The Ultimate DIY Guide - Yuichiro Hyakuya Cosplay

Seraph of the End is one anime that truly knows how to pull on your heartstrings! You can't help but fall in love with every character, especially the  troubled protagonist Yuichiro Hyakuya. Ready to take on the war against bloodthirsty vampires?! Then we have the ultimate guide to a DIY Yuichiro Hyakuya cosplay to start your battle today!


To start off, we'll begin with the easiest part of the cosplay: hair! Yuichiro has that classic spiky black anime hair we're all pretty familiar with. To get this look just right, you'll need a wig that can style with ease and stay in place all day long!


This wig has the perfect texture and thickness that will work great for Yuichiro! 

For help styling it just right to match the character exactly, check out this video that will give you step by step instructions! 

Once you've gotten the wig exactly how you want it, you'll be wanting Yuichiro's military style cap! For this, you'll want a marching band/military conductor hat like so:


This hat, found here, will need just a few extra touches to match the one from the anime. For the green detailing, you can use lime green acrylic paint, like this one!


And lastly, for the cap, you'll add on four gold buttons to give it that military flair! You can use ones found here for that finishing touch!


The most recognizable part of this cosplay will definitely be Yuichiro's militaristic navy blue and green jacket. To start off, you'll need the perfect jacket that has the double-breasted gold buttons and overall square shape. This jacket has all of that and more!


Even though this jacket already looks a lot like Yuichiro's, to get those lime green details around the sleeve you can use this roll of ribbon and either sew it on or glue it on!


Now that you have the jacket, you'll need just a couple more accessories to complete the look! Yuichiro wears two different belts to match his outfit, and for the first one we have a white belt with a gold buckle, much like this one:

download (1).png

And for the second belt, you'll use a leathery brown one that'll go across your chest like this one:

download (2).png

Finally you'll need a pair of pristine white gloves to upkeep that formal military look, much like these!

download (3).png

Another more simple part of this cosplay is the pants! Yuichiro wears a pair of regular blue trousers, very much like these:

download (4).png

For running quickly away from approaching threats, you'll need sturdy footwear to rely on! Boots like these are exactly what Yuichiro would wear during battle:

download (5).png

At the top you'll also need to use four of those same gold buttons used for the cap and glue them on in a square shape.


You can't just simply walk into a battle unarmed, you'll need a great weapon! Yuichiro ends up picking a very powerful sword, and to make this very weapon you'll need a couple of things.

First you'll need a katana that matches the shape, much like this one:


What makes Yuichiro's weapon special is the bright green color that it displays. To get this color on the blade, first apply a primer to allow paint to stick, like this one here:


Then use this lime green spray paint to color half of the sword!


For the final dramatic flair that is Yuichiro Hyakuya, you'll need to make the cloack. To acheive this, you'll need to pick up some black and green fabric, either at your local fabric store or from here (for black) or here (for green).


With your fabric, follow this tutorial to sew together your cloak!

After following this complete DIY cosplay guide, you're ready to go to war against the vampires and save the world as Yuichiro Hyakuya!