10 Best Gifts for Otakus!

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You can't deny that Japan has some of the best snacks, anime, and culture! So, whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your otaku friend or simply in the mood to treat yourself, we have the best gifts featuring all things Japanese pop culture!

1. Japanese Snack Variety Gift Boxset

Every Otaku has their own opinion on what the best anime might be, but what we can all agree on is our love for Japanese snacks! You can never go wrong in giving delicious snacks as a present! This specific Japanese snack variety box set might just be the perfect gift for the Otaku of any kind, as it features a variety of mouth-watering treats you can't help but love. This box set provides candies of all different kinds, so you can try out all the best brands Japan has to offer all wrapped up in lovely packing and tied together with a beautiful bow. If that weren't enough, you can also customize the theme of your box set so it's special and unique for the person you're giving it to! Give the gift that's all ready to go and is sure to make anyone smile!

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2. JaFunko Best of Anime Series 1 - Mystery Mini One Figure

Now it's pretty common knowledge that the average Otaku loves anime, it's just a matter of which one! For that perfect anime-inspired gift, we have these adorable mystery figures by Funko. This series features a wide range of anime heroes from every spectrum of the genre, from the lovely Asuna (Sword Art Online) to the fiery Eren (Attack on Titan), you can find almost any character as an adorable mini figurine. Funko is widely known to make quality collectible figures from popular culture, and now they've decided to dive into the realm of anime! This is your chance to give someone the gift of a fun-sized figure from some of the most favorite characters anime has to offer. Collectible, affordable, and of course super kawaii, you can't go wrong in giving one of these mystery figures by Funko!


3. MsMr Morphing Mug quotes Keep Calm And Watch Anime Black and White Color Changing Ceramic Mug

If you're at a loss as to what to give as a gift for someone, you can honestly never go wrong with a mug! We've found just the one for your Otaku friend as its not only practical, it's overwhelmingly charming as well! With a twist on the popular saying "Keep Calm and Carry On", you can now get this ceramic mug with the saying "Keep Calm and Watch Anime", ideal for any Otaku really. What's more is that this mug is no ordinary dish, as it transforms right in front of your eyes once you add hot water! It starts out as a simple black mug, but once you heat it up both the saying and a pair of classic anime eyes appear right then and there. With cute art and a relatable saying, who wouldn't love this mug?

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4. US Seller - Totoro Plush 15" Backpack New Design

Whether you're new to the world of anime, or you've watched just about every series out there, you can't deny your love for the famous mascot Totoro! From Studio Ghibli's most famous feature, My Neighbor Totoro, Totoro has long been a symbol of Japan and all things anime. So, to show off our love for the big fuzzy creature, we found the most creative backpack for anyone of any age! This plush Totoro isn't just cute, it's practical and adjustable too so it works as a fully functional backpack you can use over and over again. Starting a new semester of school, or just need a bag to carry your everyday stuff, then we suggest you check out this Totoro backpack today! Almost everyone in the Otaku community loves Totoro and this might just be the cutest gift to receive! 


5. Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches

Bentos are a big part of everyday Japanese culture, but making your own can be difficult in knowing where to even start. This book, Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches is your step into learning the art of creating delicious and aesthetically-pleasing bento lunches. This book, not just exclusive to the process of making lunches, also includes a step by step guide on bentos and what types of meals fit into each design. The book is also organized by the type and theme you want your bento, so you can really make it your own, from autumn leaves for fall to even little red riding hood! There are a lot of us out there who have always wanted to make an eye-catching bento lunch, but lack the proper education on how to do so. Now you can give the gift that truly teaches all the little intricacies of making a bento lunch!

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6. Anime Cosplay Flannel Winter Cloak

Recently there's been an anime that truly visualizes the real life of an Otaku, and now you can bring that anime to life with this gift! From the popular Himouto! Umaru-chan, a series about a seemingly normal girl who turns out to be a pretty lazy Otaku at home, we found a comfy hamster hoodie that's straight out of the show. The main character, Umaru, always wears this famous hoodie at home, and we think it's the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a similar lifestyle! Made from a warm flannel and embroidered with finishing touches, this hoodie is ideal for staying home and watching anime all day long. Fall is on it's way, and once that cooler weather starts creeping in, Otakus won't be grabbing for the nearest blanket, but rather for this cozy hamster hoodie from their favorite anime!


7. SH Figuarts Woman Pale Orange Action Figure Set by Anime/Manga by Ban Dai

For many Otakus, drawing is a common hobby, and for some being able to draw anime is the ultimate end goal. If you know someone who strives to illustrate manga or even animate for a studio someday, then this gift might be exactly what they need! Anime has a very particular style, it's almost realistic but with a tad more emphasis on certain features. Learning to draw the human body is necessary, but for anime it's good to take that extra step to draw exactly in that style! This specially designed posable drawing action figure has the anime style in mind and is awesome for anyone just learning or practicing to draw in that way! With joints that pose and an anime-type figure, there's a lot to do with a figure such as this! Help someone achieve their goal of working on anime with this woman drawing figure!

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8. KAWAII IN STREETS SENPAI IN SHEETS anime - Mens Pullover Hoodie

Being a part of the Otaku community means knowing some phrases that are used quite often! To show off these eclectic phrases, we found a fun hoodie that's great for guys and girls alike! Ranging from black all the way to cotton candy pink, this hoodie proudly displays the saying "Kawaii in the Streets, Senpai in the Sheets" as an Otaku twist on the original popular phrase. There's no denying you laughed a little, and we guarantee you it's the best gift to give your Otaku friends and family. Everyone loves hoodies, and everyone loves sayings that both show off their interests and make someone smile. What more can you ask for than a hoodie with a hilarious saying that everyone in the Otaku world can enjoy?!


9. Frogwill Anime Death Note Cosplay Notebook Feather Pen by Animation Gadget

At a total loss of what to give to your friend, well good news is everyone needs a notebook at one point or another! The great thing about notebooks is that they're diverse in how you can use them, from just taking notes at school to journaling your everyday adventures, you can find a use for them just about anywhere. This notebook is not only versatile in its use, it's also unique in that it exactly resembles the notebook from the proclaimed anime Deathnote. Although we hope you don't use this notebook for the same motives they use in the show, we do think its a gift that's individual and practical alike! Whether you're looking for a nice notebook to jot your thoughts down in or you're in the need of the finishing touches for your Deathnote cosplay, this notebook truly comes in hand!

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10. Kawaii Muffle Mask,Aniwon 5 pack Anti-Dust Anime Mouth Mask Cute kaomoji Face Mask Emoticon Mask

Interested in maybe a gift a tad more on the smaller size, but that still makes your Otaku friend happy? Then look no further! Get them these kawaii face masks that are all the rage both in Japan and here in the U.S.! Face masks originally started in Japan as a way to protect against allergens and disease, but now they've become an adorable trend! These masks come with five different expresssions so you can pick and choose all depending on your mood and outfit. They are also still just as practical since they will protect from dust, so they're basically the perfect accessory to bring to conventions and Otaku gatherings of all kinds! Jump aboard the newest (are arguably the safest) fashion trend in the Otaku community with these adorable face masks!

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