types of travel. Double-walled, air-insulated, and completely leak-proof, this bento is sure to keep your food just the way you packed it no matter the journey! 


  • thermal insulated

  • 3 separate leak-proof compartments

  • BPA free and FDA approved

  • integrated steel vacuum


2. Bentgo Kids

Bringing lunch always presents a number of challenges, especially for kids. To help combat these problems and more, Bentgo presents a bento that's made with sturdiness and practicality in mind. A common complaint amongst parents is that kids refuse to eat the normal foods made for packing, and what they want is a lunch box that can contain a wide variety of foods they love. On top of being able to carry any food you can imagine, this bento is built to last! Containing two kid-friendly latches and drop-proof rubber edges, this bento is able to tightly seal to protect against leaks of any kind.  Bentgo really aims to have a BPA-free and completely safe lunch box that will no doubt last you a long time, be easy to clean and store, and endure the natural destructive tendencies of the everyday child's lifestyle. Tired of your leaky and restrictive lunch box options, then check out Bentgo's bento today!


  • 5 separated compartments

  • drop-proof rubber edges

  • 2 kid-friendly lockable latches

  • 2 Year Warranty

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3 zojirushi mr bento.jpg

3. Zojirushi SL-JAE14SA Mr. Bento

The traditional setup for your average bento can sometimes limit the types of foods you can bring with you on your travels. If you're one who wants to expand the possibilities of food you can bring with you to the office or pack for your kid, then Zojirushi's Mr. Bento is absolutely the perfect option for you! This creatively stacked bento offers four compartments that nicely stack together for safe and practical travel.  These vacuum insulated stainless steel containers are also safe to put into the microwave and are simple to clean once taken apart. The shape of these compartments allow for a wider of variety of foods to be carried, from anything like last night's potato stew to a fresh helping of spaghetti, it's all safe and entirely leak-proof in this bento!  If this bento wasn't already enough, Zojirushi throws in a convenient tote bag that fits it perfectly and is easy to carry wherever you go! There's a lot to love with these bentos and we think you won't be able to find something quite like them any where else!


  • 4 round separated jar food bowls

  • includes convenient carrying bag

  • microwavable and easy to clean

  • vacuum insulated stainless steel


4. Monbento-MB Original BentoBox

Having numerous food compartments is definitely a great option, but sometimes its nice just to have the classic design for a bento. The number four bento on our list takes us back to the original style that still remains a popular favorite. Even though the Monbento bento only has three divided sections, they still work well for safely containing your meal and protecting against leaks. This original style also is the most praised for being compact and super easy to truly bring with you anywhere you go. It just goes to show that this style of bento has lasted for so long, and continues to thrive today, because of its pure practicality and durability. Coming in a variety of fun colors, from lime green to sky blue, you can add a bit of personalization to your bento! For a bento that will no doubt protect your food and be easy to store anywhere you go, take a look at the original style of Monbento's Original Bento Box!


  • dishwasher and microwave safe

  • 100% airtight

  • BPA free

  • 3 separated contained sections

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5 yumbox panino.jpg

5. YUMBOX Panino (Tahiti Green) Leakproof Bento

Known for being especially leak-proof, even against foods like yogurt and applesauce, we bring you a hardcore bento from Yumbox. This bento has a total of four separated compartments that are specifically built for your leaky foods in mind! On top of the nicely divided sections, this bento is dishwasher safe and is made from completely safe materials, all BPA free. For a nice little surprise, Yumbox also includes lovely koi oragami-themed illustrations on the bottoms of each and every bento for that extra touch. The makeup of this bento is also designed to be very lightweight and compact so that you won't feel weighed down while bringing your food with you. The size and shape of this specific bento also allows it to easily slip into a backback or your computer bag without taking up too much room and without fear of any kind of leakage whatsoever. Take a stand against lunchbox leaks and get the Yumbox leak-proof bento right now!


  • 4 main compartments and 1 cup portion

  • all food-safe materials and BPA free

  • dishwasher safe

  • compact and lightweight


6. BentoHeaven Leakproof Bento Box

Jumping back to that classically designed bento, we bring you one that combines the new with the old. From BentoHeaven we have a bento that has all the simplicity of the original bento, with all the complexities of a modern design. With three divided sections, one specially for just your eating utensils, this bento is stackable for optimal packing and safety. Although its airtight, this bento also comes with an elastic strap for extra security against leaks and external forces. This bento is not only dishwasher safe, it's also safe to use in the microwave and freezer as well, all depending on the foods you want to pack! BentoHeaven also throws in these adorable lunch notes that let you write little messages to pack away for yourself or your loved one! Ventilated lids, a free pair of chopsticks, and a guaranteed durability like no other, the BentoHeaven bento truly has it all!


  • microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe

  • all BPA free materials

  • ventilated lids with included elastic strap

  • free lunch box notes for your enjoyment

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7 bentology.jpg

7. Bentology Leak-proof Bento Lunch Box

Want a bento that can function as more than just a bento? Bentology created a bento with just this thought in mind! This certified leak-proof bento includes five various sized lunch containers and three corresponding airtight lids. With these lids, you can take and store leftover food even after you've packed it away for lunch. Even without the lids, the food is still safely secured as the box seals tightly and securely for your peace of mind. Reusable, durable, microwave and dishwasher safe, this bento makes the perfect lunch-carrying addition for kids and adults alike. With versatility we've yet to see in any other bento, and the ability to store leftovers with ease, this Bengology Bento definitely has a lot to offer!


  • 5 translucent inner containers

  • dishwasher and microwavable safe

  • 3 leak-proof inner lids

  • 1 year manufacturer's guarantee


8. Black+Blum Bento Box

For the eighth bento on our list, we have one that goes back to that simple, yet lovable design we mentioned earlier. This bento, from Black + Blum, only has one large section for holding food, yet still includes a sauce container and specific fork holder to accommodate the design. This is definitely one that targets an older audience, as it limits the choices of food, but nonetheless still has all the amenities that you would need in a bento. These amenities include being dishwasher and microwave safe, an included durable fork, and of course, being absolutely leak-proof. This bento box is perfect for last night's leftover fried rice or your favorite salad! It works well to protect your food and is especially nice for its smaller size if you tend to travel light. With secure latches on either side, Black + Blum's bento may be simple, but is most definitely durable in every sense of the word!


  • includes sauce pot, separator, and fork

  • new and improved lid design

  • microwave and dishwasher safe

  • compact and easily portable

8 black blum.jpg

9. Japanese Modern/Traditional Compartmental Bento Box

We've looked at some pretty awesome bentos, but none had quite as much food storage as this one! From SKATER we have a bento box that has a total of six divided containers, all of varying sizes for all types of food. This bento provides ample options for food combinations and storage all while still being 100% leak-proof for your benefit. If the containers weren't enough to sell you on this bento, it also has a hidden compartment on top to hold your chopsticks (or the utensil of your choice). Two secure latches keep the whole bento together and really take its durability up a notch. Even though this bento is a  tad bit on the larger side, it's still remarkably light weight and easy to store. For those long days in the office or for the growing teenager, this bento will absolutely be able to satisfy every type of individual!


  • 6 divided food compartments

  • lightweight plastic materials

  • easy to wash removable sections

  • durable and long-lasting


10. Takeya Bento Lunch Box with a Green Bag

The last bento on our list is one that is known for being extra secure and durable for whatever kind of travel it may endure! From Takeya we want to show you the adorable and brightly colored bento that may be small but is sturdy in every way. With three divided compartments, this bento holds a descent amount of food all while being tighly secured by the latch on lid. On top of its leak-proof and strong lid, this bento is also safe to use in both the microwave and the freezer. Cleaning this bento is also as simple as can be as the three compartments are easily removable. On top of everything, Takeya throws in an addition bento-carrying bag that is tightly closed with draw strings and easy to carry just about everywhere! Easy to use, store, and secure, this bento has everything and more you could need for bringing your lunch anywhere, anytime!


  • snap-on lid for ultimate protection

  • freezer and microwave safe

  • 3 divided compartments

  • comes with portable green bag

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