The Best Authentic Japanese Chopsticks

Aging over 6,000 years, Chopsticks are some of the world's oldest form of eating utensils. These tools are diverse in function and practicality, while still being undoubtedly simple and elegant. Although they originated within Chinese territory, chopsticks inevitably became popular all over the globe. Through their travels they began to differentiate in name and appearance to fit each respective culture. 

Japanese Word for Chopsticks

In Japan, chopsticks are called hashi and in kanji look a little something like this 箸. They also differ from Chinese chopsticks in appearance in how they taper more on the ends and are also a bit more on the lengthier side. This style is all due to the type of cuisine Japan has to offer, and in turn, determines how to use chopsticks the Japanese way like so:

How to Use Chopsticks Japanese Style

how to chopstick.gif

Japanese Chopsticks Etiquette

Before we show you ten top-notch Japanese style chopsticks, here are some basic rules to master chopstick etiquette!

Do not's:

  • do not stick your chopsticks upright in your rice

  • do not leave your chopsticks crossed on your plate/bowl

  • do not use one chopstick at a time

  • do not pass food from one pair of chopsticks to another

  • do not use unmatched chopsticks

  • do not stir food around with your chopsticks

  • do not take food from a communal plate with your individual pair of chopsticks


  • do use a chopstick holder (if you have one or if offered one)

  • do hold and use your chopsticks correctly (see above picture)

  • do lift bowl of rice towards you with one hand and eat with chopsticks with the other

The main thing to remember is that practice makes perfect and although it might seem like a lot to remember right now, you'll be able to get the hang of it in no time!

To begin practicing, here are ten amazing chopsticks that truly embody the Japanese spirit!

1 chopsticks aoosy.jpg

1. Chopsticks, AOOSY 5 Pairs Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set with Case

To start off our list, we have these beautifully crafted set of five chopsticks from AOOSY. The naturally nanmu wood utensils are built with durability and safety in mind. With this, they are completely free from toxic materials such as BPA, PVC, or pthalates so everyone in the family can use them risk free! On top of being made from organic materials, these chopsticks are easy to clean and store, especially with the included gift box. Usefulness aside, these chopsticks are also elegantly designed and detailed, adding a nice flair to your everyday kitchen utensil. Beautifully ordained with white flowers on the tips, these chopsticks are sure to not just fit in with the decor, but with every meal as well! We highly recommend these chopsticks from AOOSY since they truly combine elements of practicality and eloquence all in one eating utensil! 


2. Youmi Japanese Natural Wood Chopstick Set Reusable Classic Style Chopsticks 5 Pairs Gift Set

Number two on our list presents another set of chopsticks that are hard to compete with! From Youmi, we have chopsticks that once again come in a set of five, that way they're perfect for the whole family or even small dinner parties. Made from jujube wood, these chopsticks, much like the first pair, are also guaranteed to be free of any harmful materials and are made easy to clean and polish. In addition to the durable wood, these chopsticks are varnished with eco-friendly  food grade lacquer to prevent against staining and breaking in any way. To add a bit of individuality, each chopstick in the collection has a beautifully painted golden flower at the base.  With an included organizational box to keep and store your utensils, these chopsticks make for the perfect set to be had in any kitchen!

2 youmi.jpg
3 happy sales.jpg

3. Happy Sales HSKS1/B, Japanese Black Chopsticks Set with Case - Crane Design Black

For those times when you only need one pair of chopsticks that you know will do the job, Happy Sales brings you the pair that will be perfect for the job! Black lacquered for protection as well as that nice glossy finish, these chopsticks are everything you need and more! The chopsticks themselves are not only the perfect travel size, they also come with a beautifully designed plastic case that's easy to pack in a bag and bring with you for every meal and is an extra bit of protection. These chopsticks very much embody the Japanese spirit and tradition in their simple design, color, and style. They are also incredibly lightweight and easy to use, which makes them all the better for beginners of the Japanese chopsticks eating style. Take a stab at these wonderful chopsticks from Happy Sales!


4. AUCH Japanese Sakura Bamboo Chopsticks, Blue

Our next chopsticks feature a slightly different design that makes them stand out in the sea of chopstick brands. These chopsticks, from the company AUCH, are built with the prominent goal in mind for easy eating and grasping! On the tips of these chopsticks are tiny circular grooves that assist in grabbing even the smoothest of foods, making them the perfect option for individuals who have never, or have little experience, eating with chopsticks. Made from 100% bamboo, these chopsticks also are created with traditional Japanese sakura (cherry blossom) on your choice of either a blue or red background. Reusable, dishwasher safe, and easy to store in yet another black gift box, these chopsticks will surely be the optimal gift for someone just learning how to use them!

4 auch sakura.jpg
5 happy sales bamboo.jpg

5. Happy Sales HSCH22/S, 5 Pairs Multi Color Design Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set, Mnt

In the mood for a set of chopsticks that is all about simplicity? Then Happy Sales has made the perfect set for you! Made from sturdy bamboo, these chopsticks are indeed made simple and neat. Designed after the traditional Japanese chopstick, long and tapered on the end, these chopsticks reflect all there is to love about these popular eating utensils. Coming in a set of five, these chopsticks make an excellent gift or even for family/friend gatherings. On top of their simple design, they are easy to clean, whether you prefer to hand wash or stick them right inside the dishwasher. Happy Sales also makes sure that they're chopsticks are long lasting and that not even the paint will chip away, even after repetitive daily use. Smooth, elegant, and minimal, these chopsticks work for just about every type of occasion!


6. Happy Sales HSCH24/S, 5 pairs Japanese chopsticks gift sets Twist

Happy Sales brings yet another great style of chopsticks made for the entire family! These chopsticks are made with a fun twist, literally! On the ends of each chopstick in this set of five are twists that bring about a whole new sense of whimsy! Even with these more abstract designs, these chopsticks are still every bit practical and sturdy. Once again made from wood with a light lacquered finish, these chopsticks take the ordinary and turn it into a refreshing new look. These chopsticks are especially great for kids or individuals who are a bit intimidated by chopsticks and are in need of that little bit of fun to get them out of their comfort zone. Even though they have twisty ends, gripping the chopsticks happens to be easier than a lot of other types of chopsticks! For a new type of chopstick that strays from the norm, grab yourself this set from Happy Sales!

6 happy sales twist.jpg
7 rbenxia metal.jpg

7. Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick Stainless Steel Spiral Chopsticks

Time to deviate from the ordinary wood and bamboo chopsticks and take a look at a different type all together! Rbenxia gives us our next type of chopstick on this list, one that is made out of metal. Whether or not metal is better than wood is entirely preference, but these metal chopsticks are definitely worth checking out! Although you would imagine them to be heavier, these chopsticks are actually quite light and easy to use, especially since they have a swirly design built-in to enable a sturdier grip. Dishwasher safe and praised for being easier to clean than most wood materials, these chopsticks are convenient in every way! Ready to try out a new chopstick experience, or simply prefer a utensil you know will last, then Rbenxia's metal chopsticks are the set for you!


8. JapanBargain Wooden Portable Travel Chopsticks

Although chopsticks are pretty portable to begin with, it's nice to have a set dedicated to just that! These wooden travel chopsticks from Japan Bargain will reinvent the way you see portable eating utensils. Designed with the traditional Japanese style in mind, these chopsticks are unique in that they can  disconnect into two separate pieces to easily store and pack away. To put the pieces back together, you simply screw them on and you're ready to dig in! Wooden with a black outer coat, these chopsticks are sturdy even with being able to screw together. To assist in their portability even more so, these chopsticks come with a sliding wooden case that's both compact and nicely sealed. Finished with a beautiful twist on the end of the stick, these chopsticks are truly one of a kind and absolutely perfect for everything from a packed lunch at the office to even an extended camping trip. Ready to take your chopsticks every where you go to cease every eating opportunity, then grab a pair from Japan Bargain today! 

8 japanbargain wooden portable.jpg
9 japanbargain bamboo.jpg

9. JapanBargain Brand 5 Piece Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Gift Set Multi Color Design (MNT)

Looking for slick, modern, and easy to use chopsticks? Say no more! With Japan Bargain's bamboo chopsticks you will have the lovely modern chopsticks you've always wanted. These five set of chopsticks come in a multi-color design that compliments the bamboo material well. Finished with a glossy lacquer outer layer, these chopsticks are perfect for casual dinner parties, or even a picnic out in the park! With your preference of hand washing or simply throwing them in the dishwasher, either way, these chopsticks will last long and serve you well. We definitely recommend these for individuals just beginning to understand the Japanese customs and who intend to master the art of eating with chopsticks. These chopsticks also truly resemble your average chopstick you'd find in any authentic Japanese restaurant, which make them the perfect tool for learning and practicing with! Start your chopstick learning journey the right way with these amazing utensils from Japan Bargain!


10. Iuhan® 2 Pairs Handmade Japanese Natural Chestnut Wood Chopsticks Set Value Gift

Encompassing all their is to love about Japanese tradition and culture, we have our final set of chopsticks by luhan! As mentioned, these chopsticks truly uphold the classic style in a way that is affordable and easy to access. Made from all natural chestsnut wood, these chopsticks don a beautiful dark red brown hue that is bound to match any kitchen set you might already have. These chopsticks are yet another pair that are wonderful for beginners, all the way from the young to the old. In this package, you receive two pairs of these lovely chopsticks as well as a guarantee for visible quality! Smooth, easy to grip, and classic in every sense of the word, these chopsticks make for a fine eating utensil! 

10 iuhan.jpg

Best 10 Anime Themed Chopsticks

With people’s taste in cuisine widening and changing to include a wide range of cultural dishes, the need to use chopsticks are now more common. The best anime themed chopsticks are for you if you are looking to match your chopstick skills with your love for anime. These creative chopstick designs are perfect for anime lovers and children, especially when they are just testing Asian cuisine for the first time. These anime themed chopsticks are decked out in a wide range of friendly, fun, and visually appealing embellishments.

How to Use Chopsticks

Like speaking a foreign language and skiing, using a chopstick is a skill that is better acquired in childhood. Adults tired of feeling boorish when eating Asian cuisines can become proficient with a little perseverance. Don’t let the fine balancing act chopsticks impose intimidate you. Although wielding them can be challenging, it is a simple process that increases digestion and precision upon mastery. Follow this simple process to hold your chopsticks.

Step 1

In your right hand, rest the thick end of one chopstick on the webbing between your forefinger and thumb, so that about one inch of it sticks out beyond the hand and rest the other end on the ring finger. Make sure your fingers are kept loosely curled. The successful use of the chopstick depends on how you are able to stabilize the lower chopstick which does not move, to leave your forefinger and thumb free to maneuver the top chopstick.

Step 2

Grip the lower chopstick with the bottom of the thumb, so it is immobilized and firmly sits on the ring finger. You can use the tip of the middle finger to stabilize the chopstick’s ring-finger end.

Step 3

If you are correctly holding the lower chopstick, the top joint of your thumb and your entire index finger are free to move around. Grip the top chopstick between the tips of these fingers so you have its tip lining up with the tip of the lower chopstick.

Step 4

Now, carefully lift the food with your chopsticks. Take care not to allow it to slide out.

For beginners, it is usually easier to grab food at a 45° angle. Solid foods such as fish slices and sushi rolls are simpler to work with while noodles and rice are more challenging and may require a different method of handling. Practice lifting, sorting and stirring your food until you are comfortable with the chopstick’s range of motion before moving to trickier skills.


Our Favorite Anime Themed Chopsticks


Kotobukiya Star Wars Chop Sabers

If you love Star Wars and Asian cuisines, then you will probably die for the Kotobukiya Star Wars Chop Sabers. These Yoda chopsticks will allow you to defend the galaxy while munching on your favorite Asian cuisine. They are available in smaller sizes for children, allowing them to use their imagination while eating. The Kotobukiya Star Wars Chop Sabers are lightweight and portable which makes carrying them around easily as they can fit your pocket. It is widely known that eating sushi with chop sabers strengthens your ability to ingest horseradish products. The only ‘downside’ to these lightsabers is that they don’t light up or slice effortlessly through the flesh. They are made of very strong plastic, so you don’t have to worry about snapping them in half while eating. They are pretty slick, so it can be sometimes difficult to snag a piece of sushi due to the plastic’s slippery nature. But they are quite pointy, so it might be easy to spare the slippery ones. The Kotobukiya Star Wars Chop Sabers are an excellent choice for all Luke Skywalker fans.


Bandai Sailor Moon Dx My Chopsticks

For a long time, Sailor Moon and her fellow sailor soldiers have been an icon within the Japanese media and the world at large. These chopsticks are a little magical and feminine, and they are inspired by Sailor Moon’s magical wands. These adorable chopsticks are made entirely in pink to look like the Pink Moon Stick, Moon Rod, and Moon stick. They feature a sailor moon ornament that is uniquely placed at the chopstick’s top end. We love the fact that the top comes off which makes cleaning easy without damaging it. It comes in the cute 20th anniversary packaging, making it great for those who like to keep collectibles in their package. There is no better way to show your fandom than to break out these chopsticks every time you want to have an inspired meal. The Bandai Sailor Moon Dx My Chopsticks are the perfect chopsticks for fans of the Sailor Moon Franchise.


Tanaka Hashiten Chopsticks

The Tanaka Hashiten Chopsticks are made from lacquered natural wood which makes it perfect for casual dinner parties or a picnic in the park. It comes with a plastic travel case that makes it easy to carry your chopsticks with your Bento or for eating out. They are available in a variety of colors. You can hand wash these chopsticks so they will last long and serve you well. The textured tip helps to make gripping food easier. The Tanaka Hashiten Chopsticks are perfect for those individuals who want to understand the Japanese customs and master the art of using chopsticks.


Sanrio Licensed Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks

If you are looking to learn how to use chopsticks properly, then look no further because the Sanrio Licensed Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks are specially designed for your chopstick mannerisms basics. It features finger loops that allow for easy positioning. The miniature and quirky design of these chopsticks will help to keep it from stumbling and will also keep the table clean. The top of the chopsticks are connected together and they come with index, middle, and thumb finger inserts that make it easier to handle. These cute chopsticks are available in a variety of colors to suit your preference. These chopsticks are not only easy to use but they also feature the adorable Hello Kitty icon on the top. This makes them attractive to those who love the infamous brand. The Sanrio Licensed Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks are ideal for those looking for some beginner help to hone their chopstick skills. They will help to add a bit of fun to your meal while also keeping you entertained.


Skater Sanrio Gudetama Chopsticks

Sanrio and its adorable mascots are now known globally as Japan’s modern symbol. Apart from the Hello Kitty, the Gudetama is another anime-character in its lineup. Having a cute convenience at hand allows you to enjoy the most charming meals. Nothing complements a delightful picnic under the sun or an adorable handmade lunch better than an endearing pair of chopsticks. The Skater Sanrio Gudetama Chopsticks are the perfect chopsticks for lovers of Sanrio’s lovable lazy yolk. They are made from natural wood and the acrylic paint helps to add to the visual appeal. These bright yellow anime-themed chopsticks are compact and come in a carrying case that makes storing it easy. These chopsticks feature a textured end that makes it easy to grasp a wide range of delicious Asian food. With the Skater Sanrio Gudetama Chopsticks, enjoying your egg dishes, a bowl of noodles and other tasty food becomes more fun. It is reusable and dishwasher dryer safe.


My Neighbor Totoro Chopsticks

My Neighbor Totoro Chopsticks feature prints of one the characters from Studio Ghibli films. These quirky chopsticks are available in an elegant bamboo design with a tiny My Neighbor Totoro character cleverly printed at the top. What makes these chopsticks unique is that they have grooves in them which make gripping noodles and other slippery food easier. They are available in different designs to suit your preference. Their elegant designs help to add a nice flair to your kitchen utensil. It comes with a sliding case and a loop that makes it easy to transport. We highly recommend My Neighbor Totoro Chopsticks because they combine elements of eloquence and practicality in one eating utensil.


Hog Wild Ninja Chopsticks

Ninjas are trained to be ready and steady at all times. Therefore, it is important for every ninja to own a pair of these ninja chopsticks from Hog Wild. These nerdy chopsticks will help to prepare every wannabe ninja with the right tools to eat and protect what is sacred to them – dinner. The connector between the two sticks helps to ensure they are never separated. This makes learning how to eat with chopsticks easier for beginners. If anyone with foolishness or audacity approaches your delicious fried noodles intending to mooch it, simply release the chopsticks to ward off the assailants. It is available in 2 styles – black and white. The Hog Wild Ninja Chopsticks are Ninja approved and dishwasher safe.


Kotobukiya Japanese Samurai Katana Chopsticks

Samurai sword chopsticks pay tribute to real-life warriors from the 17th century – Maeda Meiji, Sanada Yukimura, and Date Masamune. The Kotobukiya Japanese Samurai Katana Chopsticks are Asian utensils that replicate samurai sword with intricate and embellished handles. These chopsticks will allow you to dispatch your sushi with honor. They bring a fight to the table since you are eating with a miniature weapon. The Kotobukiya Japanese Samurai Katana Chopsticks looks not only wicked, but it is also functional and a great chopstick fit beginners looking to eat like the people in the East. Although they look great as display pieces, they are very durable for any type of Asian food. The Kotobukiya Japanese Samurai Katana Chopsticks help to recreate the original samurai weapon with expert craftsmanship from the ornament (menuk) to the collar (fuchi). The Samurai warriors were masters of the sword, so you can also master your meal with these chopsticks.


Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick

These chopsticks are quite different from the ordinary bamboo and wood anime-themed chopsticks on our list. The Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopsticks are made of metal and silver tone which gives you a comfortable experience. Whether wood chopsticks are better than metal depends largely on your preference but these chopsticks are worth checking out. Although you would think they are heavier, they are actually light and easy to use. It features a swirly design and a tapered end that gives you a sturdier grip when using it. They are dishwasher safe and easier to clean than those made of wood. These make the Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick convenient to use in every way. Its spiral anti-skid design makes them stand out. The bottom grooves design and upper spiral threads give these chopsticks a chic look. It is disposable which makes it environmentally friendly. It is heat insulated which lets you eat any hot Asian food without worrying about burning your hands. Its lightweight design makes it easy to travel with. The Rbenxia Metal Steel Chopstick has an exquisite and unique design that will not allow you to feel tired after a long time use.


Kiki’s Delivery Service Design Chopsticks

The Kiki’s Delivery Service Design Chopsticks are made of Japanese Bamboo which makes it long lasting. They will allow you to enjoy your favorite Asian food alongside the adorable talking kitty. The tiny circular grooves on these chopsticks will help in grabbing even the smoothest food. This makes it a great chopstick for those who have little or no experience eating with chopsticks. These chopsticks are 8.3 inches long and also feature cherry blossoms (the traditional Japanese sakura) and little paw prints. It comes in a set of 3, making an excellent choice for friend/family gatherings. Whether you are eating at home or dining out, you will be ready for ramen, sushi, or any other meal in between with the Kiki’s Delivery Service Design Chopsticks.


Whether you are craving rice or ramen, looking for a change in eating habits, or simply want to master the art of chopstick wielding, there is a perfect set of anime themed chopsticks for your skill set, lifestyle, and fandom. The amusing designs of these chopsticks can help to make eating Asian cuisines a bit more enjoyable for lovers of Japanese culture and anime.

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